My sister flinched as if she did something wrong.

“I was about to pull out a book and… I accidentally knocked them over.
If Master Arthur hadn’t protected me, I might have been seriously injured.”

I lifted my head and looked at my sister and Arthur’s faces alternately.

Books fell over my sister’s head, and Arthur hurriedly pulled her towards him, blocking the books with his arm.
So that was what happened? Thank God… that it’s not something I had imagined.

I let out a sigh of relief.
Even though they looked so fine, the men were the embodiment of obsession and sly schemes.

Maybe you were trying to earn some points by protecting her! You told the librarian to drop the books so you could pretend to save her, didn’t you?!

Arthur sighed.

“Thanks to you, the precious books have been dirtied.”

“My sister just made a small mistake…”

It’s not like people with a lot of money couldn’t replace books.

Perhaps because he heard it even though I muttered quietly, Arthur glared at me with a fierce look.



“Huh? What did you say…?”

What did I say? I shut my mouth and stood still.

I shrugged and hid behind Isley.
Wait, why did I hide behind him?! This guy is dangerous, too.

Seeing me hide, Islely let out a laugh.
Hearing that, I immediately came out from behind and stood proud and tall.

Arthur groaned and turned his head.
He picked up one of the books that had fallen on the floor and handed it to my sister.

“Is this the book you were looking for? Take it and get out.”

It was a book with the title, Duties of Aristocrats blah blah.

Is that the book Osses asked for? I don’t know why people read a book that looks so boring.
I can’t even understand the psychology of the three brothers who kidnapped and imprisoned my older sister in the first place.

Seeing that proud master pick up the book himself, it seems that he held some good feelings for my sister. 

“Thank you.”

My sister smiled and took the book.
Arthur’s face suddenly went blank, and Isley stared at my sister with a face full of interest.

This is… ‘I’m captivated by your smile’ situation!

According to the narrative in The Secret of The Rose Mansion, whenever they see the fantastic smile of my beautiful older sister, the men’s hearts pound like crazy.
Knowing this detail, I couldn’t leave this situation as is.
I purposely knocked over some books next to me onto the floor.

“Uh, it was my mistake.
I’m sorry.”

After hearing the loud noise, the two of them suddenly came to their senses.
I roughly put the knocked-over books together and pulled my sister’s arm.

“Sister, let’s go now.”


My sister nodded and greeted Arthur.
I was also thinking of saying goodbye to the two masters and leave, but Isley grabbed my neck again and wouldn’t let go.

“Where are you going?”

“Now that I have returned the book, I have to go back to work…”

“I caught you so you should be punished now.”


What is this? There was no mention of punishment! I widened my eyes in surprise and looked up at Isley.

“Didn’t I say I won’t let you off easily if I catch you that fast?”

Wait a minute, you bastard.
This is an unavoidable situation.
No excuses could be uttered.
No matter what I say, he will force me to be punished.

When I started tearing up without realizing it, my sister patted me on the back.
She then mouthed, “It’s okay, calm down.” I calmed down.

“What is the punishment…?”

“I’ll let you know when you come to the gymnasium tomorrow.
Hmm, see you there around six o’clock?”

Six o’clock! That’s the same time when I could barely wake up by myself unless my sister woke me up herself.

He’s a really selfish human being.
As I tasted the feeling of despair, I heard a deep sigh from behind him.

“I don’t want the library to be noisy anymore, so everyone get out.”

As Arthur said so, he took out a book from the bookshelf next to him and walked away.

Yes, that’s right.
Walk away.
I don’t intend to face Arthur anymore.

Isley muttered, “Cute bastard,” and dragged us out of the library.

I was dragged away like a slave caught on the run – caught by the back of my neck – and my sister was escorted like a noble lady.
Wow, this guy is an asshole.

I thought to myself that it wasn’t a bad thing to escort her nicely, but I didn’t like how he placed his hand on my sister’s shoulder so carelessly.
I pulled my sister towards me, freeing her from Isley’s hands.
His eyebrows furrowed as if he was unsatisfied.

What, what, what are you looking at? But my gaze timidly dug into the floor.

Fortunately, Isley turned away without notice.
It was fortunate that he wasn’t as stubbornly attached to her.
Finally, there are only the two of us left!

We headed to Isley’s room and on the way there, my sister and I delivered the book to Osses.
My sister’s arms dangled back and forth as she walked.

As she crossed her arms, the look of worry returned on her face.

Why are you looking at me with those eyes?

My sister looked around.
Is it because we’re near the library? Everyone seemed to be concentrating on their work, and all the employees were nowhere to be seen.

“Did you and the young master play hide-and-seek? Is that why you were together?”

She spoke in an extremely small voice, so I lowered my voice in the same way and whispered back.

“Yes… I really didn’t want to.
But the young master kept telling me to play, so…”

“…No, good job, Lala.
From now on, please follow any of the young master’s instructions.
You should never show dislike and you should stay quiet.
As I said last time… It’s because this is not the town we used to live in.”

