You're free until you have a sword.

You can keep killing time, but I just visited the village of Lastar last night.

I fell asleep yesterday with very little to look around.
I want to know about the village, even temporarily.


Raymila took me for a walk in the village.

By the way, once Kaya and I say goodbye.
I hear an urgent request came in.

From Kaya.

“Sona, I miss you!

I've been told, “A Rank Adventurer, you can't keep her company forever.” I just wanted to thank you for accompanying me so far.

“Look, Arios! That's the fountain! Isn't it beautiful? It's a symbol of the village!


“That's the kiosk, Rastal! That aunt over there, she's so scared!

Contrary to Ray shaking around looking fun, I was a little embarrassed.

Anyway, all the villagers must know who Ray is.

Second Empress Taray.

A mysterious man accompanying her like that.

I can't help but draw attention.

The only salvation is that there are few people because it is a small village?

“What's wrong, Ariosu? Doesn't sound like a lot of fun, does it?

I guess that's why.

Ray peeked worryingly at me walking almost silently.

That's not true…”

“I'm glad! It's not like a date!

“Hey, stop busting into bomb statements!

If the royal family were to marry, that would be serious news already.
Even though it's just wasted attention, it's not appropriate for them to drop more bombs.

“Ha, Raymila, you're a lover.
You found a good man!


And the villagers don't end up because they're evil too.

Damn, if I were a resident of this village…

“So, next…”

And Raymila resumes her guidance just because she can't wait.

That sounds really fun already.

I'm so sorry about this one, I seem so happy.

isn't this bad”

Ray is so happy for me.

If so, you'd be happy to date that date.

“That's it, that's the famous store…”

I followed Ray with a bitter smile.


It was evening when I realized.

The size of the village is not that big, but I ate roadgrass all over the place, interrupting the restaurant Habari on the way.
By the time I looked around all the way, it had been a good time there.

But what I got thanks to that is also huge.

“Hey Arios! Now stop by our store, too!


“Ugh, I'm glad young people are here.

Soon, I became acquainted with most villagers.

Of course, they don't know my past.

Arios, the new adventurer.

That's how recognizable you are.

He also seems to be considered Ray's fiancée candidate, but I expressly denied that.

Unlike the people of the Wang capital, all the inhabitants of the village of Rastal are warm.
He also accepted me as a newcomer without any refusal.


I really appreciate it.

In Wangdu, he was treated as an excommunicated person as soon as he was found to be an “out-of-skills possessor,” but for the first time, I feel he touched people's warmth.

“Yah! Cold!”

Fountain Square.

The princess gives a yellow voice as she bathes in the overflowing water in her hands.

I felt somewhat nostalgic for the way it snubbed around against the background of the sunset.

That's right.

Don't feel like we used to play this way.

I didn't doubt I would be Kensei at the time.
Think I can stay with Ray forever.

I thought that routine would never come back.

– But she hasn't changed anything for a long time.

I just lost my confidence on my own.


Sitting on the bench in Fountain Square, I thank the Empress again.

“It was fun.

“Really!? Good!”

She makes a smile shine with the sunset, just like an angel.

“It doesn't matter what your skills are! Even if it's not Kensei, I like Arios as he is!


Although I was the one who was banished from my parents' house and lost everything.

Still, irreplaceable people, they're really here.

My deeply broken heart felt healed only by the scratch.

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