Yuria Hanson still can’t forget that moment.

My sister hadn’t returned since the night before.
Why is she not coming back? Apparently we promised to run away together tonight.

As she wandered around the house in an anxious and desperate mood, she looked at the window at the incomming and realized that morning was here.
Layla didn’t even know that time passed because she was worried about her sister.
Yuria stared blankly out the window, and then she ran to the front door.

“Shall we go now…?”

She put her hand on the doorknob.
Then closed her eyes and pulled her hand away.

“… No, no.
Lala told me to stay still.”

Nothing could come out by getting Count’s sight.
Even if you can’t help, at least don’t be a burden.
Yuria repeated that to herself, concentrating on leaving.

Then someone knocked on the door.


Yuria suddenly opened her eyes.
When she did, the person she had been waiting for was not the the one that arrived, but a man with a very familiar face.
He was a man who always clung to Count Nigor’s side as if he were his sidekick.
Did he say he was an assistant? He rummaged through his arms and pulled something out.

“The Count has asked me to deliver it.”

It was a letter.
What is this feeling? I didn’t think it was a letter of a love confession or a threat.
Yuria felt a bad feeling the moment she received it.

I still don’t know what’s inside.
When she opened the letter, their identity will be revealed.
Strangely, I was afraid to see what was inside, so I just stared at it for a long time.

“… What is this?”

“… I think it would be better to open it yourself.”

Yuria violently tore off the envelope and before she could check the contents inside, she dropped it because her hands trembled with terror.

Light brown hair tied to a string came out of the letter.

Yuria was confused.
What? Why did you send this to me? By the way, whose is this? Perhaps…

Why did her sister come to mind at that time? Yuria didn’t know.
She didn’t want to know.

“Aren’t you going to pick it up? Now that you have seen the gift, you should also look at the note inside.”

The man picked up the letter and handed it to Yuria.
I wanted to cry.
I don’t know why I feel this way.
Yuria picked up the letter and pulled out the contents inside.
The note, with hair tangled, had words written in smooth handwriting.

‘How did you like Layla Hanson’s hair?’


Yuria recalled everything inside on the spot.
Crying for a life and hanging on that man’s leg, nothing changed.
It was Layla’s hair.
What did he do? Is she okay? The fact that her sister’s condition was unknown brought great horror to Yuria.
Since she was captured by the Count, I can only guess that she is not in good condition.

“It’s because of me… Even if I, I didn’t rebel, I just went to the Count! Ah, Lala..

From that day on, the lives of Yuria and Layla turned into a nightmare.


When I opened my eyes, I smelled medicinal herbs.

A towel soaked in water was placed on my forehead, and a blanket covered up to the end of my neck.
When I realized my condition, I found myself lying in the infirmary of the mansion.
And next to me was the older sister I had been looking for.


“… Are you awake?”

She grabbed my hand that lay outside the blanket.

“Master Osses brought you to the infirmary, you were lying in the hallway.”

Osses took me? The person who I grabbed the hem and asked to find my sister, and the person who held me? Then I found Osses leaning on one side of the wall.
As soon as our eyes met, he put on an equally worried expression.

“Are you okay, Layla? You don’t know how shocked I was to find you collapsed.
The doctor said, you have a bad cold.
Your legs aren’t in good shape, but I’m curious about how you can walk around.
You didn’t rest when you were so sick.”

I remembered.
Just before I fainted, the words he said.
Those words you talked about as if you were interested in me rather than my sister… Do you keep worrying about me? Isn’t that what you usually say to the female protagonist? I remember he said that to my sister in the original story too.
But why are you saying that to me? Why? Why? Really… Why?

(ED: HaHaHa, plot twist! I like those anyday!)

I don’t know if I should consider it good or a bad for Osses to show interest in me instead of my sister.
Goosebumps ran all over my body.
Resisting the urge to throw anything I could grab, I raised my upper body and bowed my head at him.

“Thank you for your help…”

Osses shook his head.

“It’s okay.”

Today, his smiling face felt even more disgusting.

“Once the doctor has given you medicine, you should be able to recover soon.
I don’t know about the legs though.”

Osses went out after telling me to rest well for the day.

Yuria watched Osses disappear, and begged the doctor, who sat in the seat if she wanted to leave for a moment because there was something the sisters had to talk about urgently.
The old doctor made a dissatisfaction sigh, and then nodded to head outside.
Then there was only me and my sister left in the infirmary.

There were a lot of things I wanted to say when I met my sister, but it didn’t come out, strangely.
My sister looked at me quietly with her expressionless face.

“… Have you been looking for me?”

I did.”

That face was contorted with sadness.

“Did you rush around looking for me and then roll down the stairs? I came to the infirmary right away after hearing other people say that you were injured.
When I came here, you weren’t there….
I, I… Sorry… Sorry…”

“… Don’t apologize.
It’s not sister’s fault, so why are you apologizing? It’s just that I stumbled and fell.”

Tears began to form in my sister’s eyes.
She quickly wiped away her tears and tried to make maintain her appearance.
She was breaking my heart.

I’m glad my sister didn’t cry.
If she had wept, I might have forgiven my sister for breaking her promise and leaving the room, or not telling me Alexander’s advice. 

