are you serious”

I open my eyes as much as I want.

Accumulated damage by site.

If I wonder what it is, is this what happened?

In this case, the breach of the right foot gauge must have led to the fall of the giant oak.

Damn, this ability is a monster too.

Even if you just know the target's health, it's broken performance, but I didn't expect you to even know the accumulated damage by site.

It lacks flair over other abilities, but it is definitely a powerful force if you stand around well.

“Duh duh duh……!

Giant oak scratching with groans.

Sounds like he won't get up any time soon, but this guy is a demon of Designation A.
I want to do as much damage as I can here.

When I lay my sword on the sheath, I put my left foot forward and take a standing position.

Sharpen your concentration to the extreme and turn your consciousness to your breathing.

– Now!

Makuba Stream/First Secret.

Phoenix sword.

When I rush out instantly, I move around endlessly and chop up the giant oak.

A blow.

Two shots.

Three shots.

Finally, we distance ourselves from the giant oak and watch the sword strike as we advance.

Dowwwwwwwwww! and.

My sword-wielding trajectory burns red, causing a huge explosion.
The blast is like a flying phoenix.

“Ooh……!! That one!”

Kaya gives a surprise voice.
Looks like he was in this fight while giving his buddies a potion.

This is one of the secret moves of the Makuba stream, the Phoenix Sword.

Father could do more high-powered moves, and Phoenix looks more gorgeous.

This is the limit for me, but with the help of Small Attack Up, it should be a power there now.


Sounding giant oak screams.
The first eye is closed tightly and twitched.

All right, looks like it's working.

All you have to do is magically target as much damage as you can.

Skill “Cheat Code Operation” activated, frees all use of fire attribute magic.

Ultimate Magic – Prominence Burst.

As soon as possible, a second big explosion strikes Giant Oak today.
I can't hear you screaming anymore, but it's the magic that knocked that black grizzly down with one blow.
Certain damage should have been done.

It is an opportunity for withdrawal.

I'm talking about giant oak, I don't know what I'd do if I was mottled.

I turn my back and run to the Kayas.

“Now is your chance! Everybody, let's get out of here!


But Kaya doesn't move while standing up.
The same goes for Yuya, who is by his side.

“What are you doing! Run or they'll kill you! Right now…”


Kaya says with a subtle look as she rubs her back of her head.

“Running away…
from what?


What are you talking about, you adventurer?

“It must be decided.
We need to get away from the giant oak!

D, if it's a giant oak, it looks like he's dead over there”


I look back in surprise.

Giant oak lying in the midst of black smoke that can stand up any longer.

It was so loud, I'm not making it faint right now.

Just in case, I'll check the Giant Oak gauge…
I didn't find it.
The gauge that should be showing his strength is disappearing beautifully.

that means no way really.

“Oh, well, that's it”

I scratch the back of my head, remembering the awkwardness.

“You guys were cutting my strength…
so I think you took a good spot”

“No, no, what are you talking about!!

Kaya's penetration went in.

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