Arceus Relief Party.

in that Azito.

I was exploring the interior of Azito with the adventurer who rushed me.

So I discovered something unexpected.


“Please help……! Please…………!!

There were a bunch of people locked up in a room that would fit into a cabin.

That's not where a few people are either.

Thirty people would really be crap.
A large number of people seemed to be locked inside Azit.

“Thank you……! Thanks…………!

can we go home…?

“Yeah……! You are our benefactor, thank you so much……!

“Thank you, brother…”

At that time, I was bowed my head many times.

I had more momentum to fear.

I'm sure you've been in so much pain.
Even Mary, I think, would have been irrevocable if she had been so late.

This isn't the only room that sucks.

There are slogan drapes all over the walls that make the kingdom thrive.

Photographs of the party leaders are also presented everywhere.
How can this be for a party leader……
sounds like this guy is pretty deified within the party.

Unfortunately, the person in question does not appear to be here.

Maybe there are some branches.

And by the way, there were no other constituents except the three I fought for.
Maybe this place falls under the category of smaller asides.

“Oh, wow…”

One of the adventurers who rushed me groans with a sigh.

“Arceus Relief Party……
I thought they sucked, but not so far.”

I agree”

The purpose of these guys is now unknown.
The constituents sent other adventurers to the King's Capital, so they will have a tough investigation later on.

Some other materials were found that could not be overlooked.

There have been several incidents around here, disappearances and deaths.

That is most likely the work of the Arceus Salvation Party.

Yuya just said to me that the discovery of Ajito was a “major pattern,” but I think you're right about that.

“And yet…
you're amazing”

A senior adventurer squeaks as he looks around.

“The Arceus Salvation Party is quite a tough opponent.
We followed the trend, but we couldn't find out where we are.
… I didn't know it would be easy to uncover.”

No, I haven't.
Even constituents weren't that strong.”

“Hmm? Weren't you strong?

“Yes, I've managed alone.”


An adventurer who silences himself on the pretend.

What the hell is wrong with you?

“Oh, you know.
What's wrong?”

“You know.
Like I said, they're tough.
Even an adventurer who remembers his arms struggles with a few…”


Oh, you're serious.

“You said you…
knocked it down by yourself?

Well, I was just wondering if I was lucky…”

“By the way, how did you find the entrance to Azit at the pinpoint and destroy every defensive magic?

“Oh, I thought you were just lucky too…”


An adventurer with his hands on his forehead and nagging for a few seconds.

Why don't you come into our party? You're welcome to do all you can.”

“No, no, no.
It is”

Because I just came to Lastar Village yesterday.
That's still early.

“For once, you're Arios McBa, right? of Lord Lion's son.”

“Yes, but…”

“Oh well.
Unlike rumors, he looks like a pretty promising guy.”

thank you”

“Not at all.
Don't be so modest.”

When the adventurer smiled bitterly, he slapped me on the shoulder with a ton.

“Either way, you did a great job this time.
Let me thank you too.”

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