On the battlefield, Bai Wushang came back to his senses and sighed with emotion.

At this moment, the Sharp Blade Beetle’s six legs were bare, and only its head was swaying left and right.

The long thorns on its head were still sharp, but no matter how it spun, it couldn’t bend 90 degrees to stab the Demon Ape.

“As an insect, if it’s in such a situation, it can be declared gone…”

Bai Wushang rolled his eyes and moved closer, signalling for Ah Zhou to stop.

“Perhaps Ah Zhou can break the hard shell of the Sharp Blade Beetle and kill it, but since it can’t resist, why not let me do it? I can even peel off a relatively complete shell and wear it as armor…”

Taking out a dagger, Bai Wushang followed the edge of the Sharp Blade Beetle’s abdomen and patiently broke it bit by bit.
Then, he stabbed it with a long spear and tried his best to stir it up.

[Hunting success, +24 Gourmet Cells]

“I finally killed this guy!” Bai Wushang wiped his sweat, feeling a little tired.

Following that, under the protection of Ah Zhou, Bai Wushang spent nearly an hour completely breaking down the body of the Sharp Blade Beetle.

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In total, he obtained a pair of bug eyes, five abdominal hard shells, three hard shells from the back and the most precious long thorns of the Sharp Blade Beetle.

After finishing all of this, Bai Wushang smiled at the Demon Ape.
“Ah Zhou, it was all thanks to you sacrificing yourself to save me just now.

The Demon Ape grinned and suddenly stood up straight.
Its two arms spread open, bulging out big muscles one after another, as if saying to Bai Wushang, “Look, I have such powerful strength, it’s only right to protect you!”

“Haha, that fist technique of yours that fell from the sky was too cool!” Bai Wushang couldn’t stop smiling.

The Demon Ape banged on its chest, looking very happy.

At this moment, a desolate and surging aura burst out from its body like a tide.
After one breath, it slowly disappeared without a trace.


Bai Wushang, who was standing next to it, naturally wouldn’t ignore this change.
He said with a surprised face,

“Ah Zhou, you seem to have reached the threshold of the later youth form.
I think that you’ll be able to break through to the next stage soon.”

“Roar Roar!”

The Demon Ape was even more delighted.

“Let’s go.
It’s time to leave this place.” Bai Wushang tidied up his backpack.

Ah Zhou, on the other hand, pulled Bai Wushang by the corner of his clothes and brought him to the side of the dead Sword Wolf.
He pointed at the corpse again and again.

“You’re saying that I shouldn’t waste the materials on its body?”

“Roar!” The Demon Ape nodded.

“Alright, I got it.”

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After disposing of the Swift Wind Sword Wolf’s corpse, Bai Wushang and Ah Zhou found the lost Red Horse in the jujube forest.

A man and two beasts found a cave, lit a bonfire and began to cook food.

Today’s dinner was Sword Wolf meat.
It was simply roasted and sprinkled with a few spicy herbs.
The taste was very astringent.

However, Ah Zhou ate with satisfaction.
It was more of an omnivorous animal.
It has consumed half of the Sword Wolf and was still somewhat unsatisfied.

“Alright, don’t eat too much.
It will affect your battle.” Bai Wushang patted him and said.

“After we finish off the Sword Wolves, it’s considered getting our revenge.
I have fulfilled the first promise I made to you.”

The Demon Ape listened quietly.

“Next, we will stay in the Mystic Realm for five to six days.
I plan to focus on tempering.
I will find some later youth form or peak youth form creatures for you to practice with so that you can break through to the peak youth form as soon as possible.”

“Of course, if someone takes the initiative to cause trouble for us, there’s no need to be polite.
With our strength, there shouldn’t be many people in this trial ground who can be considered as a match for us.
We just need to be a little more cautious…”

Bai Wushang narrated his thoughts.

After he finished speaking, he sat cross-legged and asked Ah Zhou to help protect him.

