“Scarlet Flame Witch…”

Bai Wushang repeated this nickname over and over again, the feeling of his mouth and tongue being dry could not be washed away.

For her to actually dare to set fire in the arena, she was a vicious person!

“Isn’t she afraid of being censured by the academy? But the rules of the arena don’t seem to mention this point, so can it be considered as the arena suffering a loss then?”

“On the other hand, it probably means that the nature of the flames that she has mastered is rather special, and it won’t be easily extinguished?”

For a moment, Bai Wushang had many thoughts and he made wild guesses.

He then recalled the red-haired figure that he had seen in the Thousand Beasts Mall a few minutes ago.

“That person should be Zhu Qin, right? No wonder the staff said that it was a super big deal.
Her gains must be far greater than mine, I can’t even compare to her at all…”

After Ouyang Yuan had finished talking, he was feeling a little agitated.
He took out a bottle of ice water from his newly bought storage ring and gulped it down, letting out a comfortable sound.

He turned around and carefully sized up the big black ape.
There was a hint of envy in his eyes as he said, “Brother Bai, this demonic ape of yours is obviously experienced on the battlefield.
Its combat strength is off the charts.
However, if you meet Zhu Qin in the future, you should avoid her if you can.
Don’t provoke this kind of person.”

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“With the mysterious fire attribute bloodline talent and the ancient lineage of the little flame sparrow as her life-bound pet beast, this woman’s background is very likely to be higher than Situ Chi’s…”

“So, I’m thinking that the Situ Chi who had always been arrogant and competitive might have felt great pressure after knowing about her existence.
This is probably why he unexpectedly wants to recruit you and grow his power?”

Bai Wushang nodded slightly.
There was indeed such a possibility.

However, he couldn’t agree to Situ Chi’s recruitment request.

At that time, if not for the ‘Lethal Immunity’, Ah Zhou would have already died.

To Bai Wushang, this was no different from killing his father and mother.
It was a blood feud.

How could he let it go?!

Moreover, he wasn’t willing to sell himself out in order to exchange for that slim chance of survival.

“Rather than trusting others, I might as well strengthen myself first.
Three years might be short, but it’s not like I have no hope at all!”

Bai Wushang lowered his head and stared at the golden knife and silver fork pattern on the back of his right hand.

He said, “Isn’t this thing more mysterious than the blood poison? It’s unknown how much I can grow.
As long as I don’t give up, no one can make me give up…”

Ouyang Yuan opened his wristwatch and clicked randomly.
Then, he spoke with conviction, “Brother Bai, too many things have happened.
Let’s take a break first.
As usual, how about I treat everyone to a meal? Also, you can discuss the matter between you and Situ Chi properly.
I’ll see if I can help you with something on that…”

Bai Wushang nodded slightly.
He indeed had some questions to ask Ouyang Yuan.

Soon, the dishes were on the table, and the fragrance assailed their nostrils.


Milky Way rubbed his sleepy eyes and quietly poked his head out.

He was about to fall asleep.
Why was it time to eat again?

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‘Eh… Why aren’t there any radishes?’

‘Humph! Thumbs down!!!’

Milky Way retracted his head.

“Little guy, don’t be anxious!” Ouyang Yuan naturally wouldn’t forget this little one.
“Here, here, here’s a big basket of things.
Eat as much as you like!”

As he spoke, he swiped his storage ring and took out a big basket of vegetables.

There was everything inside, such as jade crystal radish, iron yam, golden leaf lettuce, and so on.
They weren’t cheap goods.
To ordinary people, these foods have extremely high nutritional value and could be considered top-notch supplements.

“The function of the ‘gold coin store’ in the wristwatch isn’t perfect enough, so I have to buy some high-quality things myself.
This is the stuff I specially stocked up yesterday.
I think this little rabbit will like it,” Ouyang Yuan chuckled.


The little fellow cheered and quickly stuck its head out, about to jump out.

However, it was pushed back by Bai Wushang at an even faster speed.


Milky Galaxy was so angry that it gritted its teeth.

‘Hmph! If I can’t eat, then I won’t eat!’

‘It’s not like I’m hungry!’

Bai Wushang rubbed its little head to comfort it while he helplessly rejected it.

Bai Wushuang said, “Ouyang Yuan, you’re spending too much money.
You don’t have to prepare these.
I have them.”

He had specially dug up a pile of radishes in the mystic realm.
There were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple radishes.
They could last for quite a while.

Moreover, Bai Wushang was already indebted to Ouyang Yuan for treating him to a meal that costs two to three hundred gold coins.

This basket was basically filled with spiritual herbs.
The total value was more than five hundred gold coins.
Bai Wushang was really embarrassed to take advantage of it.

“Aiya, don’t be polite, everyone has a share!”

Ouyang Yuan was brimming with enthusiasm as he pulled out another two large baskets.

Bai Wushang stuck his head out to take a look.
One was filled with bloody raw meat, and the other was actually filled with rocks!

“Come, this basket of fanged pork was originally prepared for Pug, but the devil ape should be omnivorous, right? Don’t be polite, let it eat.”

“Also, this bucket is mountain-patterned stone, a type of high-grade raw ore.
Brother Sha, this is for you.”

“Ah? I don’t want it, I have it.”

Sha Buru hurriedly waved his hand, unwilling to accept it.

“Don’t reject it, it’s not like I treat you guys every day.
It’s just once in a while.
This won’t make me broke.
Hurry up, Brother Sha, summon your Great White!”

Sha Buru tried to decline a few times, but he still couldn’t persuade Ouyang Yuan.

Feeling a little helpless, he took out the White Book of Oath.

“Great White, come out!”

A three-meter-long python flew out of the light door and landed on the ground with a thud.

Its entire body was pure white, without a trace of color.

Its body was like a rock, pieced together piece by piece.

The stone on the snake’s tail was smaller, and it gradually grew from the back to the front.
By the time it reached its head, it was already more than half a meter wide.

On its head, there was a ramming horn.
It was long and thick, with a blunt tip.

It did not have a snake’s tongue or teeth.
Its mouth was split open to the sides of its cheeks.
When it opened, it was pitch black inside.
Nothing could be seen clearly.

“This is…”

Bai Wushang was slightly surprised.
The appearance of this python was very similar to a supernatural creature named “Rock Snake” that he had remembered.

The only difference was that the normal rock snake was grayish-black in color, with a thick and deep luster to it.
However, this rock snake’s entire body was as white as jade, and its appearance was even more outstanding.
Its temperament was completely different.

In Bai Wushuang’s pupils, the Eye of Perception analyzed —

[ Name ] : Rock Snake (contract)

[ Race ] : Demon Beast Realm, Crawling Type, Rock Snake Race, Mutant

[ Life Level ] : Middle Stage Youth Form

[ Bloodline Quality ] : 5-Star Mortal Bone Level

[ Status ] : Calm/Alert

[ Intelligence ] : Low

[ Characteristics ] : Rock Body

[ Skills ] : Earthquake, Burrow, Bite, Harden, Tail Swing, Collision

[ Gourmet Cell ] : 11

“Hehe, Brother Bai, are you a little surprised?”

Ouyang Yuan laughed, “When I first saw it, I was also shocked.
Brother Sha, you don’t look good, but you caught a mutated rock snake the moment you made a move.
It’s really enviable!”

Sha Buru’s face was a little red from the praise, but it was not obvious as his face was dark.

He hesitated and explained, “Big White just has a color mutation.
Its skills, including actual combat ability, are no different from ordinary rock snakes.
It’s just that it looks good.
I didn’t think that I would be able to successfully subdue it, so I’m quite satisfied.”

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