In the deepest part of the Silver Leaf Forest.

The Cat Demon stared coldly at the spot where the Sound Sleeping Bear had disappeared.
It stood still and did not chase after it.

Under the contrast of the corpses around it, it was like an evil god that had just woken up from Hell.
It was cruel and merciless, and it held the power of life and death.

In the forest, there were many shadows of beasts that had been secretly spying on it.

After shaking for a long time, they were finally awakened by fear.
They turned around and ran away.

After forcing the beasts back, the Cat Demon howled into the sky, its expression extremely excited.

It had won! It was the final winner!

The red pillar of light behind it had already descended to its lowest point.
The Bloodline Fruit was about to appear!

Hadn’t it been guarding it day and night all these days just to wait for this moment?!

The Cat Demon was so excited that its tail almost flew up into the sky.

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It licked its dry lips and dragged its somewhat heavy body closer to the magical fruit tree step by step.

“Clack –”

At this moment, a turbid, semi-solid object suddenly smashed onto the Cat Demon’s shoulder.

The Cat Demon immediately stopped in its tracks.
A look of shock and confusion flashed across its ace.

What was this?

What greeted its eyes was a mass of dark green sludge-like substance.
It was messy and rotten, and it even flowed down its shoulders.
It looked very disgusting.

The Cat Demon subconsciously sniffed it.
The pungent smell swept into its internal organs like a hurricane, and its cat face twisted uncontrollably into a dough twist.

It was like an old garbage dump, coupled with the smell from the darkest sewer.

Even the rich fragrance of the magical fruit tree could not cover the pungent smell.

It was an extreme stench that would make an ordinary person faint immediately after smelling it!

“Ugh! Ugh!”

The Cat Demon retched twice, and its eyes immediately became sharp.
It scanned the surroundings and soon locked onto a little guy not far away.

“Stinky Mud Beast?”

Bai Wushang, who was hiding in the dark, raised his eyebrows and showed a hint of surprise.

It was a dark green soft creature that looked like a pile of mud.
It was about a meter tall.

It had a pair of transparent antennae that looked like insects that extended from the top of its head.
It was similar to a snail-like creature.

It did not have any organs such as a nose or ears.
It only had a large twisted mouth and a liquid-like substance that looked like snot dripping from the corner of its mouth.

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Bai Wushang’s mind was filled with thoughts as he recalled the relevant knowledge points.

“Stinky Mud Beast, a Mortal Bone Level 6 Stars transcendent creature.
Over 90% of its body is made of mud.”

“Its stench is a unique existence in the world of transcendent creatures.
Idioms such as ‘notorious’ and ‘notorious for ten thousand years’ were created because of it.
One can imagine how pungent the smell is…”

“However, although this creature is not likeable, it is a beneficial beast.
It can feed on garbage.
Almost all human cities will raise a batch of Stinky Mud Beasts to solve the problem of garbage…”

As he recalled, Bai Wushang suddenly revealed a puzzled look.
He pinched his chin and speculated, “The problem is that this Stinky Mud Beast has not even reached the peak youth form, yet it dares to provoke the Cat Demon? It is not wild.”

“Then, its master is Luo Bing? Or is it Wang Wen’s group?”

A few meters away from the magical fruit tree, the Cat Demon was furious.

When was the last time it was provoked like this?

The Cat Demon really couldn’t remember.

It only remembered that it had collected so many heads in its nest that it couldn’t put them down!

Was this ugly, disgusting and stinky fellow tired of living?

How dare you mess with me?

The Cat Demon spat a sound, spit out a mouthful of blood foam and instantly rushed out.

Tearing Claw!

“Stinky… Stinky!”

The Stinky Mud Beast cried with horror.

It strained his antennae, its mouth closed and its face constipated.


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