The next morning, there was a little incident.

Raimira's sleeping minister was too bad, and when I woke up, she was snuggly.

I still remember.

When I woke up, Raymila was on do-up.

I slept at a distance beforehand to prevent this sort of thing.
I was licking her sleeping minister.

Even my Cheat Code Operator doesn't have the ability to do something about this.

“Whoa! Both of you awake…

Kaya witnessed me where I was playing such a soft spot.

“I'm sorry.
Was I interrupting?

“No, no! It's okay! It's okay!”

It took a little time to get rid of the wasted mistakes.
And for some reason, Kaya was so upset.
He looked relieved as the excuse progressed (this one doesn't make sense either).

As such, by the time I left the house, it was nearly noon.

It's the difference between cloud mud and when you were forced to get up early for archery.

Well, personally, this one suits my skin better.

Well, it's a new life to remember today.
Away from the troublesome noise of the Wang capital, life begins in the countryside.

“So shall I register as an adventurer first? Mr.
Arios will be an adventurer too, won't he?

I intend to”

Blah, I can't do anything but fight.
I don't even learn that much.

Um, Mr.


“Can you talk to me too…
like it's shattered? Please.”


You can't do that.

I just met him yesterday, he's older, and the A-rank adventurer means he's a senior.

I can't do anything.

I tried to tell him that, but Kaya doesn't look like he's joking either.
I even have a verse that I really want you to talk about with a tatter.

If so, it is the world's norm to obey the one above.
We should take good care of this place.

Exactly when I'm working as an adventurer I can't…
if I'm seeing you privately”

“Is it true!?

Kaya brightens her face.

I don't see why you seem so happy about that.

As I leaned my neck, Ray came out losing.

“Oh, then call me daughter-in-law.”

“Well, shall we leave then?”

That's how we left home.


Kaya spoke to me on the road to the guild.

have you changed anything (…)?

“To? What?

“Well, I don't know…
my body is more polished than it was yesterday…”


Personal appearance.

I wondered what that meant, but I recall mastering Abyss Stream's “One Model” last night.

With that, I've reached a new frontier.
Conscious all the time to be able to deal with any raid.

Well, there doesn't seem to be a lot of incidents in this village.

even compared to yesterday, there is no gap at all.
Could it even have been yesterday's battle out of hand?

“No, no.
That's not true.”

I didn't know you'd notice this fine difference…
that's something like A-rank adventurer.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing Mr.
Arios' sword.”

“That's why I won't do it…”

Why should I teach A-rank the sword?

“Oh, yeah.”

I remember and ask Kaya.

“Is there a place to sell things to this village? I have a lot to sell.”

“Ah, yes.
You can do it in your guild.
Let's do it after the adventurer registration.”

It helps.”

As it stands, there is almost nothing.

Even though Ray is there, I'm sorry to rely on her for everything.
As much as I feed myself, I want to make my own money.

By the way, currently, no one looks at me and slaps me in the pussy.

This is very helpful.

It may be known that Kensei's son was a “Off Skill Holder,” but it just doesn't seem to have spread to my face.

Besides, I don't even need to hide Ray's appearance.

Everyone in the village seems to understand the ruinous character of Ray.

“Oh Ray, you were here!

Auntie, long time no see -!

“Now don't let the knight catch you at the root.
It's hard to hide.”

“Hehe, this time it's okay!

Everyone is warmly accepting Ray's visit.

Unlike Wang Du, it is definitely easy to live in.


“Hey, who is he…”

“Walk with Mr.
Kaya to Her Royal Highness Princess Raimira…
it's not just that”

“And tame mouth……
Who are you anyway?”

It seemed no different to be talked about hissohisso in a different way.

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