“Xiaoxi, stop the Toothhound and make it retreat!”

Shi Balong suddenly roared.

Out of trust in her boss, Ye Xiaoxi was about to call out to her pet beast.

But just as she opened her mouth, Toothhound closed in on the Demon Ape and jumped up from the ground.

The Demon Ape, which was panting and was still a little clumsy, suddenly had a flash of brilliance in its eyes.

In the next moment, its reaction speed increased sharply.
It crouched down in a rather delicate position and dodged the Toothhound’s claw.

Immediately after, Ah Zhou clenched its right hand and aimed an uppercut at the Toothhound which had no room to dodge in the air!


This punch was also aimed at the head.

It was the Toothhound’s head!

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In almost an instant, fresh blood bloomed in the air like fireworks.
It was so beautiful that it was soul-stirring, and it also made people fearful.

Except for Bai Wushang, everyone was stunned by this scene.


The pink-haired lolita, Ye Xiaoxi, was the first to react.
A rare expression of heartache appeared on her face and she was on the verge of tears.
She threw away the half-eaten apple in her hand and directly left the area covered by the Ghost Vine.
She held the hem of her skirt and ran toward the Toothhound.

But it was too late…

The big black dog, who was still alive and kicking a while ago, had already died!

Ye Xiaoxi stood there in a daze, her whole body trembling.
She could not help but curse:

“Insidious! Despicable! Shameless! B*stard!”

In the next moment, she staggered and fell to the ground, desperately pulling at her pink hair.

She bit her lips tightly, the color drained from her face.

“It wasn’t like this when you stole my pet beast.”

Bai Wushang glanced at the pink-haired lolita, somewhat speechless.

From his point of view, the white-haired fatty and the other two had once stolen his pet beast.
At that time, he wasn’t strong enough, so he chose to retreat and endure.

But now, with a powerful battle pet like Ah Zhou, and a chance to meet again, it was normal for him to take revenge.

How happy it was to snatch.

How painful it was to lose.

Please, experience how I felt back then!

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Bai Wushang did not need to worry that killing the pet beast would trigger the “crippling and dying” rule in the trial rules.

For new masters, the duration of the contract was too short, and the compatibility was generally low.

The death of the pet beast would only cause a certain degree of spiritual backlash.

It would be impossible to establish the contract again for at least ten days, or at most one to two months.

Unless they could find a panacea to repair the spiritual damage and accelerate the healing period.

Otherwise, according to the rules of the trial, students who lost their pet beast were equivalent to those who had not completed the contract and were 100% expelled from the school.

“In essence, I’m not a person who kills indiscriminately.
It’s just that you guys did it first, and I returned the favor.”

Bai Wu Shang muttered to himself.

On the barren land, Shi Balong’s expression was somewhat unsightly.

Previously, he had felt that there was something wrong with that Demon Ape.
It didn’t seem like it was at Mortal Bone level, 6 stars.

However, his reminder was ultimately a step too late.

Originally, he had only wanted Xiaoxi’s Toothhound to test it out.
Now that it had died in battle, only the Ghost Vine and Swamp Crocodile were left on his side.

To be honest, Shi Balong suddenly felt a little uncertain.
To be able to appear in front of them alone, this Bai Wushang must have a certain level of confidence.

“Boss… What should we do?”

The tall and strong man, who was already fearful of Bai Wushang, looked uneasy.

Ye Xiaoxi’s Toothhound was not weak.
On the contrary, it was more useful in this terrain than the Swamp Crocodile.

Shi Baolong’s eyes darted around.
First, he ordered the Ghost Vine to pull Ye Xiaoxi back from the ground and place her in a safe position on the side.

Then, he waved his hand, indicating for Zhou Zhu not to be anxious.

“Student Bai, you’re pretty good at acting weak in front of your enemies…”

Bai Wushang did not show much expression and calmly replied, “Aren’t you guys good at bullying the weak with your numbers? A little tactical arrangement isn’t too much, right?”

The corner of Shi Balong’s mouth twitched.
He squeezed out a smile and said, “Even if we lose one member, even if the Ghost Vine can’t display its full strength, within this area covered by its tentacles, I’m still very confident in our defense control.
What right do you have to defeat us?”

Just watch.” Bai Wushang chuckled.

At this moment, he was in the centre of the battlefield.

On his right, the heavily injured Ivory Tiger had unknowingly returned to the side of the skinny man and tall woman, vigilantly watching everyone’s every move.

On his left was the area covered by the Ghost Vine.
The area was very large.
Shi Balong, together with the tall and strong man, stood separately from each other.

Shi Balong and the Ghost Vine were located at the back, sixty to seventy meters away from Bai Wushang.

On this forward route, the tall and strong man and the Swamp Crocodile were the first to block the way.

“Ah Zhou, charge!”

Bai Wushang gave the order and took the lead in the attack.

The Demon Ape half-bent its body and touched the ground with the back of its knuckles.
Like a fully charged longbow, it instantly charged forward!

The Swamp Crocodile, which was in front of it, glared at the Demon Ape with its yellowish-brown eyes, eager to try.

“Little Crocodile, stop it.
Use Whipping Tail!”


The Swamp Crocodile twisted its body crazily, swinging its long and thick tail at it.

Ah Zhou did not retreat or give way.
It reached out its hand to grab it, but a black shadow suddenly appeared by its side, forcing him to stop and retreat.

Immediately after, a mud bomb flew over.
Ah Zhou hurriedly dodged it, and another black shadow flew over from the corner of its eyes.

The Demon Ape helplessly took a few steps back.
When it regained its senses, it returned to Bai Wushang’s side.
It had already been expelled from the area covered by the Ghost Vine.


The tall and strong man, Zhou Zhu, let out a small sigh of relief.
The situation was not as bad as he had thought.

He lowered his voice and threatened, “Bai Wushang, don’t look at how we’ve only been working together for a few days.
Our team’s compatibility is extremely high.
I’m not sure if I can win against you in a one-on-one, but if you only defend and don’t attack, what can you do?”

With that said, Zhou Zhu was secretly on high alert, ready to crush the distress talisman or summon the Book of Oaths at any time.

The pink-haired lolita who was unconscious on the ground next to him was the best lesson.

He had already suffered a great loss, so he need to be very careful!

Bai Wushang nodded slightly and agreed with the first half of what the tall and strong man said.
He then turned to whisper to the Demon Ape, “Ah Zhou, go all out! According to what we have previously communicated, I believe in you!”

The Demon Ape bared its teeth and thumped its chest.
The fighting spirit in its eyes was at its peak!

“Roar! Roar! Roar!!!”

It charged in again.

Although it was big, its movements were extremely agile.
In the blink of an eye, it had arrived in front of the Swamp Crocodile.

Unlike the Ivory Tiger, which had to move on four legs, the Demon Ape could switch between its two or four legs at any time.

When it stood on its two legs, it could move like a human.
Its hands were its most powerful weapon.
It could clench its fists, clap its hands and wield its strength to its heart’s content

When its four legs touched the ground, its speed was faster, and its reaction was more agile.
It was perfect for chasing, speeding up or dodging attacks.

“Little Crocodile, use Random Bite!”

The tall and strong man shouted.

Bai Wushang watched silently.
He had already told the Demon Ape what it needed to do, so he just watched.

Ah Zhou was not an ordinary pet beast.
It was very smart and its fighting talent was close to an artistic level.

Therefore, unless it was necessary, Bai Wushang would not order Ah Zhou around.
He did not want to cause trouble rashly.

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