Bing sighed and said to Bai Wushang expectantly,

“So… I really hope that Brother Bai can join us.
That way, we will have a greater competitive edge!”

“Let me think about it.” Bai Wushang thought for a moment and said this.

“Senior Bai, we have been painstakingly collecting this information for the past few days.
Now that we are sharing it with you for free, it should be enough to show our sincerity, right? What are you still thinking about?” A strong man could not help but interrupt.

“Hey, Ah Gui!” Luo Bing interrupted him and jokingly scolded, “Since we’re the ones seeking cooperation, then showing sincerity is the most basic thing.
How can you use this to threaten Brother Bai?”

“Alright… Senior Bai, please do as you please.
Just pretend I didn’t say anything.” The strong man curled his lips and sat down.

Bai Wushang and Luo Bing’s eyes crossed for a moment.
Each other’s eyes were filled with sincerity.

After nodding his head slightly to apologize, Bai Wushang lowered his head and fell into deep thought.

All in all, Luo Bing appeared to be very sincere.
This information had saved him a lot of time and energy, and it had also avoided some potential dangers.

However, Bai Wushang was still brooding about the first time they met.
At that time, he instinctively felt uncomfortable, and he felt that this person had malicious intentions.

This feeling had not completely disappeared until now.

“I can’t believe everything Luo Bing said.
He said that his team is the weakest and I am skeptical about this… because I still haven’t seen what his pet beast is until now.
I keep feeling like he’s trying to hide something…”

Bai Wushang’s breathing was steady as he speculated in secret:

“I’ll believe about 50-60% of this information for now.”

“Hypothetically speaking, if I cooperate with them, what will the final profit be?”

“Hmm… the most ideal result is that I’ll do my best and get the biggest piece of the cake, so I’ll earn a few thousand gold coins?”

“Then what’s the risk I’m facing?”

“Some of my secrets must not be exposed.
Forming a team with them will undoubtedly increase the risk…”

“In addition, I will also lose a certain degree of freedom, making it inconvenient to collect materials and train Ah Zhou.
I will be restricted everywhere…”

“The most crucial point is that I cannot ensure my own safety.
They have the advantage in numbers.
It seems that they have already formed a team.
Is it possible that they are deliberately setting me up to fall into their trap?”

Bai Wushang’s gaze quietly swept past the few people around him.
He did not notice any obvious abnormalities.

“Forget it, the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.
No matter how you look at it, it’s not worth it.
It’s still more comfortable to work alone!”

Having made up his mind, Bai Wushang said frankly, “I’m sorry, forming a team is a kind of shackle to me.
I still prefer to act alone.”

Once these words were said, the group of people sitting around the bonfire fell into a short period of dead silence.

Luo Bing sighed, his eyes filled with regret.

Bai Wushang suddenly stood up and slowly retreated under the accompaniment of the Demon Ape.

“I can only say thank you for your intelligence.
If there’s a chance, I’ll return it to everyone.”

As he said this, his gaze swept across everyone’s faces.
He realized that everyone was secretly sizing up Luo Bing as if waiting for him to give the order.

Until Bai Wushang retreated more than ten meters away, Luo Bing suddenly shouted, “Since that’s the case, Brother Bai, when we meet again, we will be competitors.
I wish you good luck.”

Bai Wushang nodded, took the Red Horse and turned to leave.

Seeing his figure being devoured by the darkness bit by bit, Lin Nana could not help but be the first to speak:

“Brother Luo, the hunting plan was clearly arranged by you.
These few days, whether we encounter transcendent creatures or other students, we have never failed.
Why is it that this time it’s special? I don’t understand why we had to stop earlier…”

The sturdy man who looked dignified and strong also said:

“That’s right, Brother Luo, that’s 100 mystic energy points! We have so many people, and they were caught unprepared.
Even the spider silk trapped him.
We can defeat him and eliminate him.

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