Milky Way played with the Demon Ape for a long time and finally had a good time.

It returned to Bai Wushang’s thigh and curled up into a ball, dozing off.

Ding Yue moved in small steps and made two cups of lemon black tea, placing them on the table.

She sat down, smoothed the wrinkles on her skirt and continued the topic from before.

“After we finish talking about the strongest ‘Order,’ I will introduce ‘Medical. ’”

“The Medical Department’s tasks are very simple.
Rescue, recovery, assistance and so on.
They will assist ‘Order’ whenever necessary.”

“The threshold for joining us is very low.
As long as you can heal, or if your pet beast is a supporting type, we welcome you.”

“Take your ‘Moonrabbit’ as an example.
Perhaps the quality of its bloodline is a little low and its healing ability is not ideal, but it doesn’t matter.
It has already met the minimum recruitment criteria of the Medical Department.”

Bai Wushang lowered his head and glanced at the sleeping little fellow.
The corners of his brows twitched slightly.

Up until now, Milky Way’s attribute panel was still the most exaggerated one he had ever seen.

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A mere youth form and its bloodline quality had directly jumped to ‘Elite level 1-star’.

This was simply ridiculous!

Such a mysterious existence, was it a supporting-type pet beast?

Bai Wushang was very confused.

He said hesitantly, “Sister Ding, do we have to choose to join these departments?”

“That’s not true.
The initiative is in our hands.”

Ding Yue pursed her lips and smiled.
“Joining the department means that we have to take responsibility and carry out missions regularly.”

“However, this also represents more benefits.
We won’t let you do things for free.”

“For example, the most important ‘mystic energy’.
One of the core ways to obtain it is to work through the department.
This way, you can receive a fixed quota every week.”

“Quite many people in the academy earn their mystic energy through this method.
It’s both stable and efficient.
They can also enjoy other benefits.
Killing two birds with one stone.”

Bai Wushang replied with an ‘Oh’.
His eyes revealed that he was deep in thought.

The personal nameplate that he had obtained had already been handed over, and the part where he crushed the distress talisman to save himself had also been added by the rescue instructor, but he still hadn’t gotten the result.

Xia Wanlong had given a simple explanation of the “mystic energy”, but Bai Wushang still had some cognitive obstacles.

He couldn’t judge how valuable the mystic energy was, and how difficult it was to obtain it.

He could only understand it after he tried it himself.

Bai Wushang only knew one thing.
His time was precious, and he had to make the best use of it.

Therefore, no matter how amiable Ding Yue was, Bai Wushang did not dare to casually accept the invitation.

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“Sister Ding, it’s my first time here… I can’t decide once…”

“Yes… I can understand your cautious attitude, but…”

Ding Yue smiled bitterly, and a helpless expression appeared on her beautiful brows.

“But for a seeded player like you, in a few days, members of the Order Department will come to contact you and try to rope you in.”

“As for me, ever since I found out that there are three autonomous awakeners this year, I’ve done an investigation beforehand.
After I found out that your life-bound pet beast is Moonrabbit, I’ve made up my mind to take the opportunity of the physical examination to communicate with you in advance.”

“To tell you the truth, the total number of people in our Medical Department can’t be compared to ‘Order’ and ‘Logistics’, just a little more than ‘Alchemy’.”

“Then… the benefits are very high, right? After all, only a few people have the supporting ability, right?”

Bai Wushang made his judgment.

However, Ding Yue smiled awkwardly.

“This… is a bit difficult to explain.
The members of the Medical Department are indeed more popular in the academy.
After all, everyone gets injured sometimes, and they always need help…”

“However, ever since the last batch of the Ten Masters graduated, the person who is now in charge of the Medical Department… has kept his hands off.
He has never fought for anything properly, so the benefits of the department are constantly decreasing…”

Ding Yue sighed softly.
“Those of us who are deacons are suffering unspeakably.
Not only do we need to be involved in all matters, but the official members under us have always been stuck at the lowest level because of the supply of mystic energy.
They are constantly complaining…”

“In the past year, many people have been changing jobs one after another.
The total number of people in the Medical Department has fallen to the lowest point in history.”

“If this continues, there will be no need for this department to exist anymore.
‘Order’ and ‘Logistics’ can annex and replace us…”

Ding Yue took a sip of her black tea, looked straight into Bai Wushang’s eyes, and said seriously, “I don’t want to see the results of my hard work fall to that day.”

“Therefore, Junior Bai, I want to rope you in and inject some fresh blood into our department.”

“I can take out my mystic energy quota and give you a portion of it to ensure that the income you receive in the Medical Department will not be lower than the minimum standard of the Discipline Team of the Order Department, and it will be improved regularly.”

“Also, compared to the Order Department, the work that the Medical Department needs to perform is much easier.
Under normal circumstances, you can work in the assigned medical center.
The work is easy, the time is short and you are very free.
You can read books in your free time to expand your knowledge.”

“How about it? I will give you the best bargaining chips for your salary, benefits and working hours.
Can you give me a chance?”

Ding Yue’s beautiful eyes flickered with anticipation.

At this moment, it would be a lie to say that Bai Wushang had no thoughts in his heart.

Ding Yue had already said so much.
He could feel the sincerity in her words.

However… Bai Wushang still wanted to investigate the method of obtaining the mystic energy before making a judgment.

If there was a more suitable and convenient way to earn mystic energy, Bai Wushang could further increase his growth efficiency.

After all, no matter how easy it was to work, it would consume an extra amount of energy and time.

There was a moment of silence.

Bai Wushang lifted his face and looked extremely sincere, “Sister Ding, due to some personal reasons, I still can’t agree to it right now.
Can you wait for me to understand more about the specific situation in the academy before giving you a reply?”


Ding Yue rubbed her temples.
She had already tried her best to invite him.
Whether it would succeed or not, it was not something she could predict.

Fortunately, Bai Wushang did not explicitly reject her request.
It seemed like he had something to hide, or perhaps he was too cautious and did not fully trust her.

“It’s a pity to miss out on such a promising junior.
I hope that the bargaining chip I offered will be able to move him… the Medical Department will have a change of the pillar sooner or later.
Maybe he can…”

She shook her head helplessly and flashed a smile again, “Alright, I respect Junior Bai’s choice, but… It’s not too much to add a wristwatch contact, right?”

Ding Yue smiled brightly and said softly, “If you, as a freshman, are confused about other things, you’re welcome to come to me for advice.
You are a potential stock to me, I won’t let go of you so easily~”

“Sister Ding, you must be joking.”

Bai Wushang chuckled and raised his left wrist.

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