“Increase Physical Attack…?”

I chanted that string of words, somewhat absent-mindedly.

”It seems that it will just increase my attack power, Father…”

“…What?” My father’s mouth opens wide.

Increase Physical Attack – Low.
I think all it does is to increase the physical attack power by about 1.2 times.
In short, it’s a miss skill.

”Eh…you’re lying, right…?”

“The son of the Sword Saint has a miss skill?”

The voices that were cheering before around me turned to that of contempt.

“What a waste of time rooting for him.”

“I don’t want him anymore.
I thought it would be easier to aim at him because he’s so ugly, but that’s no advantage.”

Even the women before have completely changed their attitude.
Until a moment ago, they were screaming at the mere sight of me.

What…is this? What IS this skill? Up until yesterday, I had been trying hard my best to become a full-fledged Sword Saint.
There were days when I wanted to quit, but I still worked hard, dreaming of a brighter future.
All those bitter days… are you saying that all those days will be for nothing…?

“Father… I am…”


My father’s attitude had changed completely.
He’s not overtly cold, but I, as his son, sensed this change the most.

“E-Ehem” Suddenly the priest cleared his throat awkwardly.

“I’m sorry, but the next person is waiting for you.
Could you please move out of the way?”

“…Ah, y-yes.”

That shunned attitude.
I manage to hold back my tears and do as the priest says.
The next-in-line seems to be an orphan.
The other children, who seem to be his friends in an orphanage, are watching the moment excitedly.
They must have grown up in a poor environment.
A different kind of strength is radiating from the orphan.

Hey, this is it!”

The priest who held his hand over the crystal widened his eyes.

”There it is! The Silver Sword Saint!”

In a complete change from my time, a loud cheer erupted.

”Wow! It’s the Silver Sword Saint!”

“Oh, shit! It’s like a higher level than a mere “Sword Saint”!”

“Hey, wait a minute.
Isn’t that boy kind of cool?”

“Yeah, yeah, it feels like he’s lived through a tough life!”

“I think so too, not like that dumbass earlier!”

What the hell.
What’s going on? What the fuck!

”…Ehh??? Silver Sword Saint? Me? Seriously?”

From today, you should follow the path of the sword.
You have a bright future ahead of you.”

The priest smiles at the confused boy.
The difference in attitude, though, made me feel a lack of composure.
But I shouldn’t be distraught here.
I have to admire the fact that someone else has acquired a strong skill.

Father, that guy’s amazing.
He is a swordsman…”


But I was not in my father’s eyes.
I walked up to that boy with my face upturned.

”Silver Sword Saint! You will eventually surpass me, isn’t that a great high-level skill! Boy, what’s your name?”

“Eh…? Oh, it’s Dudley…, and you?

“I am Leon.
The Sword Saint Leon Macba.”

“Ehhh? That Master Swordsman?!?”

You know, why don’t you come with me, if it’s okay with you? Why don’t you make a name for yourself as a swordsman?”

“I can become a good swordsman…? Are you sure?!”

“Of course.
You survived a difficult and painful environment, and your life experiences will be the source of your great strength!”

Huh…? What are you talking about, Father? I’m…Then, what’s going to happen to me…?

“Father…?” I asked my beloved father fearfully.

“What is it? Oh, Arios, you’re still here?”


“Oh, well.
You can be a target for Dudley.
You can also just do chores from now on.”

Cruel…How can you do this…How can you do these things to your son…?

“What’s with your attitude? You don’t like doing chores? Then what’s the best do you think you can do with your skills???”

“No, I…”

“If you don’t want to, then just go ahead and leave.
You’re already 18, it’s time for you to mind your own business.”

This is how I was kicked out of the Macba family, the Sword Saints.

T/N: This is my first translation.
Hope you like it!

Alternate Title/s: Oi, Hazure Sukiruda to Omowareteita “Chiito Koodo Soosa” ga Bakemono Sugirandaga, おい、外れスキルだと思われていた《チートコード操作》が化け物すぎるんだが

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