The dark brown ground was dotted with mottled blood.

The giant spider, which was the size of a millstone, suddenly spat out white silk webs.

“Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish!”

Five in a row flew out in the air.

“It’s a hit!”

Lin Nana was delighted.
She didn’t expect that the Demon Ape would be covered by the spider web and trapped on the spot.

In her excitement, she called out in a delicate voice, “Don’t be afraid, everyone.
The Demon Ape is seriously injured.
It’s just a bluff.
Attack quickly!”

Her soft voice carried a hint of excitement as if victory was right in front of them.

Hearing this, everyone became excited and urged their pet beasts to come forward.

The Big-tailed Raccoon and the Fire Hat Turtle rushed to the left and right of the Demon Ape that was trapped by the sticky spider web respectively.

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One turned around and swung its tail.
The originally fluffy big tail suddenly tensed up and turned into an indestructible metal rod that swung diagonally towards the back of the Demon Ape’s neck.

The other retracted its head and tail.
Its four limbs hid in the red hard shell.
It spun rapidly in the air and rammed straight into the Demon Ape’s chest.

“Bang –”

A shocking scene happened.
Just as the Big-tailed Raccoon and the Fire Hat Turtle were about to hit their target, the Demon Ape disappeared!

It had already used all its strength, how could it retract it?

The Big-tailed Raccoon and the Fire Hat Turtle inevitably collided with each other.
With a “Dong” sound, they fell to the ground at the same time.

One of them rubbed its tail with a fierce look on its face, while the other carefully poked out its head and secretly looked around.

Where was the Demon Ape? Where did it go?

At this moment, the short-haired girl suddenly saw a black shadow enveloping her.

Hearing the heavy breathing behind her, her delicate body trembled.
Like a marionette, she turned her head bit by bit.


The extremely high-decibel scream scared the two teammates beside her so much that their hearts almost jumped out.

“What… happened?”

Before she could finish her words, the two people who turned around only felt their vision blur.
Then, the world spun, and they were sent flying several meters away.

They never stood up again.

Ah Zhou slowly retracted its throwing motion.

Just now, it had used ‘Shadow Stealth’ to break free from the spider web’s restraints and take advantage of the chaos to come to the back of the three masters.

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Ah Zhou’s action was very simple.
It grabbed the short-haired girl as a throwing object and threw her at the others.

In just a moment, the three masters’ bones and tendons were broken, and their bodies were bleeding in many places.
It was as miserable as it could be.

This was the result of Ah Zhou trying its best to hold back.
Even if it had a splitting headache, it still remembered Bai Wushang’s instructions.
It did not injure humans excessively to avoid violating the rules of the trial.

The eyes of the remaining three people, Luo Bing, Qian Gui and Lin Nana, twitched crazily.

“This Demon Ape… is actually… mutated?” Qian Gui stuttered, and his words were not coherent.

When the Demon Ape first arrived at the place where the Flying Dodo Bird fell, they were still on their way here, so they did not see the first battle scene.

Naturally, they did not know that this Demon Ape could sneak into the shadows!

Luo Bing’s gaze was gloomy as he scanned his surroundings.

He saw the Rock Mountain Bull, the Big-tailed Raccoon and the Forest Green Lizard, these three pet beasts, were all panicking because of their masters’ injury.
They either stayed where they were and bared their teeth at the Demon Ape, or they moved closer to the unconscious masters and licked their wounds.

“This is bad.
Sister and the others are unconscious.
The pet beasts won’t listen to us…”

Lin Nana’s delicate face was completely drained of blood.

Without the master’s control, the pet beast was in a “semi-free” state.
No one else could discipline it.

They would be thankful if they didn’t attack their own teammates.
It would be impossible for them to join forces to attack the Demon Ape.

In other words, Luo Bing’s side had lost more than half of their combat strength!

Only a middle stage youth form, Mortal Bone Level 5-stars Silk Spider and a late stage youth form, Mortal Bone Level 6-stars Fire Hat Turtle were left.

How could they fight?

Was there a chance of winning?

Lin Nana was filled with regret.
She glanced at the other two and tiptoed back.

Qian Gui took out the simple injury medicine that he had personally refined and hurriedly fed it to the unconscious masters, hoping that they would wake up quickly.

As for Luo Bing, his expression was cold and the corners of his mouth were trembling.
He felt that his ten days of hard work were a joke.

“I’ve prepared for so long, but in the end, I get nothing, haha…”

“Turtle! Turtle!”

The Fire Hat Turtle clanged and ran in front of Qian Gui, spitting fire at the Demon Ape in an attempt to stop it.

Ah Zhou kicked it to the ground, and its arm was about to capture Luo Bing and completely subdue him.


Luo Bing knew that he was doomed.
He didn’t want to get hurt for anything, so he crushed the distress talisman.

As for the Sacrificial Duck, he took it back as soon as he arrived on the battlefield.
He wouldn’t make such a low-level mistake.

“I’ll get even with you guys in the future!”

Luo Bing spat in his heart.
He was annoyed and irritated.
He had nowhere to vent his anger, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

After dealing with Luo Bing, Ah Zhou looked at Qian Gui.

The latter shivered.
He took a step forward and squatted in the middle of his unconscious teammates, then crushed the distress talisman.

Just like that, the rising protective light screen protected everyone.

“Hu… This Demon Ape’s aura is too terrifying.
I don’t want to meet it again.
I don’t want to meet it again!”

Qian Gui suddenly exclaimed as he recalled the Fire Hat Turtle that was on its four legs and looked like it was about to cry.

“Eh? Where’s Lin Nana? Where’s the Silk Spider?”

After searching left and right, he found many white spider webs behind him.
Layer after layer, they were densely packed together, forming countless sealing lines.

Vaguely, he could see a graceful figure gradually disappearing into the distance.

On the other side of the spider web, on the soil covered by silver leaves.

Lin Nana panicked and hurriedly fled.

The Silk Spider followed closely behind.

Its body had been completely hollowed out.
When it crawled, its eight legs were weak, and it looked feeble.

“It should… it shouldn’t be chasing me, right? I’ve set up so many spider webs to block it, so they should be able to block it, right?”

“Even if it’s ‘Shadow Stealth’, it won’t be able to cross such a long distance… Hmm! It must be like that.
There’s no point in chasing me, right? The Bloodline Fruit is more important than me.
That stupid big guy should know that, right?”

Lin Nana tried her best to cheer herself up, but her face was full of tears and hatred.

“Damn it, it’s already the fourteenth day.
It’s clearly only a day away from the end.
If I had lost earlier, it would have been fine, but it just had to be this day.
How can I let this happen? I really don’t want to be eliminated!!!”

“Luo Bing is an idiot! Trash! What’s the point of setting things up? As expected, autonomous awakeners are more powerful.
It’s a pity that I couldn’t get close to him back then.
Sigh, if only I could have met him earlier.
Maybe I could have changed to a stronger pet beast…”

Countless thoughts flashed through Lin Nana’s mind.
There was panic, fear, resentment and frustration.

At this moment of emotional agitation, a long black shadow suddenly emerged from behind the silver leaf tree in front of her.

Lin Nana could not dodge in time and rammed into it.
She immediately cried out in surprise and fell to the ground.

“It hurts…”

Lin Nana held her head as she flopped down to the ground.
Her charming goose-egg face was covered in tears.

She raised her head in confusion, shock and fear.

However, she saw a man in grey clothes holding a spear and silently looking down at her.

His dark and bright eyes were as cold as an abyss, bottomless.

With just one glance, Lin Nana’s hands and feet turned cold and she couldn’t breathe.

“Senior… Senior Bai?”

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