“Is this…?

When I woke up, I was still unfamiliar.

Royal City…? I wonder.

However, it is somewhat different from the modern Arceus Royal Castle.
The arrangement of the decorations also seems to be subtly different.

Plus, there's no Ray or Lemia I'm supposed to have been with.

Instead – there was just him (…).
You'll never see him, the first sword Saint Faras Makuba.

what do you think? Is it still an inevitable fate?”

“Yeah, it's just not going to be possible with a child.”

In response to that, a woman with an amazing beauty.
No heart, or a flashing light wraps around her.

Or a goddess…

You're lying, right?

Appearing in a fairy tale, you mean the goddess Dies?

“I can't help it.”

The woman called Goddess whines with an enlightened look somewhere.

“Reincarnation is a more contraindicated technique.
As long as you dye your hands on it, it will be reasonable to entrust the future to future generations.”

“Son of future generations……
Are you still my offspring?”

You have the blood of a fierce swordsman.
The descendants who inherit it it will always be blessed with talent.”

“Was cheat code manipulation…? You have to be a spiritually mature person to give power beyond reason.”

“Yes, so I will limit this skill to the most spiritually superior in the Makuba family”

It's not like a fool who treats the name of Kensei as good.”

And the goddess turned to me.

That look is somewhere worrying.

Thousands of years from now, your offspring will be watching this sight, won't they? I don't know what name you (…) are”


I'll never ask my intentions.

“Excuse me….
are you seeing me?

But no reply.

After all, I am only shown the video.
[M] Thousands of years ago, the Goddess and the first Kensei created this mysterious exchange.

a few seconds later.

The goddess gently reaches out to me.

“Son of Pharaoh.
You must be forced into misery right now.
Despite the children of Pharaoh, what was given was unprecedented skill.
They may have been disappointed from the surroundings.”


They poked me where it hurt.

“But remember.
You're nicer than anyone…
stronger than anyone.”

“Hehe, then a word from me too”

The first Sword Saint Pharaoh also took a good look into my eyes.

“My descendants.
I'm sure you've suffered from scratching.
But don't forget.
You have us.”

I wonder what it is.

You're not supposed to see me, but you're going to sue me with all your heart…

Dust, and.

A drop in my eyes.

My heart, which was broken by the exile of my parents, felt healed only by the scratch.

“One more thing”

Saying, Falás grins like a prank.

“My descendants.
If you've been treated unfairly by your relatives, beat them up as much as you want! It's better for us.”


What do you think?

Although I've decided not to engage with the McBa family anymore…
well, you mean the infamous Dudley.
I don't even know what I'm going to do in the future.

“One from me, too”

The goddess opened her mouth to me too.

“You will be troubled about mysterious gems by now.
But you have to have that.
If you have, the principle (…) should not erupt”


Sure, Lemia had it when we broke out earlier.

At least nothing happened last night.

or amazing.

Are these two giving me tips according to my path? Goddess and the First Kensei – its name is not Dada.

But this time won't last forever.

The goddess hung up, staring at me that she wouldn't have seen.

it's time to run out of time.
Wishing you luck.
Blessed be thy way.”

“What a fine thing to do.
You're drawing my blood.”

Falás laughed happily and offered me one arm, which I should not have seen as well.

“I'll see you again, my offspring.
Never give in to a fool.”

That moment.

My consciousness, once again, was far away.


“Suh…! Arios!!

I woke up with Ray's crying.

When I open my eyes, the princess is even crying at me as I fall asleep.

I guess I was pretty worried.

My eyes are quite swollen.

“Ray……? Is this…?

Apparently, you're back at Remilla's lab.
There is a familiar sight spread around.

“Arios! You're safe! You're safe!?

It doesn't matter where”

Huh! Good…!

“Oh, come on! Fu fu fu…”

That's how Ray hugged me, and I couldn't breathe.
Hey, you're pushing me with tremendous momentum.

“… but a strange phenomenon.”

So grumbling is Remila, an amazing magic conductor.
Put your arms together and carry on two sentences so that you can think of something.

“Lord Arios.
Could it have been another dimension of consciousness?

“Another dimension…”

That's odd to say.

Indeed, that phenomenon is tantamount to being flown into a completely unknown space…

God's Ruins……
Quite interesting……”

– Remilla shrugged, at that moment.


A loud mechanical sound echoed on the lid, and we clapped our shoulders.

Is this…
a communication device?

It's a magic guide that Remila developed when she lived in the King's Capital, and it's an excellent way to communicate with those who are far away.

Well, it's not very popular, so it's a situation where it's only placed in a guild or other facility.

“Yes, this is Remilla…”

Remilla takes the receiver.

“What an altro.
Lord Arios would already be here.
– What?

Remilla frowns at the sieve.

I'll tell him right away.”

I had a bad feeling I had no heart for Remilla, who cut the call with a serious expression.

It's an emergency.
Looks like Dudley Crais showed up in Lastar village.
Your servant, Mary, is in danger.”

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