He came to the back of the whale bird.

The back of the whale bird was very soft and smooth.
There were some slightly protruding round holes, like some special biological organs.

Stepping on it was like cotton coated with sugar.
It was a little sticky, but very comfortable.

“Look, the seventh person is here!”

“Eh, isn’t this the autonomous awakener? Is he called Bai Wushang? I have an impression of him!”

A few whispers entered his ears.

Bai Wushang turned his head to look.

There were a total of six people, five men and one woman.
He did not recognize any of them.

Their clothes were all in a sorry state.
Some were covered in dust, while others had bandages tied to their arms and legs.
It seemed like they had been injured before.

However, their eyes were very lively, and there was a faint excitement and pride in their eyes.

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As expected, they were all new students who had persisted for fifteen days and finally passed the trial perfectly!

Bai Wushang nodded slightly.

The others did the same and they were obviously curious.

What would be the pet beast contracted by this autonomous awakener?

“Wushang, come and sit.
The whale bird also has a special characteristic called ‘Stable Air Flow’.
It can control the air flow around it.
You won’t fall even if you roll around here.
There’s no need to worry about your safety.”

Xiao Tieshi sat cross-legged in the middle of the whale bird and smiled brightly at Bai Wushang.

“After I’ve finished searching the last area of the trial ground No.
9, you can return to the academy.
Youth is waving at you! Ah ~”

Ten minutes later, the whale bird stopped in the air.

Soon, a man and a woman climbed up along the rope.

Bai Wushang raised his eyebrows.
He was quite familiar with these two people.

One of them was a grass grey-haired young man with slanted bangs, the master of that Stinky Mud Beast.

Bai Wushang had once suspected that he was Wang Wen.

The other was his partner, a curly-haired woman who had signed a contract with the Pepper Butterfly.
She had a very sexy figure, but her appearance was average.

The other party recognized Bai Wushang.
She was a little surprised but also felt that it was only natural.

The curly-haired woman immediately ran over and asked pitifully, “May I take the liberty to ask, is the Cat Demon… dead?”

The young man with grass grey hair and slanted bangs strolled to the side and sighed.

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“To be honest, when we escaped, we saw you fighting with Luo Bing and the others from afar, but… we no longer had the ability to fight, so we didn’t dare to get close.
There was even a Fire Lizard watching us from the shadows, so we could only hurriedly leave…”

“Now that we can see you, but we can’t see Luo Bing and the rest, you must have persevered until the end… We don’t want anything, we just want to know whether the Cat Demon is dead or not.
After all… After all, our companion died at the hands of the Cat Demon, and this is a great blow to us…”

Bai Wushang glanced at him without batting an eyelid, and the two of them looked at him with hope on their faces.

Especially the curly-haired woman.
There were tears in the corners of her eyes.
It seemed that their team had a good relationship in just a few days.
Otherwise, they would not have lost their composure like this.

“The Cat Demon is dead.
The deceased is already dead.
You guys should try your best to grieve for her…”

“Really? That’s great! Otherwise, I really don’t know how I would have come back to take revenge.
Ah Jiao… Ah Jiao… Ah Jiao is still at her prime, sigh…” the curly-haired woman’s tears could not be stopped.

The grass grey-haired youth with slanted bangs gave Bai Wushang a grateful look.
He then patted the curly-haired woman’s back and pulled her to sit beside him.

“This is also my fault.
The plan was a little too hasty.
I’m also responsible…”

The surrounding people more or less heard some of the conversations.

The five men and one woman who were originally in a daze suddenly became listless.
It was unknown whether it was because they recalled the dangers they had encountered in the past few days, or because they felt that the world was unpredictable and had a new understanding of life.

Xiao Tieshi was silent.
He wore a smile on his face as if he had seen himself back then.

Everyone had been young, everyone had been hesitant, and everyone had met with accidents.

Only by pressing forward courageously could one break through the clouds and see the clear sky again!

Wasn’t the intrinsic purpose of the trial to teach everyone to recognize this point?

Becoming a master was only the beginning.

If one did not suffer a little and did not experience some pain, how could one recognize their own insignificance?

There was still a long way to go!

An hour later.

The whale bird slowly descended.

In the end, only nine people survived in the No.
9 trial ground.

Xiao Tieshi was very familiar with it as he activated a secret enchantment.

A small teleportation array with a diameter of ten meters appeared in front of him.

“All of you, stand on it.
When you return to the academy, there will naturally be someone to come and receive you.”

“I still have to go to the next trial ground, so I won’t be joining you.”

After saying those words, Xiao Tieshi stood solemnly and shouted at the crowd, “All of you, raise your spirits! All of you, remember, to be able to persevere until the end of the freshmen trial means that all of you have worked hard enough and are fortunate enough.
However, luck will not always favor you, and working hard is what all of you should persevere in doing! Do you understand?


Everyone could feel the burning and passionate aura emanating from this middle-aged teacher.
There was encouragement, caution and deep anticipation in his heart at the same time.

A new life in the academy was about to begin!

The dense white light engulfed everyone and after a moment of dizziness, the world began to spin.

Bai Wushang opened his eyes.

At this moment, he was in a large hall that was about a thousand square meters.
The roof was very tall and there were crystal decorations everywhere, making it a dazzling sight.

A few women wearing golden sun medals on their chests seemed to have noticed the change in the array formation, and they immediately walked over from the corner.

Before they got close, they paused for a moment and a trace of surprise appeared on their pretty faces.

Were the juniors this year so powerful?

What was in such a big bag?

That’s right, before Xiao Tieshi activated the array formation, he directly threw Bai Wushang’s beast skin bag into it.

This also caused the nine people to have no choice but to huddle together and hug one another.

Bai Wushang smiled awkwardly.
He immediately summoned the Demon Ape to carry the huge beast skin bag.


Ah Zhou looked around.
There was surprise and fear.

It had always been in the forest since it was young, and this was the first time it had walked into the city.

Even though Bai Wushang had comforted it in advance, the scene before its eyes still severely impacted its cognition.

So, this was what houses were like.

So, there were so many beautiful ladies…

“Hello Junior Brothers and Sisters, first of all, congratulations on successfully passing the first hurdle.
From this moment on, you can be considered official members of the Mountain and SeaAcademy.”

A tall lady in a dress walked over and looked at everyone, focusing on Bai Wushang and the Demon Ape.

Her tone was very polite, but everyone could vaguely sense that her soul power aura was extremely dense.
She was at least a Soul Servant-level master.

While they were secretly shocked, they quietly listened to what she said —

“Next, the first thing we need to do is a ‘physical examination’.
It’s not just the pet beast, even the master has to do it.”

“All of you have just finished an adventure, and many of your pet beasts have been injured.
As for us, we are members of the academy’s Medical Department, and each of us has a certain healing ability.
For example, a recovery secret technique, or a pet beast with a contract is good at healing.”

“You don’t have to worry about anything.
This is the academy’s investment, and it is a reward for every qualified person.
It is a benefit that you deserve!”

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