Bai Wushang gazed at the white crane that was disappearing into the distance.

After a long while, he let out a sigh of relief.
The frustration in his heart was still lingering.

Although the situation had turned around, he had beaten up Situ Chi and saved the Bloodline Fruit.
It was a win-win situation.

However, Bai Wushang knew very well that this matter was far from over.

Situ Chi’s pet, the Crystal Scorpion, did not die.
It was only severely injured.

His trip to the mystic realm would end with elimination, but he would not be expelled by the academy.
He was still qualified.

This was what Bai Wushang was troubled by.

“There are all kinds of birds in the big forest.
This is a big trouble that came to me for nothing…”

Thinking of Situ Chi’s perception and judgment so far, Bai Wushang had a hunch that the days ahead would be chaotic.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to go through a lot in the future.
With such a person around, what should I do?”

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To be honest, Bai Wushang wanted to kill him.

However, it was impossible to do it at this time and place.

After returning to the academy, he needed to adapt to the situation and couldn’t do things so easily.

“Royal family… What a royal descendant…”

Bai Wushang’s eyes turned cold and helpless.

In the Great Qian Dynasty, the status of the royal family was second only to the imperial family.
They might not be powerful, but they weren’t much different.

He was a weak duckweed that was far from enough to defend against them.

Even if the Mu Family, whom he had been with for ten years, was willing to lend a helping hand, Bai Wushang was certain that it wouldn’t be of much use.

If one had to compare, the weakest member of the royal family could at least take on three to four members of the Mu Family!

In terms of the battle prowess of the most advanced pet beasts, the difference was like heaven and earth.

Situ Chi’s father, Situ Xuance, was an existence that possessed a Monarch-level battle beast.
Just him alone could sweep through the entire Mu Family!

“I’m thinking too much.
With my relationship with the Mu Family, if the Situ Family finds out that I killed Situ Chi one day because I didn’t clear my tracks properly, the Mu Family will not stand on my side…”

Bai Wushang muttered to himself and gave up on his unrealistic fantasies.

He was adopted by the Mu Family.
Over the past ten years, he had gotten to know people of the same age.
Other than being the closest to Mu Xiaoxiao, the others were more like acquaintances.

Therefore, he couldn’t rely on the Mu Family, nor was he willing to implicate the Mu Family and drag them down with him.

After all, he was indebted to them for raising him!

“It’s useless to think too far ahead.
I can only take it one step at a time.”

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Bai Wushang’s eyes shone as he thought about how to respond.

“Mountain and SeaAcademy is one of the four great academies under the Red Dragon Emperor.
Although their support is not as strong as the Red Dragon Royal Academy, it is not much weaker.”

“The principal or person in charge here definitely has the combat strength of a monarch, and his background is not weaker than any royal family.”

“Both of them are forces that are subjected to the Red Dragon Emperor’s rule.
They are within the same system of the Great Qian Dynasty, so it’s impossible for them to openly oppose him… no matter how powerful Situ Chi is, he doesn’t dare to act recklessly here.
I can already see a thing or two from the fact that he didn’t dare to violate the rules of the trial just now.”

“Even if he wants to cause trouble for me, I can only follow the rules of the academy.
I’ll be more careful and avoid him as much as I can.
I’ll try my best to raise my trump card and pet beast’s battle prowess…”

As he pondered, Bai Wushang sighed softly, “There isn’t much time left for me… how can I waste my time on such a scum? When my strength reaches a certain level, I will naturally have the corresponding authority to speak.
Work hard, I have to work harder!”


Ah Zhou roared twice with all his might.

Although it could not understand Bai Wushang’s complicated thoughts, it could feel the urgency in his heart.


To become stronger!

To become even stronger!

The Demon Ape silently made up its mind and was full of energy.

“Ah Zhou, how are your overall injuries now?”

Bai Wushang no longer let his imagination run wild and looked back at the Demon Ape.

Ah Zhou pointed at its head and communicated at the same time, “Here, it hurts.
Everything else, it’s fine.”

“Hmm… it’s still in a state of severe mental injury.
It seems that the ‘Lethal Immunity’ has only blocked all the effects of the stinger piercing and can not reduce the remaining damage…”

Bai Wushang carefully examined the wound and confirmed that it had stabilized and wouldn’t worsen.
It was within the range of control.

“Bear with it for another day.
I don’t have any suitable medicine right now.
When I return to the academy, there will be a way to resolve it.”


Ah Zhou nodded.
Its throat was still recovering, so it couldn’t make too loud a sound.

Taking out some herbs, Bai Wushang applied some medicine to its neck and cheeks respectively.
He also applied some to the few lacerations on the Demon Ape’s body.
This way, it could speed up the recovery effect.

“Let’s go, Ah Zhou.
Let’s go and take stock of the spoils of war!” Bai Wushang adjusted his mood and pointed forward.
“This trip has been full of twists and turns.
Try not to waste it.
We’ll get as much as we can!”

Bai Wushang pulled up one of the bloody legs of the Cat Demon and tried to drag it.
It was not difficult at all.

He came to the surroundings of the vanished magical fruit tree and looked around.
All kinds of corpses were piled up.

Perhaps it was because the previous battle was too violent, but even after dozens of minutes, no large creatures returned to hunt here.

There were only some small reptiles, mice and other small creatures that were stealthily eating here.

Sensing the arrival of the Demon Ape, they scattered in a rush.
They either dived into the ground or climbed up the big tree, running faster and faster.

“Forget about the Inferior Demon.
There’s no need to recycle it… this Big Pink Butterfly, Three-toothed Pig, Horned Python, Multicolored Tiger, Spirit Fox and White Lion Cub should be worth at least 1,500 gold coins, right?”

“There are also these half-decayed remains.
After searching through them, we can also get a lot of spare parts.
We can use quantity to win, and they can be exchanged for a lot of money…”

“The most precious thing is definitely the Iron Bone Eagle.
This fellow is more valuable than the Cat Demon, and its entire body is filled with treasures.
The protective gear or weapons made from it are all high-quality materials.
We can definitely sell them for a good price…”

Bai Wushang’s heart was filled with joy.
With the Cat Demon in his hands, the total income of this pile of corpses would not be less than 6,000!

He had the illusion that he was about to be free from the state of poverty!

Taking advantage of the fact that the surrounding environment did not change much.

Bai Wushang seized the time and began to bring the Demon Ape to deal with the corpses.

For example, for the Cat Demon and the Iron Bone Eagle, Bai Wushang found that it was very difficult to cut them after they died, so he chose to directly pack them up.

As for the rest, he would first choose the most valuable and convenient corpse materials, such as hearts, scales, gallbladders, beast skins, tusks, sharp claws, bones and so on, he sorted them into categories.

In the end, the sun was about to set, and Bai Wushang did not even have time to clean them up.

The roars of beasts were approaching and this was no longer a place to stay for long.

They might as well pack up everything that could be packed and put it into a bag that was stitched together with animal skin so that the Demon Ape could carry it away.

On the following day, Bai Wushang and the Demon Ape did not go anywhere.
They hid in a cave to rest and tidy up.

On the 16th day, when the sun rose, the end of the trial finally arrived.

“You ~ ~”

A round figure with a blue back and white stomach glided across the sky.

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