hours from Azit's reign.

Difficult objects were investigated in advance and we were to pull them up once.
They put Ajito under temporary surveillance as a detailed investigation will be conducted at a later date.

Well, the Arceus Salvation Party is in danger in the country.
A more detailed investigation will be carried out, including by the Royal Army.

So we were currently taking a carriage back to Lastar village.
Some senior adventurers persistently solicited me to join the party, but that politely declined.

By the way, Eugès was shouting for credit for kicking White Wolf in the voice high, but no one was dealing with him.

His track record is also really amazing.

But it seems more eye-catching to uncover and control the Azit of the Arceus Salvation Party.
The screams of Eugès were rather until they were depressed.


you're finally following me this far…

“Also, of course!!

A former maid of the McBa family – Mary closes her arms tightly as she rocks into the carriage.

“I could see Master Arios because of this, but I can't go back to the King's Capital! Let me take care of you around again!

even so…”

Me with a grudge and a back of my head.

By the way, the ordinary people who were closed have been sent to their respective homes by the adventurers.

But Mary has already left the McBa family and has nowhere to go.

So I said, “I will follow Master Arios!” Declare…
to this day.

Unlike my father, I don't have the financial resources right now.
I don't have any money to hire you, do I?

“Huh? What are you talking about? You're not getting any money, are you?


No, no.

What are you talking about?

“I, I noticed.
The days I served Master Arios were the most enjoyable.
Even if I get paid, Master Dudley…
no, I don't want to serve Dudley.”

I agree with that”

Ray, who sits next to Mary, also agrees with the disgust.

“I can't believe I escorted you to that Dudley…
I can't either.
Absolutely not.
So I know how you feel.”

“Dear Laimira…”

I'll let you live with me.
I thought you were helping people.”

“People help…”

I don't understand where this is helping people.
'Cause I'm not hiring anything.

But Mary's pleading eyes won't stop me from rejecting her.
As I sighed, I shook my head vertically.

Let's spend some time together until we feel better.”


Mary closes both fists gently and expresses joy.

By the way, she is also the bearer of an exceptional style, no less than Ray.

When it comes to living with Mary like that…
it's a lot for me.
And there's even Ray.


Mary stood up as she remembered, kneeling in front of me.

Dear Arios Makuba.
Thank you for your help.
Wonder Mary Roberto, I serve your husband to the fullest.
Thank you very much.”

ok, dude”

I find it hard to do, and I squirm scratching my cheeks.

“Regards from now on.


That being said and having the finest grin, Mary was, modestly, an angel.

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