“Wait a moment, it will be here soon.”

Ding Yue pursed her lips and smiled, gesturing for Bai Wushang to calm down.
At the same time, she opened the watch on her wrist and fiddled with it.

Very soon, a staff member brought over a small golden box.

Ding Yue reached out and took it.
She opened the lid and took out a green talisman.

“This is a lifting talisman.
Senior Xia specially sent someone to deliver it.
It can remove the seal on the pet beast in your body.”

“Come, slow down your breathing.
Don’t use your soul power to resist.”

As she spoke, Ding Yue clamped the green talisman between her two fingers and pressed it between Bai Wushang’s brows.

In an instant, a green light flashed and fell into the talisman.

Bai Wushang felt his body become lighter, and his soul power circulated a little faster.

Feeling joy in his heart, he immediately beckoned with his hand.

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“Book of Oaths, open!”

The silvery-white book floated in the air as a door of light opened.

“Squeak squeak!!!”

A snow-white little fellow rushed out impatiently, causing the entire room to be filled with joy.

“Milky Way, here, here.”

Bai Wushang revealed a father-like smile.

Looking from afar, its spotless white hair was fluffy like a ball of cotton.

Its big silver eyes were twinkling like two stars in the night sky, charming and shining.

The cutest thing was that the little fellow was a short-legged creature.
It couldn’t even see its front two feet clearly when it was lying on the ground.

It ran very fast, jumping up and down high.
Its little ball-shaped tail was shaking and swaying in the air.
It was so happy.

“Wow ~ what a cute little Moonrabbit!” Ding Yue exclaimed, her beautiful eyes brimming with brilliance.

“Goo Goo ~ ~ ~”

The Lantern Bird called out a little resentfully, wasn’t he cute and lovely too?

You weren’t like this when I was a Candlestick Bird…

Oh, women were so fickle-minded!

The Demon Ape watched in silence.
This was the first time it had seen the master’s other pet beast.

To it, whether it was cute or not, whether it looked good or not, were all irrelevant questions.

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What it cared about was strength!

Strength was supreme!

After clenching its fist and comparing it with Milky Way’s, Ah Zhou confirmed that its fist was bigger.

“No wonder! No wonder Master wanted me to protect it.
Such a tiny little thing, wherever it went, it would be bullied by beasts, right?”

Ah Zhou couldn’t help but recall the glorious days when it was still the leader of a clan.

It somewhat missed those times, but also somewhat looked forward to it.

It slowly nodded and its eyes blossomed with a bright light.

It had made his decision! It would take Milky Way as its little sister and take care of it!

The title of Boss Ape could be used again!

“Milky Way! Milky Way!”

Bai Wushang shouted for a long time, but there was no response.

In just a short one or two minutes, the Milky Way had scurried up and down over a hundred square meters of the room.

Even on the ceiling, there was a string of black footprints!

Bai Wushang rubbed his nose awkwardly and said helplessly, “The little fellow must have been suffocated in the pet space.
It let itself go as soon as it came out…”

Ding Yue covered her mouth and laughed secretly.
She quickly waved her hand.

“It’s okay.
This is the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful and unique Moonrabbit.
It’s very energetic and healthy!”

After a while.

The little fellow stopped but it was still not satisfied.

It skipped to Bai Wushang’s side.

Just when Bai Wushang thought the little fellow was going to jump into his arms —

Milky Way suddenly twisted its body and turned its round little butt toward Bai Wushang.

“Oh, you’re still angry?”

Bai Wushang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Fortunately, he was prepared.
He immediately took out a green radish and handed it to the little rabbit’s mouth.

“Alright, don’t throw a tantrum.
Look, this is the cucumber radish I brought for you.
The taste is very special.
Do you want to try it?”

“Ji! Gu! (▼へ▼メ)”

Milky Way turned its head to the side and its small face tensed up.

“I know.
The pet space is very boring.
Every day, other than sleeping, you still sleep.
It makes you feel terrible…”

Bai Wushang rubbed the little fellow’s head.
The two white rabbit ears on the outside and pink on the inside were soft and mochi-like.
The texture was very good.

He promised softly, “Don’t worry, it’s unlikely that such a situation will happen next.
If you want to come out and play, you can come out anytime!”

After a few coaxing, the Milky Way instantly broke through the defense.

It first cheered, kicked its legs and pounced into Bai Wushang’s arms.

Immediately after, it became teary-eyed again.

It was extremely aggrieved.

“Ji-gu! ヽ(.>д

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