“Hehehe ~ ~”

Under the moonlight, the Purple Robe let out a strange laugh and raised the white bone scepter in its hand.

“Swish –”

A row of white spikes suddenly surged out from the ground and blocked in front of the Demon Ape.

Ah Zhou jumped in a hurry and another row appeared in the area where it landed, piercing through the soles of its feet.


Ah Zhou was clearly in pain, but it let out an angry roar and pulled out its leg with great courage.
Then, it sidestepped to avoid a white spear that was flying diagonally upwards.

“Bone spike… bone spear… They are all spell-type skills!”

Bai Wushang, who was lying on the Demon Ape’s back, was shocked.

At the late youth stage, any transcendent creature that could cast spell-type skills should not be underestimated.

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The Little Bell Demon was already disgusting enough, but he did not expect the other one to be even more difficult to deal with!

Frowning, he looked at the Purple Robe —

[Name]: Skeleton Wizard (contract)

[Race]: Underworld – Skeleton-type – Bone clan

[Life Level]: Late youth form

[Bloodline Quality]: Mortal Bone Level, 7 Stars

[Status]: Slightly tired

[Intelligence]: Low

[Characteristics]: Bone Hyperplasia

[Skills]: Bone Spike, Bone Shield, Bone Spear, Summon – Bone Sword

[Gourmet Cell]: 31

“Skeleton Wizard? Another rare species?!”

Bai Wushang felt his throat tighten.
When did rare species become so common?

“This mystic realm, Sea Island, is full of hidden dragons and tigers.
There are opportunities everywhere…”

After sighing twice, Bai Wushang suddenly recalled what Luo Bing had said.

“A ghost and a skeleton.
Could they be the Spectral Bone Duo?”

Suppressing the chaotic thoughts in his mind, Bai Wushang continued to observe the situation.

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The light yellow barrier that he and the Demon Ape were in was less than a hundred square meters.

In this extremely limited space, the skills of the Skeleton Wizard were almost non-stop.
Ah Zhou had to constantly run back and forth to dodge, and at the same time, it had to take care of Bai Wushang’s safety.
It could be said to be extremely difficult for the Demon Ape.

From time to time, it would be pierced by bone spikes or bone spears, relying on its powerful recovery ability to hold on.

“This can’t go on.
I have to get rid of the barrier…”

Bai Wushang focused his mind and whispered into the Demon Ape’s ear, “Ah Zhou, attack the light screen!”

After a series of dangerous and hair-raising evasions, Ah Zhou rushed to the edge of the light screen and threw a heavy punch.

“Bang –”

There was a dull sound.

The seemingly translucent and fragile barrier had the texture and hardness of a metal wall.

However, this attack was not completely useless.
The barrier’s seal would gradually weaken with time and also under the impact of the force.
The barrier was about to reach its limit.

“Little Bell Demon, use the vibrating bell again!” The man with his hands in his pocket reacted in time and immediately shouted.

“Little… Little…”

The Little Bell Demon stuck out its tongue and spun twice in the air happily.
Then, it twisted its butt with great force.
Accompanied by a deafening sound, it became the centre point and was surrounded by a circle of yellow light which spread out in all directions.

The half-sphere light screen barrier that had already dimmed was restored to its original brightness.

“This skill can be used consecutively? This is like a foul…”

Bai Wushang silently complained.

After thinking about it carefully, there was nothing wrong with it.
The Little Bell Demon was purely a supporting control-type pet beast and was not good at attacking.

All of its “talent points” were limited to only two or three skills.

This resulted in its ability being very strong even though its skills were simple…

In addition, the Little Bell Demon’s special characteristic, “Ghost form”, not only allowed it to float at a low altitude, but it could also receive a high amount of physical damage reduction.

No matter what kind of physical attack it was, to a ghost-type transcendent creature, 99% of the damage would be automatically reduced!

“Ah Zhou might have great strength, but if it were to use its fists to knock the Little Bell Demon out, it has to use at least a hundred punches.
It’s useless.”

Looking at the translucent figure of the Little Bell Demon floating around, Bai Wushang shook his head and gave up on this dubious idea.

“The Little Bell Demon controls while the Skeleton Wizard coordinates their attacks.
This duo is a perfect match.”

“However… I remember that during the period when the vibrating bell continues, the Little Bell Demon was also unable to escape from this area…”

Bai Wushang rolled his eyes and sized up the little guy who was leisurely floating in the air.
Suddenly, the corner of his mouth curled up.

“It seems like it didn’t put up any guard at all when it was having such a good time.
Does it think that Ah Zhou is a pure physical-type pet beast that can be slaughtered at will?”

As he muttered to himself, a bright light flashed across Bai Wushang’s eyes.
“It’s a pity that he’s not!”

“Ah Zhou, Dark Wave Ball!”

The Demon Ape nodded slightly.
Taking advantage of the moment when it jumped, it suddenly opened its mouth wide and expanded to its limit.

“Hua –”

The dark, black ball that seemed to be able to distort light rays aimed straight at the Little Bell Demon as if it was shooting from the sky!

The Little Bell Demon: ∑(っ°Д°;)っ

Before it could react, the black ball of light exploded.

“Yippee-ki-yay! Yippee-ki-yay?!”

“Holy shit, how does the Demon Ape know elemental skills?!”

The two people outside the barrier were not calm, especially the man with his hands in his pockets, his eyes wide open.

However, although he was surprised, he was very quick-witted.
He shouted,

“Little Bell Demon, come out quickly and leave the black area!”

The yellow shadow floated out of the dark area, swaying as if it had drunk fake wine.

[Status] displayed ‘Light Injury’ and ‘Shocked’ at the same time.

“Only light injury?”

Bai Wushang frowned.
The actual effect was a little weaker than he had expected.

“If I want to break the barrier, I have to either smash it continuously with hammer blows or stun the Little Bell Demon.”

“For the former, the Skeleton Wizard is controlling the field and the Little Bell Demon is repeatedly reinforcing the barrier.
Unless I activate Burning Blood to break out of the encirclement, it will be very difficult.”

“As for the latter, although the Dark Wave Ball can cause elemental damage, the damage is a little low due to its range attack… Moreover, Ah Zhou can only use it once every three minutes at most, and the interval between attacks is very long.
If I want to use this to defeat the Little Bell Demon, I have to hit it at least five or six times…”

“What should I choose? Is there any other way?” Bai Wushang pondered.

Outside the barrier, shock remained on the faces of the two people.

The Master of the Little Bell Demon smacked his lips and said, “This kid is hiding something.
I’m afraid that the Demon Ape has a certain degree of mutation… Ah He, let’s not be careless.
Let’s end this quickly!”

“Understood!” The man with his chest crossed no longer looked casual.
His expression became serious as he shouted, “Little Brittle Bones, summon the Bone Sword!”

The tattered purple robe fluttered in the wind.
A corner of it was raised inadvertently, revealing the pale human-shaped skeleton inside.

It cackled strangely and the dark green soul fire under the skull shone brightly.

“Sob, sob, sob, Mokalaka!” (With my bones, my burning soul, born from despair and pain.
Come out, the sword of dead bones!)

A broad Bone Sword appeared out of thin air and thrust forward with great speed!

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