for them tonight…”

A wisp of dawn broke through the clouds and marked the arrival of a new day.

In the Silver Leaf Forest, the flowers were delicate and beautiful, the dew was crystal clear and the air seemed to carry a refreshing sweetness.

Bai Wushang held his breath and slowly pushed aside the silver leaves in front of him with his two fingers.

His gaze passed through the large silver leaf trees that were wide apart and landed on a small tree a few hundred meters away.

It was a small red tree that was about a meter tall.
There was not a single leaf insight, and it stood tall and bare.

At the top of its trunk, some branches extended upwards, spiralling into the shape of a bird’s nest.
It also looked like there was a straw hat on its head, and it looked extremely weird.

“This is the magical fruit tree?”

Bai Wushang widened his eyes, wanting to take a closer look.
Unfortunately, the distance between them was too far, and the extra details were hard to see.

Sighing in annoyance, Bai Wushang turned his eyes to the beast shadow lying beside the small tree.

Dark yellow hair on its temples, a rough long tail, thick limbs, and ferocious claws…

It was the Cat Demon!

At this moment, the Cat Demon was lying on the ground and sleeping.
There were all kinds of bloodstains and slightly rotten corpses around it.
Without exception, all of them had lost their heads.

“Based on this, Luo Bing did not lie to me.
This Cat Demon is very powerful.
Otherwise, it would not be able to easily defend the magical fruit tree.”

Bai Wushang frowned slightly and slowly unfurled his brows.
He thought to himself:

“However, it is fortunate that this is the trail ground.
The strength range of a transcendent creature is within low levels.
With just a Cat Demon, I still have a chance to fight for it!”

“If it were the outside world, the one fighting for such a magical fruit tree would at least be a monster with a complete form.
That would be called despair!”

Just as he was thinking in his head, the sleeping Cat Demon suddenly jumped up, arched its back, raised its claws and roared towards the sky.

“Meow –”

In the next moment, a faint fragrance drifted into the tip of Bai Wushang’s nose.

“This is… the strange fragrance of the magical fruit tree when it is about to mature!”

Bai Wushang muttered to himself.
His eyes quickly scanned the surroundings and found some wild beasts one after another.
Their eyes were red and they were agitated.

They pounced on the small red tree one after another.
The Cat Demon mercilessly waved its claws and slaughtered them.
Blood gushed out like a battlefield with dreadful and ferocious fighting.

“Let’s go.
The authenticity of the information has been confirmed.
If we stay any longer, it will be dangerous.
Let’s wait for the Bloodline Fruit to fully mature before we come back!”

Bai Wushang quietly climbed down the tree, shuttling through the low bushes and stealthily leaving.

On the way, he suddenly stopped and exclaimed in surprise.

“Eh, I think something was spying on me just now?”

He looked left and right but did not find anything.
That strange feeling only flashed past for an instant.

Bai Wushang raised his vigilance to the maximum.
He didn’t let go of the distress talisman and continued to walk back.

After finding the Red Horse hidden in a cave, Bai Wushang frowned.
He vaguely felt that something was wrong.

“Maybe it’s just a beast? Or…”

Bai Wushang couldn’t conclude.
He decisively chose to change his base and came to a place that was about fifteen kilometres away from the magical fruit tree.
It looked like a place with few people.

He patiently guarded for a long time, but there was no movement.
Everything was calm.

“Maybe it’s my imagination?”

Bai Wushang was confused, but he made up his mind:

“In short, be careful.
In the remaining two or three days, I want to let Ah Zhou break through to the peak of the youth form.
At the same time, I want to prepare the cooking of the Pink Mushroom Crabmeat Roll.
I want to prepare for the battle for the Bloodline Fruit in the most complete form!”

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