In the night, the shadows of the trees were mottled and the shadows of the people were inexorable.

“Hand over your personal nameplate first, and I’ll put you down.”

Bai Wushang’s tone was very calm, but there was no doubt about it.

There were ripples in Zhuang He’s eyes, but when he saw his teammate who had suffered a huge blow not far away, he felt a little dull.

He lifted his sleeve and his left hand reached for his waist.

After fiddling with it for a while, he switched to his right hand and reached for the other side.

“Eh, why do you have so many dimensional backpacks?”

Bai Wushang was just casually glancing around, but his eyes could not move away.

This tall and thin man who seemed a little unruly had five or six-dimensional backpacks hanging from his waist!

“Uh… Would you believe me if I said I picked them up?”

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Zhuang He smiled awkwardly and when he saw the Demon Ape snort heavily as if it was unhappy, he hurriedly changed his words, “I snatched them! I snatched them all!”

“The rules of the trial didn’t say that you can’t snatch dimensional backpacks, right?”

A hint of awkwardness flashed across his face, and he covered his waist with both hands as if he was afraid of being snatched.

He said hurriedly, “But! We didn’t take anything from anyone else! We just need new storage items!”

“Those students who were defeated by us, the original items in their dimensional backpack were all returned to them in beast skin bags.
After all, we still have to mingle in the academy in the future, so we don’t dare to offend them too much…”

“So! Don’t have any ideas about us! Otherwise… otherwise, I, I will think of a way to take revenge on you!”

Zhuang He spoke harshly, repeatedly stressing that he had not done anything.

Bai Wushang suddenly asked, “Then, are all your dimensional backpacks full?”

“Not really…”

Zhuang He was stunned and answered somewhat bashfully.

“Give me one.”

Bai Wushang felt that this was a rare opportunity and with a shameful attitude and an unhurried gaze, he said, “Don’t worry, I only want an empty one to expand my storage space.”

“You only want one? And it’s an empty one?”

Zhuang He had prepared himself for the worst.
He planned to act pitiful first and if it didn’t work out, sacrifice half of the spoils of war.
In any case, he couldn’t return empty-handed.

However, when he heard Bai Wushang’s words, he was overjoyed.

However, the trace of rationality he retained still made him suspicious.

“Why are you so slow? Hurry up!” Bai Wushang’s face was stern.

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“Okay… Okay!”

Zhuang He tidied up happily and soon handed over a personal nameplate and an empty dimensional backpack.

Bai Wushang reached out to take it and shouted to another person, “What about you?”

He Ping walked over without saying a word and stuffed the nameplate into Bai Wushang’s hand.
He said with a complicated expression, “I want to ask, that small black ball of light you used at the end, what skill was that?”

“That…” Bai Wushang thought for a moment and said vaguely, “That was an improved skill.
I haven’t thought of a name yet.”

He Ping pursed his lips.
He had calmed down now and was no longer as dazed as before.

He didn’t continue to pester him, instead, he said, “I know that your name is Bai Wushang.
Attacking you… was indeed our intention, but the news that you came to the Silver Leaf Forest was told to us by someone else.
This is an objective fact.”

“Luo Bing?” Bai Wushang raised his eyes and seemed to be deep in thought.

Ever since he entered the Silver Leaf Forest, he had only seen that group of people and had almost been ambushed.

He Ping nodded slightly.
“It’s fine as long as you know what you’re doing.
In any case, if we lose, we lose.
As for the rest, you guys can play by yourselves…”

Zhuang He suddenly gritted his teeth and interrupted, “Hey, Don’t blame me for not reminding you.
There’s a person in his team who is an alchemist.
I don’t know what he’s doing these days, but they’re all a bunch of old cunts.
Nothing good will happen.”

“Alchemist?” Bai Wushang was a little moved.
“Are there any serious alchemists among the new students?”

“He has no rank.
After all, he just became a master.
He hasn’t participated in the verification yet,” He Ping explained.

“However, that person was born in an aristocratic family of alchemists.
Under his influence, he has a basic alchemy foundation.
As long as he has all the ingredients, he should be able to refine ordinary low-grade pills.”

“Alright, I got it.”

Bai Wushang waved his hand.
Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly remembered something, “Let me ask you one more question.
Have you been following me these past two days?”

“We are not fools.
Of course, we have secretly observed you…”

Bai Wushang raised his eyebrows and felt relieved.

In the abandoned tree cave.

Bai Wushang looked at the Red Horse that was snoring and was speechless.

“This fellow is sleeping quite soundly.
I thought it was already dead…”

He turned his head and looked at the Demon Ape.

“Ah Zhou, how did the attack happen?”

The Demon Ape made a few hand gestures, and Bai Wushang tried to analyze the situation.

“You’re saying that when I was sleeping, there was a clear ringing of a bell, and then you realized that I was sleeping very soundly.
No matter how hard you tried to shake me, I couldn’t wake up, so you wanted to bring me away.
In the end, you only took a few steps before you were trapped by the barrier, and you ended up in a fight?”

“Roar!” Ah Zhou nodded repeatedly.

“Oh… This time was too dangerous.
The Little Bell Demon and the Skeleton Wizard, it was simply a dream-like combination and we were almost ruined.”

“I have to thank Little Milky Way, it woke me up from the dream.”

“Then, Ah Zhou, you are indeed a genius, you improved the skill ‘Dark Wave Ball’!”

Since there were no outsiders around, Bai Wu Shang did not hide his excitement.

He muttered, “Originally, I was thinking that the attack range of ‘Dark Wave Ball’ was too large and the damage was too low.
How could it solve this problem?”

“I thought of energy compression.
If I could compress the size of the Dark Wave Ball and allow the dark elements to gather as much as possible, would it strengthen its damage?”

“Of course, this is just an idea.
It’s still up to you to achieve it.
Your comprehension ability is too powerful.
It’s far beyond ordinary transcendent creatures.
You’ve achieved this effect!”

Hearing Bai Wushuang’s nonsensical praise, a rare blush appeared on Ah Zhou’s face.

“Are you saying that the side effects are great and that you’re not confident that you can successfully compress it every time? It’s fine! Everything is difficult at the beginning.
Just remember the feeling.
We’ll slowly practice it.”

“Just keep this skill as your trump card and use it when the time comes.
It will have an unexpected effect!”

It was as if Bai Wushang’s mouth was like a machine gun as he continued to speak.

As he spoke, his eyes lit up, “Oh right, let’s give this skill a name!”

“Since it’s an improved skill and the damage is so high, why don’t we call it the ‘Dark Wave Ball – Destruction’? It’s called ‘Destruction Ball’ for short.
There’s a hint of a know-it-all in its domineering aura.
What do you think?”

“Roar!” Naturally, Ah Zhou would not object.
It grinned and hammered its chest with force.
As it strode forward with its head held high, its powerful expression was apparent.

At this moment, an invisible force gushed out from its body like a tidal wave, shaking Bai Wushang’s clothes and also awakening the Red Horse.

“Squeak squeak???” Red Horse jumped up and curled up in a corner, shivering.

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