In the distance, Ah Zhou threw a punch toward the Swamp Crocodile’s upper jaw.

A thick black vine tentacle, like a maggot in the bone, suddenly wrapped around its arm.

Ah Zhou’s body froze slightly, and the Swamp Crocodile immediately opened its mouth and pounced on its waist.


Ah Zhou roared crazily, its muscles pumping to the limit.
It grabbed the vine with both of its hands and reversed the force so that it could leap into the air for a short time.

Then, its big black foot stepped heavily on the Swamp Crocodile’s back, causing its armor-like body to sink slightly as if it was about to be embedded into the ground.

Before Ah Zhou’s second foot landed, another vine pulled over from the sky and hit the Demon Ape’s back.

In just an instant, a huge tear that was more than a meter long appeared on the Demon Ape’s back.
Blood and flesh rolled up and became a blur.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Swamp Crocodile pulled its four legs out of the danger zone and distanced itself from the Demon Ape.

“Don’t slack off! Continue to attack and increase the frequency!” Shi Balong shouted.

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His brows never relaxed.

Because he knew that other than strength, the Demon Ape’s greatest asset was its recovery ability.
This tear seemed to be serious, but to the Demon Ape, it was just a small wound.

“Got it!”

The tall and strong man responded and urged the Swamp Crocodile to attack again.


Just like that, the three transcendent creatures fought for nearly ten minutes.

The rumbling sounds of the ground never stopped, and the dust that filled the sky never rest.
The battle was very intense.

In terms of ability, Ah Zhou suppressed the Swamp Crocodile in all aspects.

The problem was that at every critical moment, the Ghost Vine’s vine tentacles would swing over at the right time, whipping, smashing, rolling, entangling and winding.
They were used in all sorts of ways.

Part of this was due to the Ghost Vine’s instinctive control.

The other part was due to Shi Baolong’s accurate prediction and control of the overall situation.
Coupled with the Swamp Crocodile’s thick and rough skin, it really managed to hold off the Demon Ape.

Although these situations were mostly within Bai Wushang’s estimation, he could not help but sigh.
As a rare Mortal Bone level, 7 star species, the Ghost Vine had a natural advantage in the field of control.

After watching the battle for a while, Bai Wushang revealed a smile and muttered to himself, “It should be about time.
After the previous battle, how much stamina does the Swamp Crocodile have left?”

As expected, after three to five rounds, the Swamp Crocodile showed signs of fatigue.

Ah Zhou immediately changed to offense and started attacking.
Originally, it was balanced between offense and defense, so it would try its best to avoid all attacks.
Now, it suddenly went berserk and after being severely whipped twice, it had the chance to grab the Swamp Crocodile’s tail.

“Over the Shoulder Chain Explosion!!!”

Bai Wushang’s eyes were burning.
It wasn’t the first time he had seen this skill, but every time he watched it, he felt his blood boil.
It was simply burning!

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“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

After the first strike to the ground, the Swamp Crocodile was already in a daze.

By the second strike, it experienced chest tightness and shortness of breath.
Its internal organs churned and it became uncomfortable as if it was overturning rivers and seas.

By the third strike, its hard armor was broken, and it spat out bile…

By the fourth strike, its skin was torn open, and blood splattered everywhere…

By the fifth strike…

Even the Ghost Vine could not get close in the midst of the violent wrestling skill.
They could only watch as the Demon Ape made its move.
Shi Balong’s face was as dark as murky waters.

However, Zhou Zhu’s reaction was very fast.
He endured the risk of being smacked flat and dashed closer.

He did not want his pet beast to be smashed into muck!

With a wave of his hand, he forcefully recalled the Swamp Crocodile.

The Demon Ape roared and the prey in its hand disappeared.
It immediately turned around and glared at the tall and strong man.

Zhou Zhu did not run or dodge.
He simply crushed the distress talisman and the pure white light screen firmly protected him.

At the same time, he shouted, “Boss, quickly admit defeat.
First, make sure you pass the trial!”

