“You’ve… broken through?!”

Bai Wushang’s eyes blinked continuously, pleasantly surprised.

The ‘Life Level’ column of the Demon Ape had changed to the ‘peak youth form’!

Almost in an instant, Ah Zhou’s height increased by a lot.
When it stood upright, Bai Wushang could only reach its waist.

Its four limbs were bulging and its muscles were more developed.
Whenever it stomped its feet, it was like a heavy stone pillar hitting the ground.
Its voice was like a loud bell, startling countless birds nearby.

“Wow, Ah Zhou, your aura is too shocking.
You’re only at the peak youth form and you already have the feeling of being the king of all beasts.
It’s hard to imagine how powerful you’ll be in the future…” Bai Wushang sighed from the bottom of his heart.

“Roar… Oh?”

Ah Zhou was about to hammer its chest a hundred and eighty times to release the surging emotions of being so excited that it would explode.

However, it stumbled and almost fell.

It lowered its head and its eyes suddenly enlarged as if it had seen a ghost.

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“What’s wrong?”

Bai Wushang sensed the change in the atmosphere.
He restrained his smile and looked in the direction of Ah Zhou’s gaze.

He saw that its legs were submerged into the ground bit by bit without any warning, like ice melting into water.

Ah Zhou was so scared that its face turned pale.
However, it lasted for about ten seconds before it turned from fear to suspicion.

It was wise enough to realise that things were not simple!

As long as it had the thought of resisting, the melting process of its body would stop and it would immediately return to its original state.


Ah Zhou wanted to seek help from the Master, but he did not expect Bai Wushang to be equally shocked.
Its mouth was wide open like a clay sculpture.

“F*ck… Ah Zhou… you… this…”

Trying his best to straighten his tongue, Bai Wushang’s face was filled with the word “Unbelievable” as he struggled to speak:

“Ah Zhou, you seem to have learned another skill! Your condition is the same as the Spectral Viper we saw a few days ago!”

“Let me see… as expected, this is the skill — Shadow Stealth!”

“This is the signature skill of the dark attribute.
Many assassin-type transcendent creatures rely on this skill.
You… are you going to change from a warrior to an assassin?”

As he finished speaking, Bai Wushang could not help but laugh out loud.
He was very happy.

Hearing that it did not seem like a bad thing, Ah Zhou scratched its head.
It stood on its toes and carefully touched the ground.

It was as if it was an adult who had just started learning how to skate.
This was its first time standing on an ice field and it was difficult for it to even stand properly.

Bai Wushang threw out all the information he knew:

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“Ah Zhou, the Shadow Stealth skill mainly uses shadows.
If it’s in a purely dark place, then it’s useless.
Look around you.
There are shadows in tree holes, shadows in people, and shadows in flowers and plants.
As long as you stand at the edge of the shadows, in theory, you can blend into the shadows and achieve the stealth effect.”

“Even to the extent that after you master it, you can even jump from one shadow to another and use the shadows to make short-distance movements!”


The Demon Ape listened attentively.
After learning how amazing this skill was, its expression gradually became excited.

It gritted its teeth and endured the discomfort for the first time.
It imagined the shadow as a pond and stepped into it.

Then, its entire body slowly disappeared and finally merged into the shadow.

Bai Wushang observed carefully and found that the color of the shadow had become even deeper.

After observing for a long time, the strange feeling was very obvious.
It was as if he knew what was hiding there.

“Ah Zhou, when you are in the Shadow Stealth state, try to restrain your aura as much as possible.
Don’t release hostility, killing intent, hatred and other emotions.
This is the best way to maintain the effect of hiding,” Bai Wushang explained.

“Right! As long as you are in the Shadow Stealth state, you will continue to exhaust your stamina.
If you use the shadow to move around, your stamina will be consumed even more.
You have to pay attention to this point.”

“Also, hiding in the shadows can reduce a certain amount of attack damage.
Perhaps the reduction won’t be that great, but under certain circumstances, it can be used to save your life.
You have to remember this!”

In the next one or two days, other than going out to capture the Blue Mushroom Crab, Bai Wushang used the rest of his time to accompany Ah Zhou in exploring its new skill, Shadow Stealth.

From the initial discomfort to the basic stable performance, Ah Zhou improved at a rapid pace.

In the end, Ah Zhou could move at will, sneaking into a shadow in a second or two.

If it stayed still, it wouldn’t be a problem to maintain in the state for an hour!

This result greatly exceeded Bai Wushang’s expectations.

For ordinary assassin-type transcendent creatures, maintaining the Shadow Stealth state was calculated according to “minutes”.

How could Ah Zhou use “hours” as a unit of measure?

Bai Wushang was very worried at first.

“Could it be that this skill of Ah Zhou has a flaw? Or is there a problem with the way it is used?”

After repeated tests, Bai Wushang was relieved.

The reason why Ah Zhou had such an astonishing performance was all due to its powerful attributes.

It had abundant stamina and it was good at recovery.
When it was in full condition, its Shadow Stealth state would last longer, which was completely reasonable.

Bai Wushang was genuinely happy about this.
He even had a feeling of “Whoosh, whoosh, take off”.

The probability of obtaining the Bloodline Fruit had increased once again!

On the fourteenth day after entering trial ground No.

The sun was shining brightly and the clouds were white like cotton.

It seemed like Bai Wushang had never seen special weather like the rainy season in the mystic realm.
At least, he had never seen it yet.

At this moment, his attention was completely focused on the big pot in front of him.

“The three mushroom crabs are all cooked and mashed.
The mixed crab meat mixed smells like medicine.
It’s really strange…”

“Oh my god, the smell of this stinky ginger is amazing.
What’s the difference between it and a toilet? Can this kind of thing be eaten?”

“… the last step is to mix the yam root with the roasted bean to make a pancake skin.
Then, mix it with the succulent three-colored crab meat and the pink cabbage… Okay, it’s done!”

[Transcendental delicacy Pink Mushroom Crab Meat Roll completed, recipe completion rate 66%, no special effects triggered.]

[Actual effect: Provides a lethal immunity.
Effective within 12 hours and 20 minutes after consumption.
(Only for flesh and blood life forms at the peak youth form.)]

“Phew… it’s not easy!”

Bai Wushang wiped the sweat off his forehead.
After a long morning, he finally made it.

In front of him was a piece of food that looked like a scallion pancake.

At first glance, it looked like an oversized ham sausage.
It was thick and long, and its size was the same as an adult man’s thigh.

The red, blue and yellow crab meat rolled inside emitted a faint fluorescent light.
Together with the pink vegetable leaves and various herbal powders, it smelled extremely fragrant.

“The smell of smelly ginger… has disappeared!” Bai Wushang revealed a strange expression.

“Ah Zhou, eat it.
After eating it, we’re going to set off.”

After observing it for a few minutes, Bai Wushang passed it to the Demon Ape beside him and said, “If nothing unexpected happens, the magical fruit tree will mature in the afternoon.
We’ve done our best to prepare for it.
Now, it’s up to Fate!”

“Roar!” The Demon Ape lowered its head and sniffed.

It had eaten something similar once and had a deep impression of it.

Without hesitation, Ah Zhou grabbed the crab meat roll with both hands and swallowed it in big mouthfuls.


“Eh? Is It delicious?”

“Roar Roar!”

After Ah Zhou finished eating, it rubbed its stomach and burped.

A pink light flashed from its body and disappeared.
In the blink of an eye, it returned to normal.

“This is starting to take effect?” Bai Wushang remained silent, speculating to himself.

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