Author: Doma-doma

The Exiled Son of the Sword Saint


 It’s a special ability that everyone has.
A person who is a great at sword-fighting has the skill of Swordsman.
A person called a wise man has the skill of Sage.
For this reason, skills have great influences on one’s life.
It is said that skills are given on one’s 18th birthday, and of course, everyone is thrilled about it.
A priest will tell you the name of your skill, and you’re set with it for rest of your life.

 I – Arios Macba – am one of those celebrating my 18th birthday today.

“The day has come at last, hasn’t it, Arios?”

“Yes, Father.” I gave a small nod at my father’s words.

I wonder what kind of skill it is.
Since you’re my son, it must be a high-level skill.”

“Haha, I hope so.”

My father–Lion Macba does not doubt that my skills are of high rank.Well of course, after all, the Macba family has been holding its name for generations as “Sword Saints”.
My father has also received the skill “Sword Saint” without exception.
The Macba family has become an aide to the royal family because of this ability.

That is the reason why I’ve been training hard on a regular basis.
There is no doubt that my skill as a swordsman is strong.
I honed my prowess before I turned 18 to become the strongest swordsman in the shortest amount of time – like my father.
Since the Macba family has earned the trust of the royal family based on their sword skill alone, you need to be strong.
If you’re weak, you’ll be in great trouble.

Isn’t that guy ‘The Sword Saint’ Leon-sama?”


“So that means his son’s old enough to be gifted with skill.
He’s grown up.”

A certain church in town.
Many people had already gathered around us.
It was the day that the son of the Macba family, famous for being great swordsmen, will be given their skill.
If I say so myself, there will be a lot of talk about it.


“Good luck!”

I can hear the women cheering for me.
I’m happy, but I’m also a little embarrassed.
I’ve been so devoted to the way of the sword that I’ve never had anything to do with a girl before.
Well, the Macba family is quite famous in the country.
If they could marry someone from the family, they would be secure in their future.
I suppose that kind of speculation is going around.

“Shall we go, Arios-dono?”

A priest across the desk asks this with a mysterious look on his face while standing on a platform.

“Yes, I’ll be in your care.”

I’m kind of nervous.
This is not good.
A fluctuation of the mind is a fluctuation of the sword.
I’ve been learning this kinds of things from my father all my life, but I’m still not used to the mental conditioning.

“Arios, tough yourself up!”


By the way, my father was watching from a few steps away.
As if he was confident of the outcome, he crossed his arms, feeling self-assured.


The priest’s expression twisted as he held his hands up to the crystal on his desk.
I couldn’t help but admire the various colors of light that flashed around, showing its flowing brilliance, and then:

“Here it is.
Your skills–“

The priest rolled his eyes as he was about to say that.

”Mm? Strange.
This isn’t supposed to be…”

I had an instinctive bad feeling at the sight of it.

”Ah, umm… What happened?”

Listen to me carefully.
Your skill is the manipulation of the cheat codes.”


The people around me begin to buzz with excitement.

“Ch-cheat codes? Do you know what those are?”

“No, no, I don’t know… What’s that?”

“Don’t tell me… it’s a miss skill…?”

I totally agree with them.
Cheat codes??? I’ve never even heard of such a thing.

“Nonsense! It can’t be!”

My father comes up to the platform with a burning red expression on his face.

“Priest-dono! What kind of skill is that?!”

“Even I do not know of it.
Arios-dono, could you please activate your skills so we can see?”


I activate my skills as the priest say.
The condition to activate a skill is simple: all I have to do is whisper and chant the name of the skill.
After chanting it, the following string of letters appeared in my vision.

List of available cheat codes:

 Increase Physical Attack – Low

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