Bai Wushang frowned slightly.

This person seemed to be tall and strong, but his thoughts and reactions were quick and nimble.

If he was five or six seconds late, the Swamp Crocodile would probably have no way to survive.

“It’s a pity that I couldn’t solve the problem in one go…”

Bai Wushang’s eyes turned cold, then he turned to the Ghost Vine and Shi Balong who were at the back.

That was the real culprit of snatching pet beasts!

Without saying anything, Ah Zhou decisively gave up on the tall and strong man who was protected by the light screen.

It stomped on the ground with four feet and charged forward!

Its target was the flower bud of the Ghost Vine!

Shi Balong’s face turned pale as he kept rubbing the distress talisman in his hand.

Since the battle until now, the Demon Ape had also consumed a large amount of its strength and had also suffered serious injuries.

Therefore, until the last moment, Shi Balong did not want to admit defeat easily.

In the end, he gritted his teeth and said in a short voice, “Oman, stop it!”

Two black vine whips followed like shadows as they interweaved into an X shape and hacked out repeatedly, blocking the Demon Ape which was more than ten meters away.

However, anyone with a discerning eye could sense that without the Swamp Crocodile’s direct containment, the Ghost Vine would not be able to trap the Demon Ape with just its two vine tentacles.
The distance between them was decreasing by almost one meter at a time.

“Now that things have come to this, I can only use a stupid method…”

Shi Balong took a breath and no longer hesitated.
Suddenly, he used his hands and feet to climb the main vine of the Ghost Vine and quickly climbed to the top.

He used his mouth to hold the distress talisman to ensure that he could crush it at the first possible moment.

He used his two legs to clamp the wooden main vine and reached out to support the “shade tree” above his head.
His face was red as he shouted, “Oman, I can hold on for a while.
You go and stop it!”

With the help of Shi Balong, the third vine tentacle of the Ghost Vine was freed and immediately joined the battle.

Bai Wushang was a little surprised.
“I really didn’t expect this white-haired fatty to be such an unyielding person.
He’s still struggling even at this stage, but… it’s just what I wanted!”

Each of the three tentacle vines around the Ghost Vine was as thick as a thigh, and they were coiled in a spiral way.
It was very difficult to break them with brute force alone.

At close range, they formed a tight net and blocked the Demon Ape’s movements from all directions.

“So the Ghost Vine that is close to its peak is so difficult to deal with.
At that time, I was able to cripple it by myself.
I’m afraid that it took up more than half of my luck…”

Bai Wushang realized it later and secretly thought to himself.

On the battlefield, the Demon Ape ran around in all directions, constantly trying to break through the entanglement of the vines.

There were seven or eight new whip marks on its body, some deep and some shallow, and they were still increasing.

As if it was a little angry, Ah Zhou’s attacks became messier, and the frequency of being hit by the whip kept increasing.

Shi Balong’s eyes lit up quietly and he suddenly found an opportunity to take advantage of.

Soon, with a stride, the Demon Ape leaped high.

It swung its majestic right arm, wanting to slap the flower bud of the Ghost Vine!

“Good opportunity! Bind its four limbs! Lock It up!” Shi Balong roared.

The three vines swept over from three directions like a mad cow, aiming at the right arm, left arm, and two legs of the Demon Ape.

Shi Balong held his breath, as if he had already foreseen that the Demon Ape would be bound by the vines in midair and lose the ability to resist.

Because of this leap, it would face defeat! Or even death!

At the thought of that scene, the corners of Shi Balong’s mouth rose bit by bit, and he was about to laugh out loud.


He had just uttered a syllable when his voice came to an abrupt stop.

As if someone was strangling his throat, the expression on Shi Baolong’s face froze in shock.

What did he see?

He saw the Demon Ape’s eyes.
They were cold, proud, deep and even hid a little bit of pity, but there was no trace of fear or panic.

He saw the Demon Ape suddenly open its mouth, and the black light condensed in the depths of its throat.

He saw a black ball flying straight towards his face!

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