Mystic realm, Sea Island, trial ground No.
9, Day 10.

Bai Wushang rode his horse and galloped through the peach-red, willow-green and lush forest.

The Demon Ape, Ah Zhou, was following closely by his side on its four limbs.

Not far away, a yellow crab with a shell that looked like a mushroom ran quickly with its feet sideways.


“Ah Zhou, catch it!”

“Roar Roar!”

Hearing Bai Wushang’s command, Ah Zhou didn’t hold back anymore.
He instantly increased his speed and gave chase to the yellow crab.

After pursuing three to four kilometres, the yellow crab accidentally tripped on the stones on the ground and was caught by Ah Zhou.


“This little guy is quite fast.
We have been chasing after it for half an hour!” Bai Wushang, who was riding on his Red Horse, rushed over from behind.

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He held the reins and carefully looked at the yellow crab in Ah Zhou’s hand.

Unlike the regular flat crab, this yellow crab was spherical and was as big as a basketball.

Its entire body was yellow, and the carapace on its back was covered with white spots of various sizes.
If it was still, it would look like a huge mushroom from a distance, which was why it was called a Mushroom Crab.

Its eyes were as big as black beans, and when it opened and closed its mouth, it would make a sizzling sound.
Occasionally, it would even spit out one or two small bubbles.

However, the most eye-catching part was its legs.
Its eight legs were evenly distributed on both sides of its body, covered in hairy black bristles.
It had a pair of pincers which were of different sizes, and there was a row of finely serrated teeth on them that looked very sharp.

The attribute panel then surfaced in Bai Wushang’s pupils.

[Name]: Yellow Mushroom Crab (Wild)

[Race]: Demon Beast Realm – Arthropod type – Mushroom Crab Race

[Life Level]: Late youth form

[Bloodline Quality]: Mortal Bone Level, 3 Stars

[Status]: Unable to cry

[Intelligence]: Extremely low

[Characteristics]: Soft armor

[Skills]: Frantically Escaping, Pincers

[Gourmet Cell]: 9

“Among the three types of mushroom crabs, there are yellow mushroom crabs, but there are still red and blue mushroom crabs…” Bai Wushang muttered to himself.

Mushroom crabs were very strange transcendent creatures.
There were many variations, but without exception, they were not very good at fighting.
Their greatest value lay in their medicinal properties.

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Take the Red Mushroom Crab as an example.
Its crab meat had the effect of alleviating muscle soreness.
When paired with other medicinal ingredients, it could be refined into pills that could quickly restore one’s stamina.

The Blue Mushroom Crab was able to make a person clear-headed.
It was an important raw material for many soul power recovery potions.

As for the Yellow Mushroom Crab that Bai Wushang had caught, its effect was to increase one’s immunity.
It could be refined into a very expensive resistance medicine.
After consuming it, it enabled the person to resistant to poisons, paralysis, comas and other abnormal conditions within a certain period.

Bai Wushang firmly tied up the crab’s pair of pincers as well as its eight legs together.
Then he threw the Yellow Mushroom Crab into the Fireball Snakeskin bag and carried it on his back.

The dimensional backpack was not able to contain any living things.
If the Demon Ape carried it, it would affect the performance of its strength.
Bai Wushang felt that the Red Horse was also not reliable, so he could only keep the crab himself.

He continued to search for traces of mushroom crabs in the forest.

Not long after, a series of clanging sounds of fighting attracted Bai Wushang’s attention.

“Ah Zhou, let’s go take a look.”

Although curiosity would kill the cat, there was also a saying that said, “Wealth comes from danger.” Bai Wushang felt that he had a certain amount of strength and capital, so he naturally did not want to miss possible opportunities.

The place where the sound came from was an empty sunken basin, which was on average twenty meters shorter than the forest where Bai Wushang was located.

The ground there was cracked, and not a single blade of grass grew.
It looked very desolate.

Bai Wushang looked down and saw five figures from afar.

On one side stood a man and a woman.
The man was thin and short, while the woman was tall and strong.
They made a very strange pair.

On the other side, there was a fat man with a white undercut hairstyle, a pink-haired lolita, and a tall and strong man.
They were the Shi Balong trio that he had met before.

“It’s them?”

Bai Wushang naturally wouldn’t forget these three people.
The Ghost Vine that he had painstakingly subdued was snatched away by them in the end, and he had a very deep impression of them.

Following his gaze, he saw the familiar figure of the Ghost Vine behind the white-haired fatty.

At this moment, the Ghost Vine looked rather comical.

One of its vine tentacles had coiled around a small tree that was thin and straight but had dense branches and leaves.
It was raised above his head as a shade to block the direct sunlight.

“Interesting… I wonder which smart guy came up with this method to reduce the side effects of the Ghost Vine’s “Dark Adaptation”.
This way, even under the sun, one can still maximize his original strength…” Bai Wushang observed with interest.

On the field, the white-haired fatty trio, and the skinny man and tall girl duo were engaged in an intense battle.

The white-haired fatty trio’s pet beasts were naturally the Ghost Vine, Swamp Crocodile and Toothhound.
One controlled the area, one engaged in close combat, and the other engaged in guerilla warfare.
The division of labor was clear, and their teamwork was well-coordinated.
It was obvious that they had the upper hand.

As for the skinny man and tall girl, they each had a Claw Meow and an Ivory Tiger respectively.

The former looked like a wild cat and was about the same size as an adult cheetah.
Its fur was grey-blue, and it had a long tail and a short waist.
Its front claws were nearly ten centimetres long, and it possessed outstanding reflexes and balance.
There was no doubt that it was an agility-type transcendent creature.

The latter’s neck was thick and short, and its beard was long and hard.
It was fierce and robust, and its limbs were well-developed.
Its entire body was orange-red in color, and its abdomen and inner limbs were light yellow.
There were black vertical stripes of different shades on the back, and there were about twelve black rings on its tail.

The most eye-catching thing was that on both sides of its canine teeth, there was a pair of long, curved tusks that extended outward.
Their sizes were extremely exaggerated, and they were crystal clear and smooth like porcelain.
There were completely heavy-duty murder weapons.

“Claw Meow, Mortal Bone level, 4 stars… Ivory Tiger, Mortal Bone level, 6 stars… they’re both pretty good quality pet beasts…”

Bai Wushang stroked his chin and speculated:

“If my judgment is correct, these two are both in their late youth form.
However, just based on this, the chances of winning two against three are still too slim…”

In the basin, the masters of both sides stood in a safe area and shouted out various commands to guide their pet beasts to participate in the battle.

Among the five pet beasts, the Toothhound and the Claw Meow had similar abilities, and soon they were engaged in a fierce fight.

If the other three were to fight one-on-one in their current state, there was no doubt that the Ivory Tiger was the strongest.

After all, the Swamp Crocodile was on land, so there was a limit to its ability.

On the other hand, the Ghost Vine used the trees to block the sunlight, greatly reducing its weakness of not being able to adapt to the light.
However, because of this, it lost one of its vine tentacles, so it could only use the remaining two to whip its opponent.

Under Shi Balong’s command, the Swamp Crocodile was responsible for holding back the Ivory Tiger head-on, while the Ghost Vine launched sneak attacks from the shadows.
From time to time, they would whip the Ivory Tiger until there were bloody whip marks on its body.
It was so angry that it roared continuously and went berserk.
However, there was nothing it could do.

The scales of victory had been tilting from the beginning.

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