Before my memory returned, I had a history of making a fuss in front of Isley, saying, “Why are you playing such a prank?” and “Young master, you’re so mean.” 

…Let’s keep this a secret from my sister.

Read it only on moonlightnovels

“Of course, if something serious happens to you, you can run away right away.
As you know, it’s better not to go against the will of the nobles.”

My sister let out a sigh.

“I am worried about you.
It seems like you’re attracting Master Isley’s attention.”

“Attract…? Sister, it’s just that the master is having fun playing with me.
His real interest is…”

It’s you, Sister! But I couldn’t say this, so I let out a short sigh and muffled my words.

“No, nothing.”

“His real interest is…?”

My sister tilted her head.
I mean, who cares about whom now?

Not only Isley but the other two young masters’ attention was focused on Sister.

It’s something I should be worried about, really.
At that moment, Sister changed the subject.

“By the way, what kind of punishment is the master trying to give you?”

“Well, I don’t know either.
Don’t worry, Sister.
It won’t matter.”

“But I’m still worried… ”

“It’s probably like making me drink hot coffee in one go, or kicking the butt of his exclusive servant.
I usually just do things like that.”

At the part about kicking ass, my sister laughed.
Seeing her smile made me feel happy.

We arrived in front of Osses’s room.

I decided to wait at the door while my sister delivered the book.

I leaned against the wall and looked down at my feet.
The black enamel shoes I received a month ago have already faded in color and were quite creased.
Seeing that, I realized it had already been a month since I came to this mansion.

I’m glad my sister didn’t question why I followed her.
I usually stick to her, but not to this extent.
I don’t want her to feel anything strange about this in the future.

Then, suddenly, a shadow loomed over me.
As soon as I raised my head and saw who it was, my face wrinkled terribly like crumpled-up paper.
It was because that someone was Lemon.

“Hey, aren’t you in charge of cleaning the hallway and the garden? Why aren’t you working and standing in front of the young master’s room?”

“I’ll take care of my own business.
Is this something you should care so much about?”

When I raised my fist and threatened her with it, she shuddered.

“To work in the same place with a gangster like you – it’s terrible.
How annoying.”

“The feeling is mutual.”

Lemon ran away.
Yeah, that’s a good idea.
If it had been a bit longer, I might have punched you.
Next time, I’ll punch you in front of the young master.

The door opened and my sister came out.

“What happened? I heard a noise outside.”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

I quickly put my fist down and smiled at her.

I was relieved to hear that nothing else happened with the master when she went in to give him the book.

It was already evening.
I sat down next to the head maid in the dining room and pretended to be friendly.
What I found out was that she likes apple pie.
I’ll add this to the bribe next time.

After eating, I went to Isley’s room to clean.
Luckily, no one was there.

I roughly cleaned up the clothes that had fallen on the floor and went outside.
Before I left, I even secretly threw a couple of punches at his pillow.
If I get caught, I’ll probably be scolded, but if I don’t, it would be just an act of nice, small revenge for a change!

Passing by the front door, I found the employees standing on either side of a huge door.
My sister was also among them.

Perhaps they were welcoming the duchess back from work.
When I went out today, I was told that she would arrive at the mansion at nine o’clock.
I prepared to greet her by taking my place between the others.

Soon, the door opened.
The duchess entered the mansion with her servant.
All the employees bowed.

Just as much as she had handsome sons, she was beautiful.
She had smooth, black hair down to the waist and blood-red eyes.
Her skin was so white that it seemed pale.

When I first saw her, I thought she was a vampire.
This is because while the three young masters have a human beauty, she gave off an atmosphere that did not seem to be that of a human.

The good news is that she is human.

It was evident in the novel as well.
The details excluded the strange atmosphere she gave, but she is a human for sure.

Shoes sparkling from the light passed before my eyes.
Ow, my back is in pain.
Walk faster, Duchess.

Before the duchess could even leave the front door, I heard a boy’s voice from nearby.

The low-toned voice belonged to Arthur.
It seems he ran in a hurry when he heard his mother had come.

Ah, seriously, couldn’t he have waited until the duchess completely walked out the door? Hey, do you know how hard, painful, and annoying it is to keep bowing like this?!

“Mother, welcome back.”


“It’s been a while – we should have dinner together.”

“No, I can’t because I’m busy.
Let’s do that next time.”

The duchess coldly refused him.
Arthur always asks the duchess out to a meal every day, but most of the answers he gets back are no’s.

The duchess tends to have her breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the office or outside.
She could barely be seen having them with the other members of her family.

But then again, she may be thinking that she doesn’t need to join a place for a meal where the one she loves isn’t there.

For some reason, I thought that Arthur could be crying right now.
After the Duchess had passed by, I lifted my head.

Instead of crying, Arthur had an angry expression on his face.

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