Ah Zhou threw down the wolf corpse in its hand, took a leap and started to chase after the escaping alpha wolf.

Glancing at the cave behind the curtain of flames, Bai Wushang could vaguely see one or two Sword Wolves.
Without thinking, he took out the last grease maggot and smashed it.

This grease maggot was the prey that Bai Wushang had spent a lot of time capturing two days ago.
It had a very strong practical value.

This kind of transcendent creature was not good at fighting.
Its only outstanding characteristic was that there was a large amount of flammable liquid grease hidden in its fat belly.
Once squeezed, it would burst open and a random spark could ignite completely.
It would continue to burn for a very long time.

After coldly observing for dozens of seconds, he confirmed that the remaining Sword Wolves were all swallowed by the flames.
As they howled in pain, they gradually lost the strength to struggle.

Bai Wushang was relieved.
He turned around and rode his horse.
Following the vague sense of the contract, he headed toward the Demon Ape’s location.

“To be honest, letting the pet beast leave the Master is a little risky…”

Bai Wushang thought about it as he sprinted.

“As long as the pet beast is summoned to the real world, it will consume the Master’s Soul Power at all times.
In its normal state, it will consume very little Soul Power.
Even if it lasts for an entire day, it doesn’t matter.
If it’s in a battle state, the consumption will increase.
If it’s more serious, it will be a battle + long distance.
This consumption will be terrifying.
I have to rush to Ah Zhou’s side as soon as possible…”

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“… Before I master the two secret techniques, which are ‘Reverse Summoning’ or ‘Teleportation’, if I run out of Soul Power and fail to take back the Book of Oaths, the contract will fall into a ‘block’ state.
In the long run, the contract will automatically break… every year, there will be a Master who makes such a low-level mistake.
I must take this as a warning.
Next time, I will try my best to avoid splitting up…”

The Red Horse was running all the way.
Perhaps it was because the Sword Wolves and the Demon Ape had just passed by this path so there were no wild beasts around.

Following the contract, the Demon Ape was very close in front of them, and a jujube forest suddenly appeared in his field of vision.

Bai Wushang glanced at it in surprise.
Seeing that there was no obvious danger, he continued to advance into the jujube forest.


Not long after, a green figure appeared in his field of vision.
It was lying in a pool of blood and had lost all signs of life.


Bai Wushang was slightly surprised and quickly dismounted to investigate.

The one who died was indeed the Swift Wind Sword Wolf that had slipped away.

However, the cause of its death was very strange.
It had been stabbed in the head by a long-handled sharp weapon and died instantly.

“This wound… was not caused by Ah Zhou…”

Combined with the remaining expression on the Sword Wolf’s face and the fact that there were no additional wounds on its body, Bai Wushang deduced that it must have been attacked by some kind of wild beast.
Moreover, this attack was very sudden, the Sword Wolf, which was at the late youth stage, did not even have the time to react before it was killed with a single strike.


A few dozen meters away, Ah Zhou’s angry roar and the sound of fierce fighting could be heard.

Bai Wushang approached carefully.

A large beetle with half of its body yellow and half of its body black appeared before him.

The beetle was more than two meters long and had six legs.

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The latter half of the beetle’s body was covered in a yellow carapace, while the former half was completely black.

At the front end of its head, a long, pointed black horn appeared.
It was like a long knife, shining with a metallic lustre.

“Sharp Blade Beetle?!”

Bai Wushang’s breathing almost stopped.

He quietly approached, and in his pupils —

[Name]: Sharp Blade Beetle (Wild)

[Race]: Demon Beast Realm – Insect Type – Sharp Blade Beetle Race

[Life Level]: Peak youth form

[Bloodline Quality]: Mortal Bone Level, 6 stars

[Status]: Enraged

[Intelligence]: Extremely low

[Characteristics]: Armor-piercing Blade/Hard Shell/Immense Strength/Flight

[Skills]: Single-blade Straight Stab, Fierce Flick, Lightning Triple Stab

[Gourmet Cell]: 24

“Peak youth form, Mortal Bone level, 6 stars… No wonder Ah Zhou had to deal with it with so much difficulty…”

On the field, there were several cuts on the Demon Ape’s body, but the bleeding had already stopped.
The remaining blood scabs were one after another, making it seem rather pathetic.

Ah Zhou was indeed at a disadvantage.

The Sharp Blade Beetle was an excellent warrior-type creature.
It could also use the spikes on its head to attack and kill.
It could even fly for a short period.
Whether it was in terms of strength, defense or offense, it did not have any obvious weaknesses.

When Ah Zhou attacked with its full strength, it could only leave a tiny crack on the beetle’s hard shell.

On the other hand, the Sharp Blade Beetle’s single stab made Ah Zhou dodge with all its might.
Otherwise, if it was stabbed in the vital parts, it would be fatal!

“Being one-armed and one-eyed do have a significant impact on Ah Zhou’s performance after all.
If it was at its heyday, the fighting strength of the Demon Ape, a late youth form and at Mortal Bone level, 8 stars, would be on par with the Sharp Blade Beetle which is a peak youth form and at Mortal Bone level, 6 stars.
Its total ability points would be slightly higher.
How could it fight so sullenly…”

“… Wait a minute! Why is Ah Zhou fighting with the Sharp Blade Beetle in the first place?”

Bai Wushang suddenly thought of something, “Generally speaking, the stronger the creature, the more territorial it is… The Sword Wolf ran away in a hurry and barged into the territory of the Sharp Blade Beetle, so I can understand why it was attacked and killed.
But Ah Zhou, who was following behind, saw that the Sword Wolf was dead, so it wouldn’t take the initiative to cause trouble for the Sharp Blade Beetle, right? The Sharp Blade Beetle must have attacked the Demon Ape once again…”

“Thinking about it, insect-type transcendent creatures often like to be guardians, perching next to some heavenly and earthly treasures… the Sharp Blade Beetle had been so furious to have fought off all the intruders to death, could it be that it’s hiding something?”

“There’s a jujube tree nearby… jujube tree…”

Bai Wushang’s heart thumped rapidly, his mind filled with thoughts.

“The vast majority of jujube fruits seem to have the effect of nourishing qi and blood…”

After observing the situation, Ah Zhou was still at a disadvantage, but it should not be defeated in the short term.

Bai Wushang tiptoed and took a detour from another direction, sneaking into the jujube forest behind the Sharp Blade Beetle.

“The Sharp Blade Beetle is a solitary creature.
There is no room for two insects in one place.
I can take a gamble… if I win the bet, I will make a big profit.
If I lose the bet, I will run away with Ah Zhou.
In short, I won’t lose much…” His train of thought was very clear.

Dozens of meters deep, a short and thick jujube tree was exposed in his field of vision.
Two fist-sized purple fruits were hanging on it.

“This is… king jujube!”

Bai Wushang frowned at first.
He recalled carefully for a while and soon relaxed.

As if he had found a treasure, his eyes became extremely bright.

“This is a good thing to nourish Yin and Yang, and to make blood to calm the nerves.
One fruit is worth at least three to four hundred gold coins…”

After looking around and confirming that there was no danger, Bai Wushang climbed up the tree nimbly and picked up the two king jujubes.

“As long as Ah Zhou eats this, the second heart will recover immediately.
By then, it will be difficult to say who will be stronger or weaker, is it the Demon Ape or the Sharp Blade Beetle…”

Bai Wushang’s lips curled up into a smile.
He hugged the fruit and excitedly returned to his original position.

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