“Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!”

The Crystal Scorpion suffered a serious injury at the end of its abdomen.
Under the excruciating pain, it randomly moved its six pairs of appendages.

It had a resolute personality.
It knew that it had lost its strongest weapon.
It still swung its pincers arrogantly, leaving bloody lacerations on the Demon Ape’s legs.


Ah Zhou turned around and slapped it twice.
It used its absolute strength to break free from the Crystal Scorpion’s pincers.
Then, it twisted it and lifted it into the air.
It was about to smash it to the ground with violence.

“B*stard, enough!”

A light door appeared and swallowed the Crystal Scorpion.

The Demon Ape and Bai Wushang turned their heads at the same time.
One of them was panting and its eyes were brutal, the other gently covered the wound on his neck.
His face was calm like water, but his eyes were like two knives, looking at the source of the sound.

The one who spoke was Situ Chi.

A sky-blue gorgeous book floated beside him.
The pages flipped and slowly closed.

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The Crystal Scorpion had been forcefully taken back into the Book of Oaths!

Situ Chi leaned against the bottom of the tree.
Half of his body was limp and he was unable to move.

Tilting his head, he spat out another mouthful of blood.
Looking at the two broken teeth that fell from the mixture of blood and saliva on the ground, Situ Chi’s expression was extremely ferocious.
Instead of being angry, he laughed.

“Good! Very good! It seems that I’ve made a mistake.
This Demon Ape of yours… is far more magical than I imagined!”

“It can even recover from the injury of having its head split open and the crystal poison injected into it.
Either it has mastered some kind of miracle skill, or its mutation level has exceeded my knowledge… in short, the Demon Ape must have a secret hidden within it!”

“What does this have to do with you?”

Bai Wushang held the long spear and walked towards him step by step.

At this moment, whether it was the level of vision or the change in his cold and ruthless attitude, all of them made Situ Chi extremely mad.

In just a few minutes, everything had been reversed!

Situ Chi had been so thrilled and comfortable before, but now he was so angry and humiliated!

“You b*stard…”

The vulgar words were stuck in his mouth.
Before he could finish, the Demon Ape roared and pounced again.

It had already forced itself to hold back a bit of its strength from the previous palm strike.

Otherwise, that one strike would have sent his head flying!

But now, Situ Chi still did not know what was good for him.
He provoked it again and again.
The Demon Ape could not control its violent temper and wanted to add some color to his body.

Looking at the violent Demon Ape that was ready to pounce on him, Situ Chi’s expression changed rapidly.
God knows what kind of mental journey he had gone through.

His fingers reacted instinctively.
He did not need any reminders.
With a snap, he tore the distress talisman.

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Yes, even though he was wild and proud, even though he had a hundred grudges in his heart, Situ Chi also knew that he was going to lose!

The physical injuries that he had suffered were rare, and the Crystal Scorpion that he had high expectations for was no match for the Demon Ape.

In an instant, a pure white light screen appeared and covered Situ Chi.

The Demon Ape stopped and glared at Situ Chi through the haze.

“Ha, I was careless this time.
I shouldn’t have wasted so much time with you.
I should have just killed you and sent you away!”

Bai Wushang looked down at him coldly and ignored him as if he was sizing up a clown.

The distress talisman had been triggered.
No matter how strong a mature form was, it could not be broken.
Bai Wushang could do nothing to him.

The atmosphere was cold for a moment.

Situ Chi waited for more than ten seconds, but there was no response.

He snorted angrily, “Hehe.
You are not scared, are you? Don’t worry.
I admit defeat this time.
Let’s have fun in the future!”

“Also, I’ve never heard of any Bai Family in the Great Qian Dynasty.
I think you don’t have much background…”

As he said that, Situ Chi waved the dimensional backpack that he had snatched with his trembling hand.
His tone was as arrogant as usual.

“To you, this Bloodline Fruit that is worth tens of thousands of gold coins should be an extremely expensive item, right? After going through so much trouble to get it, it finally changed hands with me.
How does it feel?”

Bai Wushang’s eyes moved slightly, and his left hand subconsciously touched the left side of his waist.

Because the protective light screen was semi-transparent, which affected his vision, Situ Chi could not see Bai Wushang’s specific expressions and movements.
He said to himself, “To tell you the truth, this Bloodline Fruit is useless to me.
The Crystal Scorpion doesn’t need it.”

“I don’t lack money either.
I have 20,000 to 30,000 gold coins every month.
Gold coins are just a string of numbers to me.”

“What I enjoy is the entire hunting process.
No matter who gets the Bloodline Fruit, I will let them know what it means to kill in one hit… but surprisingly, I actually failed miserably.
This is simply a disgrace!”

It could be seen that Situ Chi could be very direct in certain aspects.

He did not like to beat around the bush.
Even after suffering a great loss, he was still full of confidence and spoke freely without any scruples.

Just as he was about to continue speaking, Bai Wushang suddenly interrupted him, “Hey, are you done? You haven’t even opened it to take a look.
How can you be sure that the Bloodline Fruit is inside?”

Bai Wushang slowly took out an item from under the armor on his left waist and moved closer to the light screen.
He waved it in front of Situ Chi’s eyes and said, “And how can you be sure that I only have one dimensional backpack?”

The two consecutive questions confused Situ Chi.

His only intact eye suddenly widened, and his gaze gradually became dull.


Situ Chi seemed to not believe it.
He quickly dumped the dimensional backpack in his hand, and a bunch of things fell out.

He casually picked up a few and looked at them carefully.
Immediately, half of his face alternated between green and red, “Rat skin, wolf skin, snake skin, cow skin, deer skin… f*ck, they’re all over the place.
What a mess, why are there so many snake corpses?”

Bai Wushang was expressionless.
“I’m sorry, I keep all the valuable materials close to my body… As for the one in your hand, I used it to store sundries.
It’s the kind that’s big and not very valuable.
I threw it all inside…”

“If you like it, take it.
I hope you won’t waste it.”


Situ Chi recalled what he had just said.
It was as if he had been slapped again, and his face hurt even more.

“Clang Clang ~ ~ ~”

At this moment, a white crane descended from the sky.
Its big eyes stared at Bai Wushang in a human-like manner, and there was a hint of hidden bitterness in its eyes.

If she could open her mouth, she would grab this human boy and mutter to herself —

“Why is it you again! How many times have I come here? Can’t you just control yourself a little? Can you let me take a nap at ease?”

Bai Wushang felt goosebumps from being stared at and smiled awkwardly.

Most crane-type creatures were quite smart.
Regarding this one… the “Status” column was marked “Insufficient Sleep” and “Irritable Mood.” With just one look, Bai Wushang understood.

A silver-haired old woman walked down from the crane.
She held an emerald green cane and her face was full of wrinkles.
From time to time, she would cough.

She did not say anything.
She smiled at Bai Wushang and tapped the ground with her cane.

Instantly, countless delicate vine leaves spread out from the ground.
They easily pierced through the protective light screen and wrapped around Situ Chi’s entire body.

The white crane flapped its wings and dragged the old woman’s back.
Once again, it lifted her and flew into the sky…

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