Before he could think, another ear-piercing bird cry sounded from the clouds.

“Chirp ~ Chirp ~”

Bai Wushang looked up at the sky and saw a giant silver-white eagle circling above.

Its wingspan was about four to five meters, and its feathers were snow-white, not stained by any color.

The extended silver skeletons spread on both sides of the wings like spider webs, shining with the texture and lustre of steel.

The bright yellow hook claws and the pitch-black curved beak were the sharp weapons of the overlord of the sky.

The Iron Bone Eagle!

It was a transcendent creature that had both offense and defense abilities and was brutal and cold.
Its bloodline quality had reached Mortal Bone Leve, 9 Stars.

Looking at its size, it was also in the early mature form.

“This is interesting.
Three early mature forms with the same bloodline quality.
One is good at speed, one is good at strength and one is good at flying.
Who will be the final winner?”

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Bai Wushang’s mouth was dry and a smile appeared on his face.

“Ah Zhou, our chance is here.
be ready to attack at any time!”


On the battlefield.

The Cat Demon and the Sound Sleeping Bear looked at each other, and a strong desire to fight appeared in their eyes.

However, they did not fight rashly.
Instead, they looked up at the Iron Bone Eagle in the sky.

After evolving into a mature form, their intelligence generally improved.
They were worried that the predator above them would take advantage of the chaos and launch a sneak attack.

After all, the Cat Demon and the Sound Sleeping Bear could not fly, so they were at an inherent disadvantage.

The three beasts were in a stalemate for a while.
The Iron Bone Eagle was the first to lose its cool.
It swooped down and aimed its sharp wings at the Cat Demon.

This time, the Cat Demon could not completely avoid the attack.
A part of its chest was grazed and a bloody wound was cut open.

“Meow! Ow!”

The dark red color in its eyes became more and more intense.
The Cat Demon had stayed beside the magical fruit tree for too long.
Even if it tried its best to restrain itself, its rationality was slowly dissipating.

After being scratched by the wing of the Iron Bone Eagle, blood splattered out.
It was furious.

Its four claws landed on the ground like a flash of lightning.
It climbed onto a section of the silver leaf tree and used the tree trunk as leverage to leap into the air.

Triple Tearing Claw!!!

From the perspective of the Iron Bone Eagle, it had just hit the target.
It was preparing to flap its wings and fly up to a safe height.

However, the Cat Demon’s reaction speed was too fast.
It nimbly jumped with the help of the tree trunk.
Its sharp claws turned into three afterimages and grabbed onto its wings.

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“Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle — ”

It sounded like the sound of metal being cut and there were sporadic sparks.

The Iron Bone Eagle was shocked.
The external metal skeleton that it relied on had been slightly chipped!

In its panic, it flapped its other wing diagonally to knock the Cat Demon down and took the opportunity to fly up and widen the distance between them again.

As the white feathers fluttered in the sky, the Cat Demon landed steadily on the ground.
It did not make any extra noises.


The Sound Sleeping Bear’s eyes turned a faint red as it pounced at the Cat Demon.

Its thick, fat and powerful bear claws swept at the Cat Demon with the momentum of piercing through gold and breaking rocks.

The Cat Demon bared its fangs and jumped sideways.
It darted to the left and right.
Suddenly, it dodged to the back of the Sound Sleeping Bear and stabbed its claws into it.

If it went a little deeper, it would be able to dig out the Sound Sleeping Bear’s heart!

The Sound Sleeping Bear was furious.
It suddenly bent its knees and covered its head.
It turned into a meatball and rolled forward.

“Meatball Impact… a special skill of the Sound Sleeping Bear…” Bai Wushang did not turn his eyes away.
He did not want to miss a single detail.

On the field, the Sound Sleeping Bear avoided the death’s claw.
It turned into a meatball that circled half a circle and crashed into the Cat Demon from another direction.

At the same time, the Iron Bone Eagle in the sky also seized the opportunity to block the Cat Demon’s movement.
It used its wings as a sword and swooped down.

Like an assassin on the tip of a sabre, the Cat Demon used everything around it to jump, dodge or swipe its claws.
It engaged the Iron Bone Eagle and the Sound Sleeping Bear in a fierce battle.

“How does this Cat Demon suppress the Sound Sleeping Bear and the Iron Bone Eagle? Is it not in the early stage of the mature form but in the middle stage of the mature form?” Bai Wushang frowned deeply.
He still could not figure it out.

He glanced at the magical fruit tree again.
At this moment, the red light pillar had already descended to half of its original position.
He estimated that it would be completely retracted in ten minutes.

“Let’s go, Ah Zhou.
Let’s go down and wait for the opportunity to attack!”

The Demon Ape nodded and quickly merged into Bai Wushang’s shadow like water, disappearing into nothing.

Bai Wushang’s lips curled into a smile.

Who would have thought that a Demon Ape was hiding in his shadow?

This way, its safety would be greatly improved.

At a critical moment, it could still catch the enemy off guard.

The most gratifying thing was that this skill was not taught by Bai Wushang, but by Ah Zhou.

“With such an excellent pet beast as my companion, I have to work even harder!”

Bai Wushang sighed inwardly.
He crept down the silver-leaf tree and stealthily approached the centre of the battlefield under the cover of the dense undergrowth.

Five minutes later.

The Cat Demon jumped up high, crossed its arms and struck out at the same time.

Its claw was as fast as lightning and as fierce as a tiger!

Bai Wushang could vaguely see a vague “Ten” flashing in the air.

In the next moment, the weakest part of the Iron Bone Eagle, its neck, suddenly broke into pieces and blood dripped down like raindrops.

“Boom –”

The huge carcass of the Iron Bone Eagle fell to the ground, sweeping dust into the air.

It did not even have the time to scream before its life was ended.


The Cat Demon staggered up from the ground.
Its body was trembling, and the hair on its head was scattered, covering half of its face.

The only eye that was exposed was filled with blood, like a broken ruby.
It was demonic with violent killing intent.

It was not unscathed after the fierce battle.

On the contrary, its injuries were not light.

On its arms, back, forehead, chest… there were large areas of blood clots, deep lacerations in its flesh, and even six or seven broken ribs.

At the same time, the Cat Demon was showing signs of exhaustion.
Its footsteps were weak and it was panting non-stop.
Its overall speed was much slower than before.

On the other side, the Sound Sleeping Bear was separated from the Cat Demon by twenty to thirty meters.
Both looked at each other from afar.

The Sound Sleeping Bear’s injuries were even worse.
Its body was covered in claw marks, and its left leg was in an irregular, twisted state.
It looked miserable.

Sound Sleeping Bear stared at the Cat Demon with fear.
Its eyes flickered, and a human-like hesitation appeared on its face.

It was afraid…

As one of the large branches of the beasts, the Bear clan, and one of the few mature bodies in the training ground, it was supposed to be incomparably brave and courageous.
It was supposed to seize the magical fruit with the momentum of swallowing mountains and rivers.

However, this Cat Demon was too fast and too strong!

After fighting for so long, it was obvious who was stronger and who was weaker.

If the Cat Demon took a few more breaths and recovered some of its strength, its life would probably be in danger.

Was the treasure in front of it more important?

Or was it more important to take a longer and more stable nap in the future?

The Sound Sleeping Bear pondered for a while before slowly withdrawing its giant claws and retreating.

As the rumbling sounds of running gradually faded away, the Silver Leaf Forest regained its calm for a short while…

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