When I cough, I'm forced to change the subject.

“Better than that……
I'd like you to see this.”


While Remia tilts her neck, I take the Black Jewel out of my nostalgia.

Mass outbreaks of demons that were happening frequently everywhere.

Think of it as the cause of it.


Remia looked at the jewels and became the face of a magic conductor.
Be sure to tighten your expression and stare at the gem.

Can I take it?”


Give Lemia the gem as she responds.

“Hmm, I see.
I mean…
Hmm, this kind of magic circuit is not possible…”

The amazing magic conductor has gone straight into his world.
I often find myself in gems whining about bumps to myself.

to activate this, I mean…” Wow!! “


Gems emit pitch-black fluctuations and dye darkly through the laboratory.

This unpleasant sign.

What if…

“Wow, wow, on!!

After all, a few white wolves show up from nowhere.
By way of example, there was no trace of dust until just now.



In response to Ray's call, I put my hands on the sword pattern.
Then sweep the several white wolves that appeared in the moment with a sword strike.

I killed White Wolf instantly…”

Remia glanced up at me seriously.

Lord Arios.
After all, aren't you too strong?

“No, it's not.”

Don't be modest.
Doesn't seem like a bad personality…
so why don't you live here?

I sincerely decline.”

“Ready to answer.
I'm disappointed.”

Even I don't want to live in a place where I don't even know what's going on.
I'm not a magician.

Lord Arios.
The gemstone analysis.”

When Remia tightened her expression, she returned to the point again.

“Let's conclude.
Unparsable in modern times.
It's way out of my range.”



Even an amazing magic conductor can't analyze it…
what the hell is that?

“Perhaps this gem will activate the circuit and exert its power by instilling a certain amount of magic.
Until then, it's no different than a common magic guide.
– But that's the only way to get demons out of the ordinary track.”


Well, you do.

I've never even heard of the tools that make demons appear.

Smells and other things call for nearby demons, but this gem is really moving demons around instantly.

“If you insist, the ruins passed down to ancient times….
It could be a miracle relic of God.”

“Left by God…”

That's just absurd to get there.

Indeed, this gem boasts an unusual power, but it is not a fairy tale, such as a relic of God.

That moment.

Wow, wow, wow…! and.

A pitch-black gem made an odd noise and began to fluctuate again.
As just now, the interior is dyed dark.

“Hey, stupid……
Huh! I'm not messing with any circuits……!!

Remia opens her eyes.



Goddess Dies gave me a word.




A mysterious message came up in my sight.


And – my consciousness was distant.

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