When I arrived on the battlefield, I sighed unexpectedly.

Massive outbreak of White Wolf.

Elisa said it too, but it's a really outrageous number.

Fifty, a hundred…
No, I wonder there's more.



The adventurers in battle also seem to be forced to struggle.
There are even those who are temporarily retreating and healing their wounds.

I can't help it.

No matter how intermediate adventurers they are, minutes are bad in this number.

According to this, isn't even a B-rank adventurer tough?

Arios, you!

I was called out by a lid.


I just met him the other day, he's a B-rank adventurer.

I'm comfortable with you coming!

Looks pretty relieved.

After yesterday's incident, he came to rely on me.

In fact, Yuya seems to be hurting every part of her body.
It looks like we can still fight, but it should be time for the limits to be close.

Holy magic.”


When I say it, Ray immediately activates the Holy Magic.
Then the gentle glow envelops Yuya's body, soothing the wounds one by one.

“Ki, are you…
a user of holy magic…?

It's still going to take a while at full speed, so make yourself comfortable.”

“Ri, roger.
But you, I think I've seen something…”

“Hehe, it's my fault, it's my fault”

I observe the battlefield, listening to the two interlocutors.

– You're being pushed.

There are about twenty adventurers at all times against over a hundred white wolves.
Adventurers are better on individual combat skills, but as mentioned, White Wolf specializes in collaboration.

“Wow wow on!”

“Wow, wow, wow!”

This howl has the ability to increase each other's attack and defense.
That alone is troublesome, but we also see scenes where other White Wolves rush to spot their dying companions aggressively.
This does not reveal a tongue.

this is…”

“That's hard…”

In fact, the adventurers seemed pretty spicy, too.
I lose like this.


If so, this is until we fight for real.

Skill 'Cheat Code Operation' activated.


List of available cheat codes

· Increase Attack (Small)

-All use of fire attribute magic

-Visualizing the subject's health


The ability to choose is Visualization of Health.

The most effective method of warfare would be to finish first from the weak White Wolf.

As long as the collaboration breaks down, White Wolf shouldn't be a lot of difficulty.


The moment I activate my skills, a number of gauges come up that I recognize in my vision.


The rest of your health varies a lot from one person to another.

There are also a certain number of demons that are red gauges – with only a few health left.

Do you want to start with him?

I drop my hips slightly lower and touch the treasure sword leverty pattern.

Bilili, and.

Just like earlier, a cold shock runs all over your body.



It's like the sword itself has the will.

This pressure, it's not normal.

“Yes, Mr.
Those White Wolves, I'm concerned because their abilities are considerably enhanced by howling -“

Yuya was whining about something behind her back, but she no longer even cares about it.

Sharpened consciousness.

I rush out at once.

– Abyss flow.

One mould.

True/divine speed no flash.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I was nearby.
When the dying White Wolf slashes me, I immediately run for my next target.


The slashed White Wolf falls without even screaming.

In one second, he slashes the white wolf of his body as well.

We've only dealt one blow each, but only the dying demon is after us.
This should be enough.

All you have to do is defeat the healthy White Wolf.

– There was a time when I thought, too.




Wait a minute.

White Wolf, which I'm not supposed to have slashed yet, is pickled in ice.

No way”

A slight chill, I felt when I waved my sword.

Could this sword, the demons around the target of the attack, be collectively frozen -?

At some point, only a few white wolves survived.

The guys, who were relatively healthy, were icy by the treasure sword Leverty.

“You're overdoing it…

I couldn't help but be surprised by this strength.

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