Hello, young master.
How ridiculous is it that you look handsome today?

“Good morning, Yuria.”

“Yes, good morning.”

The two looked at each other and smiled softly.
All they did was greet each other, but it felt like spring flowers bloomed in the room.

Uh, I don’t know why, but it kind of feels like I’m a pebble between these two.

“Nice to see you, Layla.”

Osses looked at me and slightly waved his hand.
I didn’t want to be greeted, but I still politely bowed and greeted him back.

He was the most gentleman among the masters in this mansion.
If the second is crazy and the third is a jerk, then the first is an angel.

I mean it.
It’s no wonder why the maids want to work with Osses.
Ever since I lost my memory after reincarnation, I became like a mad dog when I found out Osses began to befriend my sister.

The master must have had a crush on Sister! The two get along really well.
What if my sister marries Osses? Since he is a noble and a rich man, she will be happy every day.

Besides, he’s handsome so that’s definitely a plus for her… Until yesterday, I had such a stupid thought… 

Everyone out.
I can’t give my sister to anyone.

At the very least, one should only meet people who are handsome, young, and rich, who love only you, and are good-natured.
You three don’t meet these requirements, so you’re all out.

I buried myself in my sister’s arms and secretly glared at Osses.
Osses had a very puzzled expression.

Yeah, that’s understandable.
We’ve been avoiding each other all this time so of course you won’t know why I’m looking at you like this! What a pushover!

Are you uncomfortable because I’m not leaving you two alone? Well, I hope you feel uncomfortable.

“What are you doing here? Did you already eat?”

“Not yet.
I have something to hand over to Yuria.”

Don’t get funny ideas and go eat breakfast already.

Osses handed her the book he was holding.
My sister had a sullen expression on her face.

“What is this?”

“It’s a fashion book.
You said you were very interested in making clothes.”

“You don’t need to do this…”

“No, Yuria is a grateful person who always cleans my room.
I wanted to give you a present at least once.
Just accept it.”

Wow, some people say things like that to a maid.
In the first place, it’s surprising that there are masters who are respectful to maids.
He really is like the bastard I once pushed as her husband candidate after all.
I’d like to hear that from Isley at least once too.

Well… Thinking about it, the day I will hear those words will probably be on my memorial day.

My sister reached out to the book with a smile that was a mixture of 100 percent burden and being touched.

“Then I will be grateful to…”

“Thank you!”

I shouted that out and took the book from my sister’s hands.
Flirting? Love scenes? Heck, I’ll chew them all up.

I could feel my sister’s eyes burning me.
She probably wanted to nag at me for being rude.

Heh, there will come a day where you will say you lived thanks to me.
My sister looked very peeved, but she seemed to be holding back because Osses was here.

Osses looked at me with unknowing eyes and then smiled.

My heart raced like crazy with excitement and fear, but I did not give in.

“Did you say you haven’t eaten yet? You must go and eat quickly.
If you don’t eat, you won’t feel well.”

I’m telling you to go away.
But Osses didn’t want to go out and kept trying to talk to my sister.

If it’s like this, then there was no choice but for us to leave instead.

I pushed her on the back towards the door.

“Sister, I have to clean the room next door now and then the room next door to that door.
Let’s clean together.”


I closed the door and walked out.
Pushing my sister, I made her continue to move forward.
A deep sigh was heard.

“Why are you like this?”


“You mustn’t behave disrespectfully to the master.
It’s not good to accept a gift that does not belong to you.
And you also kept interrupting.
I know you didn’t do that on purpose, but…”

I won’t do that next time.”

As I grunted, the corners of her eyes curled.

“Good, then that’s that.”

Why does it make me feel like crying when I see my sister’s smiling face?

Sister, I will protect you, okay? Let’s survive together in this retrenched mansion.

There was a very small sound of footsteps from behind.
Osses was following us! Oh, I just got goosebumps.

“Would you like to walk together? After all, the dining room is in the same direction.”

“Yes, that’ll be…”

I put my hand over my sister’s mouth.

“I’m sorry.
We have to clean this room.”

Osses made a disappointed expression and continued down the hallway.

“Is that so? Then there is nothing I can do.
Work hard, Yuria, and… Layla.”

I could feel the nagging about to start again.
I circled around her with an innocent, pure face.

“What? We need to clean this room, right? I’m not wrong! Will you scold me? You won’t, right?”

Holding her mouth closed and looking up at her with twinkling eyes, my sister pursed her lips and then turned her head.
Her white cheeks were stained red.

“Ah… Really, you’re so cute… How can I win over you?”

Hehe, I smiled and opened the door in front of me and entered.
Cleaning and resting, we repeated this process until we finished.

As for cleaning the hallways… The others must have done it!

When I suddenly looked up, the clock hanging high on the wall was pointing to twelve o’clock.
Soon it was time to eat.

What was for lunch today? Was it a fruit salad, potatoes, and stir-fried meat? If meat was included, the menu was good no matter what.

I went to the restaurant and looked around.

I was looking for someone.
Where was she? Ah, there she is.
She wasn’t seen in the morning perhaps due to a lack of appetite. 

I’m glad the seat next to her was empty.

I sat down next to her.
Even if the snobby Lemon stuck next to her… If it’s for a purpose, I can endure it.
My sister sat in front of me with a puzzled expression.


