“Little Crocodile, use the mud bomb!”

The tall and strong man’s voice was very deep.

Upon hearing its master’s order, the Swamp Crocodile let out a gurgling sound.
Three to four seconds later, it suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a ball of grey mud that flew straight toward the Ivory Tiger.

“Tiger, quickly dodge!”

On the other side, a woman who was 1.8 meters tall and had a curvy body like a bodybuilder calmly gave the order.

Then, she added, “Tiger, don’t fight with the Swamp Crocodile.
Shake it off and attack the flower bud!”

The Ivory Tiger roared, tossed its four paws and tried to get around the Swamp Crocodile.

“Heh, you can’t get away that easily.” Shi Balong laughed in the distance.
He patted the main vine of the Ghost Vine with his palm and said calmly, “Vine Whip, whip it from left to right!”

Two black vine tentacles that moved swiftly like swimming snakes yanked down with air-breaking momentum.

The Ivory Tiger successfully dodged one of the vine tentacles but the other vine tentacle brushed past the fur on its back.
Immediately, a third of the area on its back became bare and countless blood spots of different sizes appeared.

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The Ivory Tiger felt pain and it stopped moving forward.
The Swamp Crocodile took this opportunity to pounce on it again.

The battle between the Ivory Tiger, Swamp Crocodile and Ghost Vine was still going on, but the Claw Meow which was embroiled in the other battle area was already at a disadvantage.

After a “Surprise Attack” followed by a “Bite”, the Toothhound firmly bit on Claw Meow’s neck and subdued it completely.


The Claw Meow was thrown to the ground with great strength and fainted.

“Little Meow!”

The thin, short and bespectacled man immediately cried out in alarm.

The pink-haired lolita glanced at the battlefield and quietly put her little hand into her backpack.
She dug around for a long time before finally taking out a big red apple and nibbling on it.
She mumbled, “Blackie, continue.”

The Toothhound barked, turned around and charged out with its fangs bared.

Its fangs were not aimed in the direction of the Ivory Tiger but the two human masters!

“Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!”

Seeing the huge black dog that was over two meters long charging over, the short and skinny man was so scared that his legs went weak.
He subconsciously hid behind the tall woman.

The tall woman’s face seemed tense, but she did not show any signs of panic.
However, her right hand, which was holding on to the dagger, was trembling slightly.

The Ivory Tiger seemed to have sensed something.
When it turned around and saw that its master was in danger, it was so shocked and angry at the same time.

It suffered five Vine Whips and was bitten by the Swamp Crocodile.
Its body was covered in wounds, but it still could not get rid of the entanglement of the two.
It was powerless to turn around and save its master.

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“Admit defeat.
You can’t turn the tables!” Shi Balong shouted with a smile.

“Little Gao…”

“Shut up, I know!”

The tall woman interrupted the short and skinny man angrily and spat in a low voice, “If your Claw Meow had fought harder, we would still have had a chance to escape, but now we have no chance at all!”

“You can’t blame me, these three people probably already have their eyes on us…”

The Toothhound stopped half a meter in front of the two of them.
Bloodstains were interlaced on its body and with two rows of white and sharp teeth, it looked fierce and evil.

The short and skinny man struggled to move his throat and suddenly shouted, “We admit defeat! We admit defeat! Keep this big dog away from us!”

Shi Balong snapped his fingers.
He was in a good mood.

“Ding Dong! Another 20 mystic energy points!”

Just as the white-haired fatty and the other two were about to harvest the spoils of war, a fist-sized stone suddenly fell to the ground, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Who is it?” The tall and strong man looked around with a straight face.

On the desolate land, light footsteps were heard.
Shi Balong turned his head slightly, looking for the sound.

He saw a man in grey.

He was about 1.8 meters tall, and his skin was more of a healthy malt color.
He had a head of clean, short black hair.

His nose was tall, and his eyebrows were thick.
His entire face was not handsome or delicate, but it was as sharp and angular as a sculpture.
He was a very attractive type.

He had a pair of pitch-black and bright pupils.
At first glance, they were as clear and pure as the morning glow.
After looking at them carefully, he felt that they were deeper and more mysterious than the night, making people unable to avert their eyes.

“It’s you!” The corners of Shi Balong’s eyes twitched and he revealed a surprised expression.

“I haven’t seen you for eight days.
I miss you very much.” Bai Wushang smiled faintly.

He was the man in grey.
With the help of the rattan rope, he climbed down from the top and smoothly stepped into the basin.

Shi Balong’s gaze passed Bai Wushang and landed on the large black ape beside him.
His eyes narrowed slightly.

“Is this the pet beast of your new contract? Demon Ape… It’s not bad.”

“As compared to your Ghost Vine?” Bai Wushang still had a smile on his face.

“Oh?” Shi Balong was not a fool.
Of course, he could hear the hidden meaning in his words.
He immediately asked in return, “Are you here to cause trouble?”

“You can be tyrannical, but I’m not allowed to give it a try?”

Bai Wushang’s voice was very calm, but his words exuded a sense of strong confidence!

“Hehe, Student Bai, why do I feel like you’ve changed into a different person? You’ve suddenly become arrogant.”

As Shi Balong spoke, he looked around and examined the entire area.

Bai Wushang could guess what he was thinking.
Shi Balong was probably thinking that he could be so arrogant because he had backup, and was worried that there would be other people lying in ambush around him.

He decided to be straightforward and said, “Don’t look anymore.
I’m alone, and now the three of you are my prey.”

“If that’s the case, you’re a little too arrogant…”

Shi Balong put on a fake smile and gave the pink-haired lolita a look.

The pink-haired lolita nodded and pointed her delicate finger at Bai Wushang.
She said in a clear and cute voice, “Blackie, bite him!”

“Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!!!”

The fierce big black dog averted its attention from the skinny man and tall woman and was ready to pounce on Bai Wushang.

Bai Wushang’s expression was as calm as water.
He didn’t even say a word.
Ah Zhou, who was beside him, suddenly took a step forward.

A huge palm that was as big as a cattail leaf fan flew toward the big black dog like a storm!

The Toothhound reacted extremely quickly.
It moved its body to dodge and pounced out from another angle.
Its sharp claws “tore” the flesh of the Demon Ape and left five crimson claw marks on the Demon Ape’s body.

“It defeated its opponent so easily?”

The tall and strong man was relatively close and was somewhat stunned.
This was not quite the same as the battle he had expected.

Shi Balong frowned deeply and his expression was somewhat uncertain.

After five or six rounds, the Toothhound left four deep scratches on the Demon Ape’s body.
A trace of ridicule flashed through Toothhound’s eyes as if it was mocking the Demon Ape’s size and its combat strength.

In the next moment, the Toothhound no longer held back.
It released all the hidden power that was originally saved up to escape from strong enemies.
It launched a surprise attack and its sharp claws were three times faster as they aimed straight at the Demon Ape’s head.

If it was caught this time, the Demon Ape would either be severely injured or in the worst-case scenario, it would lose its head and die!

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