The person who appeared in front of Bai Wushang was someone he had never thought of.

Situ Chi!

He was a descendant of the Situ Family, one of the six royal families of the Great Qian Dynasty.

Before this, Bai Wushang had met him once at the entrance of the dormitory.

Did you not expect that I would appear in front of you? Why?”

Situ Chi held the dagger in one hand and pressed it against Bai Wushang’s throat.
A wanton and arrogant smile appeared on his face.

“I also didn’t expect that not only were we ‘demoted’ to the same dormitory building but we were also assigned to the same trial ground.
It’s fate.
Don’t you think so, the autonomous awakener, Bai Wushang?”

Situ Chi emphasized the word ‘demoted’.
His tone was also a little strange as if he was mocking something.

Bai Wushang ignored him.
His eyes kept turning, and he recalled the strange phenomenon just now.
He gritted his teeth and said, “Bloodline talent ‘Cloak of Invisibility’? You’ve awakened the bloodline talent?!”

“Oh, you’re quite smart.”

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Situ Chi smiled with very white teeth, but Bai Wushang wanted to smash him with a punch.

At the same time, he felt a bone-piercing chill.

The so-called bloodline talent was an ability that relied on the inheritance of one’s bloodline.

This type of ability was very complicated.
There were all sorts of strange abilities, but without exception, all of them possessed special characteristics.
In other words, they were all very precious!

Many families, influences and sects had been strong for hundreds or even thousands of years because of their bloodline talent.

For example, Mu Xiaoxiao’s Mu Family had a bloodline talent called ‘Starry Sky’.
Through this talent, they could absorb and refine the energy of the starry sky to speed up their meditation and increase their soul power.

It was with this ability that the Mu Family was able to gain a foothold in the Great Qian Dynasty and become a first-class family.

However, Bai Wushang knew that there were also good and bad bloodline talents.
They were ranked according to top, superior, intermediate and inferior.

‘Starry Sky’ was merely the weakest of the weakest inferior bloodline talent!

What Situ Chi had just displayed was the Situ Family’s intermediate bloodline talent — ‘Cloak of Invisibility’!

The core ability was to conceal one’s presence to the greatest extent and cover up one’s tracks.
Furthermore, it could be used on one’s pet beast.
It was an extremely powerful supporting talent for escape, detection and assassination.

What shocked Bai Wushang to the extreme was that Situ Chi had activated his bloodline talent only ten days before he awakened his soul power.

This meant that his bloodline density was extremely high and his talent was exceptionally outstanding.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to successfully activate it in such a short period and reach the level of flexible use.

As if he could see that Bai Wushang wanted to use all his strength to break free, the dagger in his neck suddenly cut into him, leaving a thin cut.

“Be good and don’t move.
With this bullsh*t trial rule, I won’t cripple or kill you.
But if you want to test my bottom line, I have plenty of ways to mess with you!”

Situ Chi first threatened and then ridiculed, “Are you feeling very uncomfortable now? Wave after wave, until the Cat Demon failed to counterattack before it died.
Do you finally think it’s over? The Bloodline Fruit and the rest of these are yours?”

“I’m sorry, I’ve been waiting for you! When I saw you a few days ago, I had a premonition that you were the one who was most likely to last until the end… the facts proved that my judgment was very accurate!”

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“A few days ago…”

At this moment, no matter how many emotions Bai Wushang had, he was still attracted by this sentence.

His mind quickly flipped through his memories, and finally stopped at the inexplicable feeling of someone peeping at him when he left the magical fruit tree for the first time.

Could it be that it was not Spectral Bone Duo at that time, but Situ Chi?!

Seeing Bai Wushang’s eyes twitching, Situ Chi snorted coldly, “Tsk, I just experienced a battle and my breath was not very stable.
Did I give myself away?”

“However, it was perfect this time.
It was not in vain that I waited for so long and endured so hard not to make a move!”

Situ Chi glanced at the Cat Demon on the ground, then looked at the Demon Ape, and sighed regretfully, “It’s a pity that this Cat Demon didn’t live up to expectations and let you off.”

Bai Wushang’s heart sank.
“You… you know that the Cat Demon isn’t dead?”

“Heh, I’m the expert when it comes to holding breath, okay? Of course, I know that the Cat Demon isn’t dead!”

“I just want to see what you’re capable of.
Hmm… to be honest, I’m a little disappointed with the result.
I was hoping to see the spectacular scene of your head splitting apart…”

Situ Chi clicked his tongue.
Although he was handsome, his arrogant and despotic attitude was reflected in every expression.

“Fortunately, the result is not bad.
Look, the Demon Ape has already been poisoned by my crystal poison and its head has been pierced through.
It can’t survive.”

“It will soon turn into a crystal sculpture.
I think it is also extremely beautiful…”

Bai Wushang tried his best to suppress the impulse to go berserk.
He glanced at the Demon Ape, who was lying on the ground and whose fate was unknown.

At this moment, more than half of the area on Ah Zhou’s head had become crystal clear, presenting a gorgeous texture similar to that of a crystal.

Behind it, a nearly two-meter-long blue gorgeous scorpion casually pulled out its stinger.
It slithered to Situ Chi’s feet with its six long legs and intimately rubbed against him.

In his pupils —

[Name]: Crystal Scorpion (contract)

[Race]: Demon Beast Realm – Arthropod Type – Crystal Scorpion Race

[Life Level]: Late stage youth form

[Bloodline Quality]: Mortal Bone level 7-star

[Status]: Leisure/Attachment

[Intelligence]: Low-level

[Characteristics]: Crystal Armor/Crystal Poison

[Skills]: Crystal Stinger, Burrow, Pounce, Sweep, Crush

[Gourmet Cell]: 30

“Good baby, well done!”

Situ Chi reached out his other hand to hold the scorpion’s long ball-shaped tail, rubbing and caressing it.
His face showed a rare hint of gentleness.

However, in the blink of an eye, he snorted at Bai Wushang, “To be honest, I’m quite surprised.
Your Demon Ape can spit out balls of darkness and it can also perform shadow stealth.
It has also learned how to burn blood.
For a pet beast in its youth form, it’s very high quality.
It’s a pity that it died just like that… If you want to blame it, blame it on not finding the right master!”

“As for you… Heh, don’t take any chances.
Mountain and Sea Academy is huge, and they don’t need an autonomous awakener like you.
Without the Demon Ape, if you don’t complete the trial, you will be expelled from the academy!”

Bai Wushang clenched his fists, his anger burning.

This Situ Chi, in his words, was either mocking him or attacking him personally.

Bai Wushang had never provoked him before.
Why did he act in such an extreme manner?

Was it because he was a member of the royal family and by virtue of his royal status, was wanton and lawless?

Bai Wushang felt that was only part of the reason.

Hence, he asked, “Are you jealous of me? Just because I’m an autonomous awakener, you want to kill me?”

Situ Chi’s breathing stopped, and a trace of embarrassment flashed across his face.
The dagger in his hand went deeper.

Bright red blood flowed through his fingertips and dripped slowly, dyeing Bai Wushang’s grey collar red.

Bai Wushang frowned and took a small step back.
“What? Did I hit the nail on the head? As a royal, is this all you have?”

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