understanding of this person, he is famous for taking revenge for the smallest grievance… is there no saving grace for him?”

Bai Wushang patted the Demon Ape’s arm, indicating for it to sit down and not be overly nervous.
He said softly, “There was, but I rejected it.
That is a condition that I cannot accept.”

Sha Buru, who had been listening quietly from the side, finally could not hold it in anymore and comforted him, “Brother Bai, I’m sorry.
I’m a dumb person.
I don’t know what to say.
If you need help, just let me know.
I’m willing to help you.”

“Brother Sha, you… are too straightforward!”

Ouyang Yuan sighed.
“You know nothing about the power of the royal family, and you want to help.
What a hothead!”

Sha Buru blushed slightly, but he held back his strength and retorted, “My mother said that when you meet with a problem, you can’t be the first to stand out, but don’t be a coward either.”

“Besides, haven’t we already had a toast and become friends? Shouldn’t friends help each other?”

Ouyang Yuan was flabbergasted as if it was the first time he knew him.
He stared at Sha Buru and looked at him again and again.

A trace of warmth rose from the bottom of Bai Wushang’s heart.

This tanned and tall man was a little naive, but his nature was simple.
In this society, in this era, it was really rare.

“Sha Buru, thank you for your good intentions.
This matter… still needs to be considered.”

Bai Wushang did not completely stop his good intentions and expressed his sincere gratitude.

Ouyang Yuan recovered from his shock and muttered to himself, “Brother Bai…”

“To be honest, this is the first time I’ve seen Situ Chi willing to lower himself and make a peace offering.
Even if it’s in the form of a soul contract, this is something unimaginable to me.”

“In the past, he didn’t even need to do anything special.
There would be a large number of people fighting to be his lackey.”

“The fact that he could do such a thing means that, on one hand, Brother Bai, you are very outstanding in a certain area.
Either you make him fear you, or you make him yearn for you.
On the other hand, it might be because of… Zhu Qin!”

“Zhu Qin???”

Bai Wushang’s face was full of question marks.
Did this have anything to do with her?

Ouyang Yuan cleared his throat and said with a straight face while raising his eyebrows, “Brother Bai, let me ask you something first.
Was there a high ratio of late stage spiritualists among the students in the training ground you were in?”


Bai Wushang pondered for more than ten seconds and said while recalling, “Now that you mention it… It seems a little strange.
I have seen more than twenty people in total, and at least fifteen of them are late stage spiritualists …”

“It seems like my guess is right!”

Ouyang Yuan slammed the table, and his tone was a little excited.

“This Mountain and SeaAcademy is really abnormal.
Normal academies have good seedlings, and they try their best to nurture them.
This place is like raising venomous insects.
Talent alone is not enough, and you have to use actual combat ability, willpower and luck to prove yourself.
No wonder those who graduated from Mountain and SeaAcademy are all dragons and phoenixes among men.
No matter where they are, they can shine.
I have to give it to them!”

“What do you mean?”

Bai Wushang blinked his eyes, gesturing for him to not keep him in suspense as he continued speaking.

Ouyang Yuan heaved a long sigh, “I suspect… No! I’m almost certain that the academy’s random allocation of the trial grounds is complete nonsense.
There’s a hidden agenda behind it.
The goal is to increase the pressure on the few of you who have awakened on their own, including those at the later stages of the spirit realm.”

“Think about it.
There are only 146 A level students in total, and you’ve seen one-tenth of them.
Is this ratio normal?”

“Luo Youyuan and Zhu Qin are even more ridiculous.
They’ve been allocated! Together!”

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