The maid elegantly shoved the salad into her mouth and patted her mouth with a napkin.
She glanced at me with her ripped eyes similar to that of a fox.
I smiled kindly.

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

There are two ways for a maid to easily change jobs.
The first is to win the head maid’s heart and receive a letter of recommendation, and the second is to get scouted by other nobles.

To be honest, I thought that the second would be near impossible, so I thought I’d try to capture the head maid’s heart from now on.

There may be a third way to give up being a maid and find another job… But after all, nothing is as sweet as being a maid! I’m going to try my best to get a letter of recommendation.

Anyway, Miss head maid! I’ll melt your heart gently with my cuteness and flattery.

It may seem ridiculous if an unfamiliar person tries to make a move on you, but wouldn’t it change her mind in a good way if I continue to flatter her and act cute? She didn’t seem to hate those who were greedy for power.

If she didn’t like those kinds of people, she wouldn’t have let Lemon stay next to her.
Lemon, that girl who can’t even work properly and is only good at flatteries.

Lemon stared at me.
What do you want, dude? Let me do some flattery like you always do.

Normally, she would have kicked my legs under the table or taken me outside and yelled at me to knock it off, but she’s being exceptionally quiet.

Was it because she was beaten up by me yesterday? 

The head maid liked Sister Yuria, who was sincere and perfect in her work, and maybe that’s why she didn’t think too badly of me.

Hmm, does she know that I beat Lemon up? If so, then I wouldn’t look too kindly in her eyes.

“Madame, the bracelet is really pretty.
Where did you buy it?”

How to get to know other people first: Praise the opponent! It’s a very useful way to make friends, even when you first enter a new semester’s classroom.

I glanced at the head maid’s bracelet.
It looked very pretty – the purple jewel sparkled.

It was smaller than a fingernail, but it’s probably a real gem, not a cubic.
A head maid’s salary would be sufficient enough to purchase jewelry like this.
The maid laughed pleasantly.

“It seems you have standards.
It was given to me by my husband as a gift for our wedding anniversary.”

“Wow, your husband is so romantic.”

“Fufu, I’m used to it, so I don’t know… Everyone used to say that.”

“I think the bracelet suits you better because it’s pretty.”

Aww, to think that I was such a natural at this.
That’s why you shouldn’t judge your own skills before testing them out first.

Showering her with flattery in a way similar to that of a dog licking its owner’s shoes, the head maid seemed quite happy.

In comparison, my sister’s expression became very, very strange.

“My sister is a sycophant.” Is that what she’s thinking? Hold your horses, Sister! I’m doing this because I don’t have a choice! In this world, there are things that had to be done even if it meant you would end up as a sycophant.
Just then, Lemon popped in.

“What are you talking about? Miss head maid is twice as beautiful as the bracelet.”

So she wants to give it a go? When I glared at her, Lemon flinched.
Her face turned red as if she was embarrassed that she got scared.

“No, she’s 10 times more beautiful.”

“Ha! She’s 100 times more.”

“No, a thousand times.”

“Ten thousand times.”

“100 million times.”

A contest of flattery unfolded at the table.
Actually, I don’t even know if it’s a flattery showdown or an auction.

As our voices grew louder, the people around us glanced at us.
My sister looked back and forth between us and the head maid with an awkward smile.


As if to say, “Shh,” she stretched out her long finger and put it to her mouth.

Aunt Emily, who was sitting pretty close, mouthed if I was crazy.
At that, I pretended to zip my mouth shut.

Seeing the reaction of the two, I kept my mouth shut.
The more the compliments continued, the more the head maid’s expression darkened.

Her fingers curl inward.
Excessive compliments make people feel ashamed.

Lemon laughed thinking she won.
Eventually, Lemon was told to shut up by the head maid.

Haha, what a great sight!

After dinner, my sister stopped me.

“Lala, really, why are you like this? Something in you seems to have changed suddenly.”

“Hey, what do you mean by changed?”

“If it were the usual you…”

I had a feeling I knew what she was going to say even before she finished her sentence.

The me who lost her memories didn’t treat the master like that, nor approached the head maid that way, right?

I’m not even quick-witted.
Knowing she was looking at me with a worried expression, I pushed my sister on the back.

“Now that we have finished eating, we have to go to work!”

After pushing her, my sister sighed deeply and muttered, “Alright.”

“Sister, don’t get too close to the master.
I’ll get jealous, okay?”

Before we parted, I whispered in her ear.

My sister nodded slowly.
Then she stroked my hair and went to Osses’ room to clean.

I hope you don’t take my words lightly! I sincerely meant it.

Well, instead of jealousy, it’s more fitting to tell her to ‘avoid getting close since it’s dangerous,’ but…

When I passed by Aunt Emily, she stepped in front of me to stop me.

She looked down at my face and smiled gracefully.
The way she looked at me made it seem as if she was asking ‘are you trying to become of higher rank than me?’

I shook my head slowly.
Aunt Emily said, “Then why are you like that? There is no other reason for you to act like that,” she muttered, and she poked my bright red cheeks as usual and went away.

I rubbed my cheeks with my hands and glanced at her back.

Climbing up the ranks means taking on important tasks, such as becoming an assistant to the head maid, or becoming the master’s exclusive servant.

No, that isn’t what I want.
What I want is a letter of recommendation.

I thought of this only to myself.

-To be continued

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