The King…

Organt Dia Arceus.

The first Kensei…

Falás Makuba.

The two enjoyed the welcome for a while, but a few minutes later, Faras said with a slightly heavier look.

“So, what do you say, Your Majesty? So much progress.”

I wonder how close the relationship is.

Pharaoh is not cowering against the king's organt.

It's a tough situation.”

Organt answers, rubbing his chin beard.

“We will still have to entrust it to the next generation of young people.
The Magic of Rebirth still weighs heavily on us.

I can't help it”

Pharaoh sighs.

“Nevertheless, if we mistakenly entrust those who entrust us, the world will be led to ruin.
It would be good for someone honest and strong to receive this power.”

I hope such a person shows up”

When Organt closed his eyes, he groaned toward a space of nothing.

“- Is that all right? Goddess.”

That moment.

My vision has dimmed.



Looks like he was back where he started at some point.

Warm wind.

An idyllic bug squeal.

The sight of the familiar village of Rastal was full of sight.

Looks like he's back.
to the original world.

“What was that, right now…”

I don't think it's just a dream.

Both Organt and Falás look just like I saw them in the picture.
No – it was the same.

I don't know what that means.

What was that? What is it now?



Kensei's will is being taken over from the first generation of Kensei Faluas Makuba.

Do you want to take it?


“The will of Kensei…?

What the fuck.

I don't know, but I never refuse.
I say “accept” thoughtfully.




I have mastered Abyss Stream/One-No-type.


A moment, a slight brilliance envelops me.

Warm and still nostalgic…

– Oh.

I see.

This is the strongest genre at the origin of the Makuba stream.

A proud source of swords that the Makuba family, famous as Kensei, has been protecting for generations…


By the time the light was lost, I had reached a new frontier.

What happened to me now? [M] Somehow I feel like I can see that.


I close my eyes.

Quietly sharpened my consciousness.


Momentum pulls the sword out of its sheath.

– Boom!!

A large tree, which should have been far away, was instantly amputated.

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