Confirming this, he entered the Gourmand’s altar once more, and arrived at the very center of the abandoned palace.

Taking a closer look at the bronze square cauldron, Bai Wushang found that the height of the cauldron was equal to his height.
It had two ears, four feet, and a rustic and solemn form.


On the outside of that greenish-gray cauldron, small engravings of a colossal three-legged golden crow that covered the sky, an earthly python that coiled itself around an entire divine mountain, and an ancient giant with 50 heads and 100 arms could be seen.
There were thousands of engravings, all of which depicted, without exception, creatures from myth and legend.

What kind of cauldron is this? It looks so old and mysterious…

After circling and finding nothing more, Bai Wushang tried to stand on tiptoe and look inside the cauldron.

The inside of the pot was pitch-black, distorting all the light, and Bai Wuyou looked left and right, but couldn’t see anything.


After staring for a long time, a palpitating sensation even appeared, as if the dark and deep cauldron had a bottomless abyss inside, and a bloody mouth would appear in the next second to devour him, scaring Bai Wuyou into hastily withdrawing his gaze.

Obviously, this bronze square cauldron placed in the very center of the Gourmand’s altar must be the most important item.
What is its use, and how do I activate it? Or how do I use it?

After hesitating for a while and unable to find a train of thought, Bai Wushang tried to touch the body of the cauldron with his finger.

Completely different from the cold metallic texture that one would expect, the cauldron’s body was scorching and scalding as if flames had just scorched it.

Seemingly some change was triggered as the bronze square cauldron began to rumble and trembled, the movement growing louder and louder as the entire palace began to shake.

Shocked, Bai Wushang tried to loosen his fingers.

Surprisingly, a tremendous suction force came from the body of the cauldron.
Even Bai Wushang’s entire right palm was firmly attached to the bronze square cauldron, and no matter how much he struggled, he could not break away.

[Troubleshooting… Original holder Qin Long died… trigger rebind…]


[Target certification… Bai Wushang… Judgment result… the only host of this altar…]

[The altar of the Gourmand is activating… 30%… 60%… 100%… Activation complete!]

Line after line of small print drifted across the bottom of his eyes, and Bai Wushang froze, his brain lagging a little.

Is this a… system? Or something else?

Bai Wushang, who had had the experience of Qin Long’s life, quickly snapped out of his surprise.

The suction under his palm had disappeared, and as Bai Wushang drew back his right hand, he saw a rainbow-colored flame that sprang out from the depths of the black square cauldron, lighting up the entire abandoned palace with a dream-like splendor as the streams of light shot out.

[Determined that the current host is activating the altar for the first time, trigger additional reward: “Gift of the Gourmand,” and receive a First Tier Gourmand Treasure Chest x1]

A treasure chest the size of a book bag, shining with a clean white porcelain luster, materialized out of thin air from the rainbow-colored flames, and hovered in the air.

Gourmand’s Treasure Chest? Is this meant to be a raffle?

Doubt had just bubbled up when the small print in Bai Wushang’s eyes immediately shifted.

[Hint: Gourmand’s Treasure Chest, with Gourmand’s special item inside, can assist the host’s growth.]

[The Gourmand’s Treasure Chest is divided into 10 levels, starting from one and ending with 10.
The higher the level, the rarer the goods.]

[First Tier Gourmand’s Treasure Chest’s item odds—98.9% for transcendent recipes, 1% for Gourmand props, 0.1% for Gourmand Secret Techniques.]


This thing seems to have insight into my thoughts and answer my questions directly…

Thinking of this, Bai Wushang tried to call out in his mind.

“Hello, what should I call you? System? Gourmand? Or what?”


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