The settlement was reached in an instant.

The men, who were so prestigious, have no sign of standing up.

Just lying on the ground, groaning “oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”.

Well, naturally, I didn't inflict any fatal injuries.

As mentioned, there are a lot of things I'd like to hear from these guys.


Mary gives a barbaric voice.

“Oh, are you done? In a moment like this?

Apparently, he wasn't as strong as I thought.”

“Oh, I don't think so……
I didn't see anything when I was exposed…”


Well, Mary is an amateur when it comes to combat, though.
I can't help but see these guys' movements.

I wonder if these guys are as strong as D-rank adventurers at best.


Not if we're talking about that.
There's got to be something to do now.

“Arceus Salvation Party…
That's all you said”

Arceus Relief Party.

That is, a radical organization that leaps into the country.
He preaches “There Is a Kingdom” in his own way of thinking, and he doesn't even hate violence from enemy forces.

Sometimes it can be big news with massive incidents.

Are these the Arceus Salvation Party?

It's not an impossible story.

In fact, I have heard that members of the Arceus Salvation Party wear robes.

you monsters…!

One of the constituents makes a hateful voice.
My body, unfortunately, remains worn out, although I stare at it with angry eyes.
I can't even stand up and I'm shaking my whole body plump.

“On second thought, how did you guys break in…! It should have specifications that don't let outsiders in……!

Then I've been banging on the entrance.
I've done something absurd…
but there's, well, there's gonna be each other”

“He said he smashed it…! Stupid!”

The constituent opens his eyes for a moment.

“In case, there should have been more than one defensive magic at the entrance! No matter how strong he is, he should not be easily torn…!

“I don't care what you say…”

In fact, it could have been destroyed with a small increase in Attack.
There is no other small work.

well, more than that”

I point the cutting edge of my sword at my constituents, consciously dropping the tone of my voice.

“I am grasping that you are making disturbing moves.
If you don't want to see any more pain, let me talk to you.”

“Ku, ku……!

“What a temper……!

The constituents lag behind with a blue look.
It's pathetic because I keep my butt cake on.

“Damn……! On top of it taking……!

One of the constituents takes a pitch-black gem out of his nostalgia.
No heart or it was somewhat similar to The Crimson Gem I got the other day.


I open my eyes.

Variety of signs emanating from gems.
It's like the gem itself is emitting an evil ripple and calling something…


“Dear Arios!!

A few seconds before Mary screamed, I noticed.

White Wolf suddenly appeared in a space where nothing had happened before.

“Let it!!

I rush out and defeat the White Wolf who appears.

and attacked the constituents at the same time, stunning them for a moment.
If I leave it like this, it's going to cause trouble again.
I thought I should be restrained once.

Of course, secure the black jewels.

After all, it looks like these guys were chewing on the mass outbreak of demons.


Arios! Are you all right?

Just in time, Yuya rushed me.
He's just finished his battle with White Wolf.
There are scratches all over the body, but it looks safe for now.

is that it? Are you done yet?

sorry Mr.
Yuya, can't we call the adventurers here? They're going to need to be held captive…
to extract information.”

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