“Do I need you to meddle with what I do?”

In the depths of the Silver Leaf Forest, Situ Chi suddenly withdrew his dagger and threw a punch that landed squarely on the side of Bai Wushang’s face.

Bai Wushang could not control himself and staggered back two or three steps.
From the corner of his eye, the left side of his face was higher than the other, and he felt a burning pain on his face.

Seeing Bai Wushang’s sorry state, Situ Chi spat and looked pleased.

“Heh, as expected of an autonomous awakener.
Your physique is not bad.
There are not many people of the same age who can withstand a punch from me without falling to the ground.
You are one of them.”

Gently touching the swollen side of his face, Bai Wushang’s eyes were as cold as a knife.
The veins on his forehead bulged as he exhaled.

His anger had already accumulated to the extreme!

However, now was not the time!

Bai Wushang was still waiting!

From Situ Chi’s point of view, he must have felt that the Demon Ape was on the verge of death and was doomed.

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This was very correct.
If it were anyone else, they would probably think the same.

Only Bai Wushang’s Eye of Perception would not lie.
On the attribute panel of Ah Zhou, it still displayed the status of “Near Death”, “Crystallized Poison”, “Loss of life” and “Death Immunity (to be activated)”.

This meant that there was still a turning point!

This was also the reason why Bai Wushang would rather take a punch from Situ Chi than crush the distress talisman and escape.

As if sensing Bai Wushang’s resentment, the Crystal Scorpion did not say anything and crawled to the front.
The stinger on its back was raised high and its sharp tip was aimed at Bai Wushang’s chest.

“Good baby, don’t scare him.”

Situ Chi curled his lips and waved the dimensional backpack in his hand.
It was the one that he had snatched from Bai Wushang’s right waist.

“After so many days, you must have collected a lot of good things with your ability, right? Especially that Bloodline Fruit, I’ll take it all without hesitation.”

“Next, I’ll leave you alone to taste the pain of the mental backlash after the contract broke.
I won’t play with you then.”

Situ Chi smiled brightly.
As he spoke, he began to tidy up his clothes and smooth out the wrinkles on them.
He also smoothed his elegant hairstyle to make sure that his image was spotless.

Bai Wushang looked at him indifferently.
He seemed to be suppressing his anger and fury calmly, but in fact, his peripheral vision had been focused on the blind spot behind Situ Chi.

The crystallizing state of Ah Zhou had stopped!

Then, as if the ice and snow had melted, all the crystallized areas disappeared, and the space between its eyebrows was rapidly healing.

The Demon Ape, which had been weak and uncontactable in his mind, was back online!

Bai Wushang hurriedly transmitted his thoughts, “Ah Zhou, don’t move.
Do ‘Shadow Stealth’ on the spot! There are a lot of shadows in your arm area that you can use!”


Ah Zhou gave a prompt reply.
Its body remained motionless as it was, but it slowly melted silently.

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“Right, the distress talisman should be in your hands, right?”

Situ Chi suddenly raised his eyebrows and looked at Bai Wushang, whose face was swollen beyond recognition, with a very “appreciative” gaze.
It was thought-provoking.

“I didn’t see you use it.
Why, do you still want to struggle?”

“Stop dreaming.
The contract is broken and you can’t activate it again for a short period of time.
The higher the compatibility, the more severe the backlash.
I advise you to crush it and find a teacher to save you.
There are all kinds of monsters in this forest.
If you die, won’t you be giving me trouble? I still want to play in the academy for two more years!”

Hearing Situ Chi’s frivolous accent, Bai Wushang laughed.

“Turn around and take a look.
There’s a surprise!”

“Deliberately mystifying…”

Before he finished his sentence, Situ Chi, who had turned his body sideways, suddenly felt his hair stand on end.
That was his fighting instinct, which he had trained for many years, warning him!


A huge black palm stretched out from the black shadow under Situ Chi’s feet.
It was like a five-fingered mountain peak.
In an extremely wild manner, it slapped Situ Chi’s face.

In just one exchange, Situ Chi’s 1.85-meter strong body was sent flying in a whirl.
Finally, he crashed into a silver leaf tree a few meters away, emitting a loud crash and the sound of bones cracking.

“Pu –”

Situ Chi spat out a mouthful of blood.
Half of his face was completely disfigured.
His eyes, ears and nose were all bulging.
They were so red that they turned purple.
He was swollen like a pig’s head!

On the other side, the Crystal Scorpion reacted very quickly.
Almost at the same time that Ah Zhou appeared, it turned around.
The two-meter-long stinger reached out crazily, trying to block it.

Bai Wushang did not give it a chance.

He was already prepared.
He took the spear on his back and flicked the stinger away.
His other hand grabbed the second-to-last part of the ball-shaped tail without hesitation.
He used all his strength to stall it, buying a little time for Ah Zhou.

Taking advantage of this gap, the Demon Ape withdrew its strength in time and changed its attack posture.

It directly jumped out of the shadows!

Tarzan Crush!

Like an eagle spreading its wings, the Crystal Scorpion’s vision was pitch-black, losing all sunlight.

The Demon Ape’s body was too big!

It turned half of its body in the air, raised its elbow and used its back as its focal point.
With the momentum of a meteorite hitting the ground, it struck the Crystal Scorpion’s incomparably hard shell.

“Dong –”

“Crack, crack, crack, crack..”

Its sound was like a loud bell, accompanied by a slight cracking sound.

The crystal armor was broken into pieces, with four or five tiny cracks spreading out at the same time.

For a moment, the Crystal Scorpion’s shell, which was supposed to be ‘perfect’, was broken into pieces, exhibiting a kind of incomplete beauty.

“Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!”

The Crystal Scorpion was angry, but it didn’t panic.
Its carapace was too hard, and it was very confident!

It raised a pair of pincers and twisted towards the Demon Ape’s thigh.

On the other side, it finally broke free from Bai Wushang’s pull and pulled its stinger away, fiercely stabbing towards the Demon Ape’s head.

It wanted the Demon Ape to die!

“Master, get out of the way!”

In the sea of consciousness, a message from Ah Zhou suddenly sounded.

Bai Wushang didn’t hesitate at all.
He jumped up and dodged on the ground.

He turned his head to look.

He saw the Crystal Scorpion raising its ferocious stinger high up, about to hit the Demon Ape —

Ah Zhou suddenly raised its head!

It was unknown when, but its cheekbones had expanded to the extreme.
Its teeth were trembling and its face was twisted with pain.

But it held it in!

Countless dark lights interweaved and gathered, finally condensing into a small black ball.

The small ball was pure black without any color, and the surrounding light could not render it any color.
When one looked over, it was as if they could absorb the soul and feel great fear!

Dark Wave Ball – Destructive!


The black shadow flashed and disappeared like lightning.

The crystal stinger, which was swung with the power to break through the air, came to an abrupt stop three inches away from the Demon Ape’s head.

To be precise, it was split into countless pieces in an instant!

The Crystal Scorpion screamed shrilly, and bright blue blood spurted out of the broken surface.
It was beautiful with a deep and mournful look.

If it was slowed down by tens or hundreds of times, looking back at the scene, one would find that the crystal stinger, which had a sharp and hard texture, broke into pieces inch by inch after coming into contact with the spinning black ball.
There was no way to stop it at all.

With the last explosion, the Crystal Scorpion, which originally had seven ball-shaped abdomen, was directly destroyed and smashed into pieces.
Along with the most sharp stinger, it turned into crystal powder, reflecting a brilliant color under the sunlight.

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