the bloodline talent?”

“Bloodline talent…”

Bai Wushang couldn’t help but think of Situ Chi.
He thought of Situ Chi’s bloodline talent, ‘Cloak of Invisibility’.
It didn’t seem to have any lethality, but it was bizarre and impossible to guard against.

It could be said that every bloodline talent was a treasure to a certain extent, and everyone yearned to have it.

“I’m not sure about the specifics, but it’s not far from the truth.
She has a fire attribute bloodline talent, and it’s at least a middle-grade one at that!”

“It’s definitely because of the existence of the bloodline talent that she was able to easily subdue the Fire Jade Devil Spider.
Then, the No.
1 Arena was where she began her legendary story…”

Ouyang Yuan looked up at the sky at a forty-five degrees angle, his eyes absent-minded as he muttered to himself, “According to incomplete statistics, out of the 100 people in the No.
1 Arena, at least half of them were defeated by Zhu Qin.
It was almost as if she single-handedly defeated everyone… Many people said that when she appeared, her red hair fluttered in the wind, and the flames attached to her body did not damage her clothes.
Her beautiful eyes were burning with raging flames, and it looked extremely mystical.”

“Some people compare her to an elf born in flames, while others describe her as a shining sun.
Wherever she goes, there will be a sea of fire, and wherever she steps on, there will be scorched earth… In short, no one can get close to her!”

“Aren’t your adjectives a little too ridiculous?”

Bai Wushang couldn’t help but interrupt him.
They were all of the same age, so why did he look like he was about to become a god?

“Brother Bai, it might be an exaggeration, but it’s not just one or two people who are saying these.
Most people described her as such, including Brother Sha.
He saw it with his own eyes, so I have to believe it.”

“That’s right.
I saw it from afar.
There really are flames on her body.
It’s very strange.
It’s like… It’s like a human-shaped torch.”

Sha Buru’s vocabulary was a little poor, but his expression was extremely fearful.
He continued to describe, “Moreover, this woman is extremely violent.
She doesn’t think or care about anything.
She brought the Fire Jade Devil Spider and attacked humans whenever she encountered them.”

“She’s obviously a flame but her personality is as cold as ice, and she rarely speaks.
She didn’t care about anything and directly took down the Masters.
If it wasn’t for the rules of the trial, I suspect that a large number of people would have been killed by her…”

“Also, rather than saying that she was ruthless, it would be better to say that she didn’t care.
How could a beast in youth form block that Fire Spider’s casual attack? It was already a blessing if they could survive.
Even so, many people’s pet beasts were killed… sigh.
Fortunately, I reacted quickly and crushed the distress talisman when I saw her.
I didn’t try to struggle, or else I would have been sent home…”

Bai Wushang was stunned.

This Zhu Qin… was so strong!

Ouyang Yuan continued and added, “That Luo Youyuan, the pet beast that he had contracted isn’t weak either.
It’s at the pinnacle of the youth form stage, a 7-star Mortal Bone level Jaguar.
He’s definitely the best among the new students.
However, he couldn’t even last a minute against Zhu Qin and was almost killed…”

“Additionally, a few students just returned from the No.
1 Arena two days ago.
According to them, Zhu Qin has been hunting everywhere and has already turned the arena upside down.
The forest is filled with flames and there’s no place to hide.
I reckon that no one will be able to last until the end.”

“How many transcendent creatures have died because of her? It’s simply too crazy! The rules of the arena allow hunting, but it can’t be played like this either.
This is destroying the ecology, leaving no way out!”

“Now, the news has spread throughout the first grade, including many older students.
The evaluation of Zhu Qin has been fiercely discussed by everyone.
She is without a doubt the king of rookies… Those students who were defeated by her but survived, their fear of her is far greater than their hatred towards her.
Someone has given her a name, ‘Scarlet Flame Witch’.
It’s quite appropriate!”

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