Apart from that, 30% of Bai Wushang’s surprise and 70% of his shock came from the fact that Mountain and SeaAcademy had an elimination system, but it prohibited the students from killing each other.

It was fine if there was conflict.

They could go to the Beast Arena, the training hall, or any place that allowed them to fight and settle the conflict themselves.

However, if it involved a fight to the death, they needed a notary to witness it and sign a life and death battle contract.

Other than that, even if they left the city gate, as long as the Law Enforcement Team found out that the classmates had killed each other for no reason, they would still be held accountable by the Academy.

Those who violated the rules were not simply expelled.
They could be imprisoned or exiled to an extremely dangerous wasteland to fend for themselves.

Under such a system, it was basically impossible for a high-grade Master to oppress a freshman wantonly.

This was temporarily a good thing for Bai Wushang because his biggest problem at the moment was Situ Chi.

Situ Chi had money, background, resources, and connections.

If he went all out, there were too many ways to crush Bai Wushuang, and there was no room for Bai Wushuang to fight back.

But now, he at least had a chance to catch his breath, and there was room for him to grow.

Bai Wushang had already briefly explained the history of his enmity with Situ Chi in the mystic realm.

There was only one problem, which he had been thinking about for a long time.

When they were about to leave, Bai Wushang pulled back Ouyang Yuan, who was the last one to leave.

Bai Wushuang secretly asked, “Ouyang Yuan, how much do you know about the bloodline talent of the Situ family?”

“Bloodline talent, ‘Invisibility Cloak’?”

Ouyang Yuan was slightly stunned, and he instinctively said, “Stealth, assassination, detection, and their usage of pet beasts.
It is ranked at the middle level…”

“I know that.”

Bai Wushang shook his head slightly and said, “This talent is too terrifying.
But it can’t be a perfect talent.
There must be some limitations to it.
What I want to ask is more in-depth information.”

Ouyang Yuan pinched the space between his eyebrows and thought for a while.
He felt a little helpless as he said, “Brother Bai, for any forces with the bloodline talent, the advantages and disadvantages of the bloodline talent, the range of the ability, and the limitations… are all crucial information to them.
They won’t easily reveal it to the outside world.”

“Unless it’s the other royal families or the royal families who have a certain understanding of each other, but… I can’t do anything about it.”

Bai Wushang sighed slightly to show that he understood.

He was only testing the waters and didn’t have much expectations.

Currently, regardless of background or equipment, Bai Wushang didn’t have absolute confidence in winning against Situ Chi in a one-on-one situation.

All of this was due to Situ Chi’s bloodline talent, the ‘Invisibility Cloak’.
It was too unpredictable.

If Situ Chi launched another sneak attack like the one he did on the trial ground, it would be difficult to determine who would win even if Bai Wushuang was extremely vigilant.

“Brother Bai, I still think that if there’s a chance to reconcile with Situ Chi, then try to reconcile, even if it’s on the surface…”

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Ouyang Yuan was wary of this person from the bottom of his heart.
He explained hesitantly, “His growth speed won’t be any slower than an autonomous awakener.
After all, the power of money is terrifying…”

“I understand.
Thank you.”

Bai Wushang didn’t explain much.

He and Ouyang Yuan had different standpoints.

Ouyang Yuan had his own family, and the jewelry business was within the Great Qian Dynasty.

He had no choice, no capital, and no need to offend the royal family.

Being able to interact with Ouyang Yuan and getting some information from him was already the greatest help.

After sending Ouyang Yuan away, Bai Wushang hugged Milky Way in a daze.

“Right now, Zhu Qin’s existence is an accident, but it’s not a bad thing.
Instead, it’s a good thing.”

“She’s like the ceiling for the new students.
Everyone’s eyes are focused on her, and not many people will pay attention to me.
Compared to her, Ah Zhou, who spews balls of darkness and Shadow Stealth, is not even worth mentioning.”

“From another perspective, Situ Chi is not a broad-minded person.
Would he be willing to let his peers step on him? It’s hard to say.
Who knows what might happen? This is a good opportunity for me…”

After roughly sorting out his thoughts, Bai Wushang got up and pasted hardening talismans on the windows and doors.

This was a very practical talisman.
It could strengthen the building, reduce the sound, and reduce the vibration.
It could ensure the safety of the interior of the building as much as possible.

After doing all this, Bai Wushang let Milky Way and Ah Zhou play alone.

He turned around and went into the bathroom.

It was too uncomfortable to not take a bath for more than ten days!

The hot water poured down from his head, and he instantly felt comfortable.

His depressed mood also lifted a little.

When Bai Wushang put on his clothes and fixed his beard, he suddenly noticed Ah Zhou’s shocked expression.

“Eh? What happened?”

Bai Wushang was about to ask, but he heard the door creak open.

A snow-white rabbit sneaked in, its silver-white eyes full of curiosity.

“Little guy, why did you come in?”

Bai Wushang laughed and was about to grab it.

Unexpectedly, when the rabbit fell into his hand, it felt a little strange.

It was a little light!


The little fellow cried out in joy.
It scratched with its little claws a couple of times.
Before Bai Wu Shang could regain his exposure, it exploded.

“Doppelganger?” Bai Wu Shang raised his eyebrows.
He was a little surprised.

Milky Way currently had two skills.
One was called “Shadow Moon Doppelganger”, and the other was called “Moonlight Baptism”.

These two were the standard skills of the Moon Rabbit.
They were purely support effects and didn’t have any attack power.

The former could create one to three physical clones for a few seconds.

The appearance of the clone and the main body were the same.
It was difficult to tell the difference with the naked eye.

When the clone was attacked or when the duration ended, the clone would automatically explode and disappear.

This skill looked like a useless aid, but it was a very useful life-saving skill.
It could increase the probability of an individual’s survival.

Bai Wushang pricked up his ears, and he vaguely heard a “Chirrup chirrup” call outside.

“This little guy is actually having quite a good time…”

After tidying up his clothes in amusement, he walked out of the bathroom.

He looked up.

“Pa da”

The towel fell to the ground.

Bai Wushang was dumbstruck.
In his field of vision, there were little rabbits everywhere!

On the bed, on the wall, on the ground, on the cabinet, on the table, on the chandelier, and on Ah Zhou’s body…

There were forty to fifty of them!


Bai Wushang swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
His heart slowed down a little, and he didn’t know what to do.

When the number of any object reached a certain level, it would give people a sense of mental terror.

Even if it was a cute and adorable little rabbit!


Sensing that their master had finally finished bathing and changing clothes, the rabbits cried out in unison.
Their voices were neat and loud, and there was no unnecessary noise.

In the next instant, white shadows scattered all over the sky.

Bai Wushang blinked his eyes three times.
When he looked again, all the rabbits were already arranged in an orderly manner.

There were ten in a row, a total of five rows, and there was one less rabbit in the last row.

Forty-nine Moon Rabbits!


The leader of the group jumped up and down, as if he was taking credit for it.
He pounced onto Bai Wushang’s chest and rubbed against it intimately.


Ah Zhou, who was at the side, was stupefied as he took in the scene before him.
He scratched his ears and cheeks with extreme curiosity.

He was merely distracted for a moment, why did this little guy create so many?

Which one was real? Which one was fake?

He couldn’t tell at all!

Bai Wu Shang slowly recovered his strength and rubbed the “Authentic” little rabbit in his hand.
His voice trembled slightly as he asked, “Milky… Milky Way, how did you do it?”

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