During the past few days of travelling, Bai Wushang had hunted quite a few strange and exotic transcendent creatures.
The total number of gourmet cells he had accumulated had already exceeded 200 points.
It was time for him to make a sacrifice.

His vision turned black and bright.
Bai Wushang arrived at the altar of the Gourmand.

He looked around, but there was still no change.

Bai Wushang was very familiar with it.
He walked straight to the bronze square cauldron and placed his right hand on it.

[Accumulated 217 gourmet cells, do you want to redeem the First Tier Gourmand Treasure Chest?]


Bai Wushang exchanged for two in one go.

He opened the first treasure chest and there was a piece of yellowish goatskin paper lying inside.

Reaching out to touch it, the goatskin paper immediately disappeared.

Correspondingly, a piece of information appeared in Bai Wushang’s mind —

[Recipe]: Water Leap Insect Jelly

[Materials]: Living water leap insect (larva/level 1 higher than the user) + 1 Morning Glory Fruit + 5 millilitres of Clear Crystal Liquid + … + Peak of Spiritualist level and above soul power.

[Process]: Soak morning glory fruit in water for 1 hour, add clear crystal liquid, melt it under fire, take…

[Description]: Water attribute advancement recipe.
After consuming it, there is a 70%-90% chance for a water attribute transcendent creature of larva level (excluding the peak larva level) to increase 1 level in its Life Level.
(the same life form can only consume it once in its lifetime)

“Water leaping insect…”

Bai Wushang repeated it twice before he remembered that this was a relatively rare water attribute, transcendent creature.
It looked like a tadpole, but its size was about the same as an ordinary frog.
It had a certain medicinal value.

The reason why it was said to be rare was that the water leaping insect’s entire body was transparent.
It was very difficult to catch it.
Only by hunting in a large scale fishing net could one or two be caught by chance.
Otherwise, there would be no trace of it.

“I won’t be using this recipe for a short period.
After all, whether it’s Ah Zhou or Milky Way, it has nothing to do with the water attribute…”

Shaking his head, Bai Wushang opened the second treasure chest.

It was still a piece of yellowish goatskin paper.

In his mind —

[Recipe]: Pink Mushroom Crabmeat Roll

[Materials]: 1 red, yellow and blue Mushroom Crab each (larva/living/level is not limited) + 1 large piece of Pink Cabbage + 1g of Smelly Ginger + 1 Jade Buddha Root + … + Peak of Spiritualist level and above soul power

[Process]: 3 mushroom crab legs → steam until the crab shell is completely discoloured at the same time → stop the fire → smash and mash all of them → mix in stinky ginger…

[Description]: Special functional recipe, only for peak youth level/flesh life-forms to consume.
It can provide a ‘lethal immunity’ effect.

(Lasts for about 12 hours.
During this period, if you encounter a fatal blow, you will automatically be immune to one injury.
The specific effect depends on the completion of the recipe.)

(The same life form can only take it once in their lifetime.)

“This recipe is a bit ruthless… it can be immune to one fatal injury…”

Bai Wushang was shocked.
This kind of effect could only be achieved by those legendary miraculous pills, right?

From the ‘Rat of Temptation’, ‘Vanilla Thick Soup’, ‘Water Leap Insect Jelly’ to the ‘Pink Mushroom Crabmeat Roll’, these transcendent recipes refreshed his knowledge again and again.

“I found that the more special the transcendent recipes are, the more and rarer the materials seem to be.
The process is also more complicated and detailed… in particular, there is a limited number of food objects to eat, as well as the limitation of consuming once in a lifetime by the same life-form…”

Bai Wushang pondered silently.
Finally, his gaze was firm.

“Forget it.
In terms of the results, this recipe will be of great help to me.
In the plan, apart from allowing Ah Zhou to advance, I will also start to collect the corresponding materials for the ‘Pink Mushroom Crabmeat Roll’.
Yes, that’s it!”

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