orner of his mouth.

A fluorescent light flashed across their bodies.
The Demon Ape and Bai Wushang narrowed their eyes at the same time.
One of them slowed down and the other looked over.

They saw the Ghost Vine pulling out all the roots that had been planted into the ground in a panic.

As if it had gained countless calves, it tried its best to move backwards.

It wanted to hide back in a dark corner!

It wanted to stay away from that dangerous man!


Ah Zhou turned his head to look at Bai Wushang.

The Ghost Vine’s speed of escape was not fast.
It could be caught up in less than two steps.

However, it might take some effort to kill it completely.

Ah Zhou wanted to ask Bai Wushang what it should do.

Bai Wushang held his chin and was stunned.
The Ghost Vine had betrayed its master?

It seemed reasonable…

The Ghost Vine had been defeated by him after much effort.
Shi Balong had taken advantage of it and subdued it instead.

The compatibility between them was definitely at the stage of “Lack of Trust.” It would take a long time and process to improve their relationship.

Bai Wushang looked at the Ghost Vine that was gradually disappearing into the distance and then looked behind him.

The skinny man and tall woman, along with the unconscious Claw Meow and the injured Ivory Tiger, had disappeared without a trace.

In the battle just now, they had taken advantage of the chaos to escape!

“Forget it, there’s no need to chase after the Ghost Vine.
The contract with Shi Balong has been broken, and he’s destined to be driven away.”

“However, the two who escaped were both injured, and they’re both late-stage Spiritualist masters…”

After a moment of silence, Bai Wushang flipped the unconscious Shi Balong and the pink-haired lolita to the side of the tall man and crushed the distress talisman he had picked up from Shi Balong’s side.

He could vaguely see the complicated gaze of the tall man.
Bai Wushang didn’t say anything else and turned around to leave.

Somewhere in the forest.

An orange-yellow tiger was carrying two people as it hurriedly ran away.

Its body was crisscrossed with many wounds, and one of its legs was crippled and dripping with blood.

This also caused it to be unable to move fast, and it ran with great difficulty.

“Little Gao, do you think that Demon Ape can defeat the Swamp Crocodile and the Ghost Vine? I didn’t get to see the result and I am super curious.” the thin man sat in the front row and said, facing the wind.

The tall woman sat back to back with him, facing the tiger’s tail.

Her eyes kept glancing at the jungle behind her, and she couldn’t help but curse, “Do you still have time to think about these things?”

“You should know that if it weren’t for the grey-clothed man’s interference, we would have already been driven out of the mystic realm!”

“I only hope that they will fight until both sides suffer losses.
Otherwise, if either side wins, it’s possible that they will continue to chase us.
When that time comes, we will be in trouble!”

The thin man rubbed the space between his brows and laughed bitterly.
“I know.
I’m just panicking and trying to divert my attention.
Sigh, if Brother Tang was still here and with the three of us working together, we wouldn’t have suffered so much…”


The trees in front suddenly collapsed.

The Ivory Tiger fiercely struck the ground and used its claws to stop its body.

It opened its bloody mouth and growled softly to the side.

“Who is it?”

The tall woman reacted quickly and pulled down the skinny man.
The two of them hid behind the Ivory Tiger and were on full alert.

“Why did the two of you leave without saying goodbye? I didn’t even have the time to greet you.”

Bai Wushang sat on the back of the Red Horse and said softly.

The rules of the trial allowed hunting.
There was no reason for him to let the two of them go.

After all, he could obtain 20 mystic points for free!

“Hiss –”

The thin and weak man looked at the black ape that was approaching from the side, then looked at the man in grey clothes.
He gasped exaggeratedly.

They had caught up so quickly…

In other words, the grey-clothed man had won with ease!

At the thought of this, the thin and weak man’s small face wrinkled into something like chrysanthemum and his face was full of dejection.


The tall woman suddenly stood up and shouted at Bai Wushang:

“We have very important information in our hands.
If you let us leave, I will give you the information.
I will not let you suffer a loss!”

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