Chapter 31 – Part 2

Jane immediately opened the door and came in.
She was holding a silver tray in her hands, and atop the tray was a bowl covered by a lid.

The doctor bowed towards me and Theodore, then she hurriedly came to my side and laid down the tray on the table.

When she opened the bowl’s lid, the bitter smell of the herbal concoction wafted in the air.
I winced reflexively, watching disapprovingly as Jane carefully lifted the bowl and offered it to me.



I couldn’t possibly act like a ten-year-old child and refuse to drink the medicine, so I had no choice but to take the bowl from her.

It was a silver bowl with handles on each side, and inside it was a dark, gold-colored liquid.
I glared at my reflection on it, but I soon drank it all in one gulp.

After swallowing all of the bitter medicine, I put down the bowl.

But then something was suddenly popped into my lips, making me crumple my brows.

A sweet taste gradually spread from the tip of my tongue.
And I realized that it was none other than candy.

I looked up at the person who gave me the piece, an absurdly baffled expression on my face.

Of course, Theodore Valentino was the only one who’d ever do such a rude thing.

“It’s lemon candy.
I heard you like this flavor.”


As the candy melted in my mouth, I continued to stare at him with astonishment.
Theodore made eye contact and unapologetically smiled at me.

Then, Jane proceeded to measure my pulse, examined my condition with this and that.
Her expression became more and more serious.

As she licked her lips to moisten them, she spoke gravely.

“…I believe it would be better to prescribe stronger medicine.
And… Madam, you must also eat well.
The most pressing concern is that you’re malnourished and your constitution is so weak… It’s imperative that your health is actively taken care of.”

In other words, she’s saying that my current condition was very fragile.
And in addition, I’d been losing sleep ever since I quit taking the sleeping pills, so it’s only natural that I was in a terrible state.

I nodded without a word.
Still, I thought it would be useless to take care of my health.

“Then, Madam.
Please don’t overdo it today with your schedule.
And if you’re not feeling well, you must rest…”

After saying a few more things, Jane left the room.

The two people who were left alone with me in the silent room stared at me with complicated emotions flashing through their features.

I rose from my seat and smiled towards Charlotte.

“I’m fine, Charlotte, don’t worry.
Can you help me get ready to go out again? My makeup needs some retouching.”

“…Y-Yes, Madam!”

Still with a restrained expression, Charlotte nodded as though she was hiding how flustered she was, then she quickly went to my side.

As my hair and makeup were fixed once more, Theodore’s heavy gaze never once left me.

It was a gaze full of concern, and it was nothing but a burden to me.

* * *

The villa’s largest hall was originally meant to be the venue for the banquet, but today, a memorial service was instead going to be held to honor the fallen knights.

The ceremony of memorializing those who had met their demise while fighting the monsters was incredibly important, whether it was amongst the commoners or amongst the nobility.
This was due to the belief that if people were to die because of these monsters, the dead would not find peace over time, and so they would become malevolent spirits.

Whether this was true or not, it was of course important to pay respects to the knights who died while protecting others.

I offered flowers to the altar and prayed.
After a while as I finished my prayer, I soon turned around.
However, my eyes met Owen’s, who was standing at one side of the hall.

I immediately averted my gaze and headed towards Theodore.
At that moment, chills ran down my spine.
It felt as if I heard Owen’s low chuckle.

Perhaps my face grew pale because Theodore took my hand and asked.

“Lily, are you alright?”

“…I’m fine.”

After briefly replying, I stood beside him on the right.
Even though he didn’t have to, Theodore wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

I was practically in his embrace, and as usual, this made me uncomfortable.
Holding back the urge to escape from his side, I chewed on the inside of my cheek.
Right then, I saw Owen slowly coming this way.

When he was finally standing before us, he smiled at me as he spoke.

“I’m glad you’re doing alright, Lily.
How are you feeling?”

“…I’ve not encountered any huge grievances.
Thank you for your concern, Brother.”

I met his gaze and replied as though I was reciting stereotypical lines.
That suspicious mage was nowhere in sight.
Was he not attending the memorial?

Then, Owen turned to Theodore and spoke calmly.

“I’d like to talk to Lily alone for a moment.”

Hearing these words, Theodore’s brows twitched.
The hand gripping my shoulder was strained.
Though there was an outwardly gentle smile on his lips, he refused.

“No can do.
If you’d like to talk, you may do so here.”

“Why? It’s just a short conversation between a brother and sister.”

“Ah, then what kind of conversation would that be? I am Lily’s husband, but is it something that I shouldn’t hear?”

The air between the two men quickly turned frosty, as if it’s become the middle of winter in an instant.
However, this was a memorial service, and so I hurriedly shook off Theodore’s hand and stood between the two of them.


“I’ll be back right away.
You don’t need to be so concerned.”

I spoke calmly and dissuaded him from holding me back once more.

Owen smiled delightedly and reached out to me with one hand.
And, like a machine, I took his hand and let him lead me away.

I could feel Theodore’s gaze fixed on me, but I did not look back.

As Owen took me to a deserted hallway, he stared at me with a blank face.
His demeanor told me that he was like an appraiser, gauging to see whether this item was already damaged or still usable.

He clutched my hand tightly, painfully, then with a soft tone, he ordered.

“Get ready for your divorce soon, Lily Everett.”

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