My sister spoke in a trembling voice.

“What I want to say is… Why, why did you do that? Why did you hide me from him? Count Nigor was invited to this birthday party, and why didn’t you tell me that the deputies were coming in his stead? How surprised I must have been to hear from Aunt Emily this late that they were here… Have you ever thought about how shocking it would be?”

Yeah, you’d be surprised.
She must have been shocked that she had to face those terrible people again.
So that’s what I was trying not to tell.
Aunt Emily, you’re a stupid, stupid, piece of garbage.
Thank you very much for helping us, but this is unforgivable you have crossed the line

I took a deep breath.

“Sister, where have you been? Where else is Emilia’s pocket? I couldn’t see either of them at all.”

“… At first, I was sitting in the warehouse at the end of the third floor.
The only places open to customers are the garden and the entrance, so I thought it would be fine if it was on the 3rd floor… After that, I went to the garden because I thought I had to look at the faces of those people.
I quickly left because I thought I would meet you there.
I didn’t want to see you back then… It’s too bad that you didn’t tell me that Count Nigor’s people weren’t coming… I was so angry and felt betrayed…  If I had known you would get hurt like this, I wouldn’t have done it.”

My sister bowed her head as if she were a criminal.

“But I’m fine.
Sister, why did you go out? There’s nothing good about meeting those people.”


A sigh was heard.

“Don’t face away… Can’t you tell me why?”

“…Because… Of course….
It’s all for my sister.”

“For me?”


My sister let go of my hand.
And she clasped her breasts and yelled at her sheepishly.

“No! It’s not for me! I didn’t want that at all!”

“… sister… You’re mad now…?”

“Yes! I’m mad! why? Can’t I be mad at you? Why are you doing what you want without consulting me? Even when I was in Count Nigor’s mansion, you said I’m okay, I’m okay to stay here for the rest of my life, but you wanted me to escape You almost died!”

When my sister saw those people, she feared that she would remember those days or get hurt, so I went looking for her even though I was sick.

When I was in the Count’s mansion, thinking of my sister who lived like a doll, I felt so painful, sad, and heartbroken.
So, despite my body aches and Oberon being terrifying, I was trying to get my sister out.

But she said that all of that was useless and ignored my efforts.
I felt something creeping up.
I didn’t want to listen to my sister anymore.
But the words go on and on.

“What I want is… I wanted you to be honest and discuss if you had any difficulties.
I wanted you to depend on me even if I can’t contribute much.”

“I’m your sister, you’re the only family I can count on.
Am I only sister who does nothing but cry all day? So you didn’t tell me? Why didn’t you tell me! Why!”

“If it was just this, I might have just skipped it.
Layla, that’s you.
Do you know at what point it got weird? You suddenly asked me to change jobs, being rude to the masters and approaching the head maid pretending to be friendly… I thought it was very, very strange.”

“I thought you were someone else.
I thought you’d tell me why you’re acting like that all of a sudden.
That’s why I didn’t ask! I didn’t ask anything because I believed in you! It didn’t hurt, but just like you said, I was just sitting in the room!”

She kept going on and on.

“Why the hell are you not telling me anything… Why didn’t you even tell me this?”

Over and over again.

“What am I to you? Do you even think of me as your sister? Or am I just a burden to you…?”

My sister was crying.
For the first time, I found it annoying.

“…So what am I supposed to do?”

My voice was filled with anger and irritation that I couldn’t hide.

“… What?”

“You want me to tell you everything? And tell you everything and discuss it? Why me? Why do I have to tell you, sister?”

Even though I know I shouldn’t say this, my mouth doesn’t stop.

“Whenever you think about that time, you tremble and get scared.
You can’t even go outside because you’re afraid of meeting Count Nigor.
So every day I used to do my sister’s clothes and errands for you.
How can I be honest with you? If I’m not sane, I’ll just say that.
Like stupid Emily.
Sister, me, I mean.
I said I did it for you, Then just accept it! Don’t ask anything, just do what I say! It’s all for my sister!”

I’ll fix it.
I will free my sister from Count Nigor who used her as a toy, and you will also free from the beggars who will imprison her sister in her future.
This is all I have to do.
Because it was all my fault that my sister went to Count Nigor on her own feet.
Because that’s when my sister’s life began to get twisted.

My sister jumped up from her seat.
The chair makes a thud and falls to the floor.
Her face was contorted with anger.

“No! Why do you want me to follow along without explanation?! Do you think I’ll be your puppet?”

“Who is a puppet?! and….
Did I just hide it? Why didn’t you tell me what Alexander said?! He told you to run away and gave you money!”

“You were so sick! There was no time to tell! Money? I spent all the money to buy potions.
Because I thought you would die if I didn’t treat it! Doctors all said you were hopeless, what could I do…? Huh? What are you going to do with that?”

My sister squealed.

“And how can you trust that person and go abroad! That man is Count Nigor’s assistant! So I ignored it and decided to stay in this duchy.
Layla, I did it for you too.
Then, shouldn’t you follow along?!”

My sister then ran out the door.
I couldn’t contain my anger, so I grabbed the blanket tightly and screamed.

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