“I love you.”

“Please let me go… Please, this isn’t like you, young master.””

“Please understand.
Don’t you think that there’s a reason for everything? You’re always like this.”

Osses stroked Yuria’s cheek.
She shrugged her body away and leaned back.
What touched her back was a cold iron bar.

To think Osses, who used to be a gentleman, aided in the confinement of people was shocking. 

No, I think they might already know.
As they were only servants, maybe they just kept silent to hide their masters’ bizarre hobbies.

Yuria held her trembling hands and looked to the wall on her right.

“Don’t even think about running away, Yuria.”

Leaning against the wall, Arthur spoke as he flipped through the pages of his book.

“Even if you run, I have the confidence to catch you.
We aren’t a ducal family for no reason.”

The boy’s eyes gave off a warm energy unlike usual, but the words he spoke were cold.

There was nowhere to run.
How can a commoner like her rebel against the nobles? Yuria had nothing else to do but lower her eyes and tremble.

Seeing that, Isley burst out laughing.
The chair he sat on swung left and right in accordance with the flippant movement of his body.

“Rabbit, we are going to live together for the rest of our lives from now on.
What do you think? Don’t you like that?”

* * *

The Secret of the Rose Mansion was a R-19 novel that I was very excited to read.

The story begins when a beautiful commoner girl, Yuria, and her sister, Lyla, were hired together by the Ducal Family of Emerson, where roses bloomed all year round.

Full of charm, dignity, and kindness, the three young masters fell for Yuria’s beauty.

The love was poison.

In the name of love, the young masters were obsessed with Yuria and imprisoned her in the basement, committing all sorts of terrible things to her.

So what I’m saying is… Uh, once again, this novel is R-19.
I’ll just say that.

Some will wonder how I know this.
Of course I knew! Yes, I am someone who lived and died in Korea and was reborn in The Secret of the Rose Mansion!


Ahem, anyways… So Yuria becomes exhausted both physically and mentally, which resulted in her to try and take her own life several times.

The young masters treated Yuria’s wounds, but they never opened the doors to the place that locked her in.

In the end, Yuria goes crazy and comes to accept the reality…


Who is that being so noisy?


My eyes snapped open.

My friend Marie was looking down at me, crying.
My forehead was swollen red.
I stared blankly at her and touched my head.

“Why are you crying…”


My head… Why does my head hurt so much? Why am I lying down? I got up with Marie’s help.

And the sight in front of me… was a mess.
It was as if a bomb had exploded.
In other words, the faces of the maids were messed up.

“…? Why a

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