Since the Skeleton Wizard was casting a spell close to the light screen, the broad Bone Sword appeared directly inside the barrier!

Without needing Bai Wushang’s reminder, all the hair on Ah Zhou’s body stood on end and its strength was already stretched to the limit.

Facing this quick stab, Ah Zhou grabbed Bai Wushang with its back hand and rolled to the ground.

The strike missed, but the broad Bone Sword did not stop and continued to swing.

It slashed randomly, diagonally and went straight at the Demon Ape.

Bai Wushang could feel that Ah Zhou was very sullen from fighting.
In such a limited space, it had to protect him first.
It could not display its true combat strength at all.

“Swish –”

After only a dozen rounds, Ah Zhou was slashed by the sword and half of its body was soaked in blood.

It roared angrily and its eyes turned red.
It was about to activate Burning Blood.

“Wait!” Bai Wushang suddenly stopped it.

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The magical fruit tree would ripen in a day or two.
If it activated Burning Blood now, it would not be able to recover in time.

That meant that one of Ah Zhou’s hearts was exhausted and it had lost both the “Burning Blood” and “Flesh Regeneration” abilities!

Bai Wushang still had some thoughts about the Bloodline Fruit.
He was not willing to let the Spectral Bone Duo’s ambush greatly reduce his team’s battle strength.

He thought of another idea.

He whispered a few words into the Demon Ape’s ear.
Ah Zhou stopped in its tracks and a dazed look appeared in its eyes.
It was almost stabbed by the Bone Sword.

“It’s okay.
You’re so talented.
You can try it.
If it doesn’t work, we’ll use Burning Blood again!” Bai Wushang encouraged it.

“Roar!” The Demon Ape lowered its voice and roared twice.
Its mouth twisted unnaturally from left to right.

It was as if there was a vegetable leaf stuck between its teeth and it grimaced in pain.

“Haha, Ah Ping, look at that Demon Ape, its expression is a little funny.”

“Is it looking down on us? At the crucial moment of the battle, it still has the time to play voodoo?”

The conversation between the two people sounded outside the barrier.
Bai Wushang acted as if he did not hear it, waiting expectantly for something.

Three minutes passed in a flash.

Ah Zhou opened its mouth again, its cheekbones bulging up and down.

“Little Bell Demon, get out of the way!” The master named He Ping ordered.

“Little~Little Little Little!” (Don’t worry, there’s no problem!)

Little Bell Demon stuck out its big red tongue.
Its two small eyes were as big as black beans.
It stared at the Demon Ape, ready to escape at any time.

Unexpectedly, the black ball of light that shot out just now didn’t appear even after three to five seconds.

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The Little Bell Demon: (=゚ω゚)ノ?(Where is it?)

Only Bai Wushang, who was lying on the back of the Demon Ape, could feel the slightly trembling shoulder blades of Ah Zhou.


Ah Zhou’s face was full of pain.
Cold sweat dripped down its face.
It was as if a beetle had drilled into its throat, repeatedly bulging and contracting.

“If it doesn’t work, then just give up… It’s just an attempt…” Bai Wushang could not bear it.

Zhuang He raised his eyebrows and said impatiently, “Hey, what the hell are you doing?”

At this moment, the Skeleton Wizard did not stop controlling the broad Bone Sword.
He slashed the Demon Ape’s leg diagonally.

As if stimulated by the intense pain, the muscles all over Ah Zhou’s body bulged.
It let out a low growl that was extremely suppressed, like the roar of a tiger or the roar of thunder.

A dim light finally emerged from the tip of its throat!

Before he could see clearly, Ah Zhou suddenly turned its head and aimed his mouth at the Little Bell Demon from afar.

“Boom –”

Bai Wushang only felt a black light flash in front of his eyes.
Immediately after, the Little Bell Demon seemed to have been hit by a carriage.
It flew backwards in fear and crashed into the barrier with a boom.

On the surface of its body, a ball the size of a table tennis ball, which was pitch-black to the extreme, spun rapidly like a top and entered its body bit by bit.

In the next second, the pitch-black ball of light exploded with a bang.
Under the violent wind, Bai Wushang couldn’t help but turn his head and cover his face with his hand, not daring to look directly at it.

The chaotic airflow lasted for more than ten seconds before it gradually stopped.

When he looked again, there was a big hole in the Little Bell Demon’s chest.
No blood flowed out but the color on the surface of its body dimmed at a speed visible to the naked eye.
It fell from golden yellow to orange yellow and finally turned into lemon yellow.

The [Status] column directly showed “Serious injury”!

“This… Ah Zhou succeeded?” Bai Wushang swallowed a mouthful of saliva and was dumbfounded.
“But isn’t the power too terrifying? The soul and body had been destroyed.
I’m afraid it will need to rest for a long time…”

In midair, the Little Bell Demon’s mouth was tilted and its eyes rolled back.
Its tongue dangled outside and it slowly fell from the sky like a ball of cotton.

At the same time, the yellow barrier around them cracked like a spider web and dissipated into the air.

“Little Bell Demon!” He Ping’s legs went weak and he fell to the ground.

The Demon Ape ignored the blood dripping from the corner of its mouth and rushed out with Bai Wushang on its back.
In a wild manner, it first sent the Skeleton Wizard flying with a punch, then turned its palm into a claw and grabbed its master, raising him high in the air.

“I…” Zhuang He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he stopped himself.

What happened?

How did the barrier suddenly shatter?

He had no time to react at all, b*stard!

Bai Wushang jumped down from the Demon Ape’s back and stepped on the ground.
He looked back at the man who had collapsed on the ground and said sarcastically,

“Are you waiting for the Little Bell Demon to die completely? Do you need my help to stab it again?”

“Ah… Yes! I want to save the Little Bell Demon first!”

He Ping’s stunned face was immediately jolted awake.
He hurriedly got up and staggered to the side of the Little Bell Demon, summoning the Book of Oath.

“Abba Abba!” (Let go of Master!)

On the other side, the Skeleton Wizard who had been blasted away by the Demon Ape had unknowingly stood more than ten meters away from Bai Wushang.
The dark green soul fire under its skull was constantly jumping, and its mouth was closing and opening, making strange syllables.

Its facial appearance had a hint of a stern expression.

At this time, the broad Bone Sword had already disappeared.
It was unknown whether it was because of the time limit or because the main body had been attacked, but Bai Wushang did not investigate further.

He glanced at the man who had been lifted by the Demon Ape in the air and said coldly, “You two are the Spectral Bone Duo?”

“So what if I am? So what if I am not?”

The man who was lifted kicked his legs randomly and said through gritted teeth.

“Wu!” Ah Zhou’s eyes widened, and a shocking sense of oppression gushed out from its body.

Under the moonlight, Zhuang He’s face was deathly pale, revealing obvious fear.

After hesitating for a long time, he lowered his head and sighed, “…Although we didn’t name ourselves that, it should be referring to us.”

“Just because I’m worth 100 mystic energy points?”

“Sigh, that’s right, you’re a big financier…”

Zhuang He frowned and muttered, “We thought that it would be a two-on-one and a night attack, so there would be no mistakes… I didn’t expect that we would suffer such a huge loss!”

As he said that, he paused for a moment and stole a glance at the Demon Ape.
He said weakly, “Can you put me down first? We will admit defeat, alright? I’m afraid of heights!”

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