”I didn agree with this. ”

Came Ginnys first statement after seeing Percy after three days of evading her throughout the campus. Percy was in the middle of the hallway, stuffing some things into her locker.

”What do you mean? ” She faced Ginny, looking oblivious, but a trace of mischievousness on her gorgeous face.

Ginny believed that Percys beauty had the power to make people speechless. Not to sound dramatic, but it is without a doubt. But Ginny is not like anybody else. Percy doesn faze her.

”Not because something happened between us doesn mean we need to date. ” She simply states, bluntly, without being rude.

Percy just stared at her, seemingly, subtly judging her, ”Thats quite new. I always deemed you to be the old-fashioned one, but I guess Im wrong. ”

”What do you mean? ”

”And isn it obvious for two people who had sex to be responsible for one another? ” Percy said the words like it was the obvious thing, ”You were the one who kissed me, and you
e saying you don want to take responsibility? ” Percy matched her gaze, a hint of playfulness glimmering in her eyes.

I kiss her? Ginny ponders, utterly shocked by the information, mentally slapping herself in between. She composes herself, subtly un

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