Bai Wushang squinted his eyes and saw that the bright light was slowly fading away.
In the end, what appeared in his field of vision was a dark red fruit the size of a skull.

The fruit was crystal clear, like a gemstone or a crystal.
If it was placed there without moving, it would be a high-quality piece of art.

Its shape was not a simple round shape, but a magnified version of a human heart.
It rose and fell as if it had a life of its own.
It was extraordinary.

The strange fragrance in the air had disappeared without anyone knowing, and only a trace of lingering fragrance lingered at the tip of the nose.

The Cat Demon was suddenly alarmed.
It forcefully opened its red eyes and looked at the magical fruit tree.

“Awoo –”

A green, flat-shaped foreign object shot out from the top to the bottom.
It wrapped around the dark red fruit and quickly withdrew.

“Well done! Tongue Flower!” A girl’s sweet praise sounded.

Following the source of the voice, Bai Wushang moved slightly forward and turned over to look at the sky.

In the clear blue sky, a large striped bird spread its wings and flew.
On its back, two figures were squatting in front and behind.

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One was a freckled girl, and the other was a handsome man in yellow clothes.

The former was holding a bulging ball-shaped creature in her hand.
It looked like a sunflower with golden petals.

In the centre of its orange stamen, there was a blurry human face.
Its mouth was wide open, and its tongue was wide and long.

A special term immediately popped up in Bai Wushang’s head.

— Tongue Flower!

Its tongue was elastic and could extend very far.
It was a plant-type transcendent creature that was half-aggressive and half-controlled.

And the dark red Bloodline Fruit was hanging on the tip of its green tongue!

“Flying Dodo Bird, quickly raise the altitude!”

The yellow-shirted man patted the striped bird’s broad back anxiously.

To snatch the fruit, they split into two teams.
One team was on the ground to attract attention and stall for time, while the other team was in the air and was responsible for snatching the fruit at the critical moment.

Now that they had the fruit, as long as they flew a little higher, they would be able to escape smoothly!

At this moment, Bai Wushang saw two figures jumping down from the tree diagonally opposite them.

One of them was a grey-haired youth with slanted bangs.
He darted forward and wrapped his clothes around a small Stinky Mud Beast.

Then, he and the other curly-haired woman who was carrying a Pepper Butterfly on her back ran away at the same time.

All of this happened in a split second and happened at the same time.

“These four people should be Wang Wen’s group, right?”

Bai Wushang’s thoughts were like lightning as he thought quickly, “Other than the Pepper Butterfly, the other three pet beasts are all Mortal Bone Level 6-star transcendent creatures.
They have one that can fly, one which is a plant-type, and one Stinky Mud Beast with extremely strong endurance.
Their abilities complement each other, and they can indeed display very strong combat strength.”

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“The rare thing is that they are very smart and did not choose to fight head-on.
After all, no matter how well they cooperate, their abilities are only at their peak youth form.
They can’t stop the Cat Demon.”

“This kind of roundabout strategy of interfering while stealing at the same time has a slight chance of success… Yes, only a slight chance!”

Bai Wushang pursed his lips and smiled slightly.

Even though the power of Ah Zhou had increased drastically, and with the super useful skill, “Shadow Stealth”, he did not dare to be the first to snatch the Bloodline Fruit.

The difference between the peak youth form and the early mature form was not just a little bit!

Even though the Cat Demon was much weaker, its performance so far was far above the standard.
This was not normal.

Therefore, Bai Wushang was still waiting, waiting for the best opportunity.


On the battlefield.

The magical fruit tree that had lost its Bloodline Fruit withered inch by inch at a speed visible to the naked eye.
In the end, it turned into ashes and dissipated into the wind.

Its mission in this life had been completed.
Next, it would use the wind to choose a new environment to grow in, waiting for the next sprout.

The Cat Demon stood alone on the spot, with its head lowered and its whole body trembling.

At the last moment, someone interfered and stole from me?

How dare you… How dare you!

Do you think I’m a sick cat?

Do you think you’re worthy of the fruit?

The Cat Demon bared its teeth and all the hair on its body exploded.

Its anger rose to the extreme, and even the corners of its eyes cracked! Blood dripped down like tears!

It raised its head and roared wildly.
Looking at the Flying Dodo Bird that was forty to fifty meters high in the air, the corners of its mouth curled up into a cruel arc.

In the next second, the Cat Demon turned into a shadow and disappeared from where it was.

“Where did it go?!”

Bai Wushang was shocked.
The Cat Demon that had turned vengeful due to its wrath was simply outrageous.
Under the condition of severe fatigue and heavy injuries, it burst out at a speed that was comparable to its peak.

He quickly blinked his eyes and quickly locked onto the Cat Demon’s position.

It was located on a silver leaf tree that was about a hundred meters tall and three to four meters thick.
The Cat Demon’s four claws were furiously and rapidly climbing upwards.

“Right side! Right side! It’s climbing up from the right side!” The yellow-shirted man roared.
“Flying Dodo Bird, fly quickly! Fly with all your strength!”

“Chirp! Chirp!”

The striped bird flapped its wings desperately.
It was already doing its best to fly, but it was only in the late youth form.
With two adult humans on its back which increased its weight and restricted its flying posture, it was unable to make any high-difficulty fancy movements.

Seeing the Cat Demon gradually getting closer to her and her companion, the freckled girl was stunned.
She gritted her teeth and shouted, “Tongue Flower, use ‘Focused Explosion’!”

“Awoo! Awoo!”

The Tongue Flower flicked its tongue and stuffed the Bloodline Fruit into the freckled girl’s arms.

Immediately after, the circle of golden petals at the edge of its head suddenly lit up, becoming bigger and longer.
The flower tip closed and gathered into a point, condensing into a brilliant golden light.


A golden ray as thick as five fingers shot out, predicting the location of the Cat Demon from afar.

The Cat Demon’s eyes were cold.
It used its claw to bounce off the tree trunk and dodged by a hair’s breadth.

“It… missed!”

The freckled girl’s face was pale with fear.
She held the Bloodline Fruit in one hand and the distress talisman in the other.
She said in a panic, “Tongue Flower, can you do it again? I believe you can do it again! Do it again! Do it again…”

A giant claw fell from her dark brown pupils.

“How… how…”

The freckled girl muttered to herself.
She had seen with her eyes wide open that the Cat Demon was at least thirty meters away from them in a straight line.
How did it suddenly appear in front of her?

Chaotic thoughts were about to rush into her brain.
The next moment, her expression suddenly froze.

Blood, blood spurting out!

“Isn’t that my body?”

“Am… Am I dead?”

With such a question in mind, endless darkness descended like an abyss, completely engulfing her consciousness.


In midair, the Cat Demon waved its claw but it was not appeased.
It used its second claw to tear apart the Tongue Flower’s head.
Then, it used its momentum to send the yellow-shirted man flying, using this momentum to land steadily on the striped bird’s back.

The Flying Dodo Bird struggled violently, but the Cat Demon didn’t care and directly bit its neck.

“Chirp –”

The striped bird cried out, and with the sound of countless branches breaking, it fell to the ground.

This series of strange sounds alarmed everyone nearby.

The grey-haired youth and curly-haired woman, who had long left the most dangerous area, stood there in a daze.

In several hidden haystacks, a few pairs of sparkling eyes could not hide the shock and fear.

Another handsome young man leaned against the silver-leaf tree with a withered grass in his mouth.
He sneered and spat the withered grass down, repeatedly crushing it with his feet.

Beside him, a shiny insect-type pet beast was lying on the ground in boredom.
It gently shook the stinger on its back and narrowed its small eyes, half-asleep and half-awake…

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