“Hahaha, Xiao Lei, did you hear that? He turned around and threatened us!” Tuoba Gan laughed hysterically.

Tuoba Lei could not help but laugh.
“With just this Red Horse? Where did you get your confidence from?”

As he said that, his gaze fell on the Red Horse’s face.
His smile froze slightly as he said suspiciously, “By the way… is it sick? Why does it have such a strange expression…”

“Its head is injured.
It’s not in its right mind.”

Bai Wushang casually explained.
He took out the silver-white Book of Oaths and said seriously, “However, when did I say that my pet beast is the Red Horse? Can you not act on your first impression?”

The pages flipped and a light gate appeared.
Ah Zhou walked out without saying a word.

There was no need for words.
It used its right arm to support itself on the ground and stood naturally in front of Bai Wushang.
Its tall and mighty body was like a barrier, and it happened to be standing at a crucial position where it could attack or retreat.

Before the Tuoba brothers could react, the two Bosh Bears turned around at the same time.
They seemed to have felt some kind of pressure and their bodies leaned forward, revealing their teeth as if they were facing a great enemy.

“Oh, so it’s the Demon Ape.
No wonder you had some confidence!” Tuoba Gan curled his lips.

Tuoba Lei scratched his head and said in astonishment, “Xiao Gan, this Demon Ape is at its late youth form.
Its quality seems to be one star higher than the Bosh Bear.
We seem to have met a tough opponent…”

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“Don’t worry.
Look at its broken arm.
It’s injured so badly.
We’ll fight it two against one.
Are you afraid that we won’t be able to defeat it?”

“That’s true… then, let’s attack together, Da Zhuang!”

“Da Xiong, go for it! Beat up the one-armed ape!!!”

The two brothers finished communicating with each other in a few words and became excited again.
They shouted and attacked.

The two Bosh Bears heard their Masters’ order and pounced on the Demon Ape from the left and right.

“Ah Zhou, there’s no need to kill them.
Finish them off!” Bai Wushang took two steps back and gave the order.

The reason he gave the order was that the rules of the trial allowed students to hunt each other.

As long as it wasn’t too excessive or had malicious intentions, Bai Wushang would still treat them as classmates.
He couldn’t do something as extreme as giving back ten times, a hundred times or a thousand times to those who offended him.

The Demon Ape nodded.
It didn’t retreat or dodge.
It faced the first Bosh Bear with a punch.


The first Bosh Bear that pounced on it did not even have the time to swing its paw.
It was punched on the side of its cheek.
The heavy sound of collision reverberated in everyone’s ears.

Its huge body could not be controlled.
It stumbled back two to three meters.
Half of its cheek swelled up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Tuoba Lei could not help but exclaim, “Da Zhuang! Don’t let your guard down!”


The other Bosh Bear saw that its beloved bear had been beaten up and it became ferocious.
It ran over with its small, thick legs.

When it was close to the Deon Ape, it suddenly kicked its hind legs and pounced out with its two front claws.
At the same time, it opened its bloody mouth.

This was a pure melee skill.
As long as the Bosh Bear had its target in its grasp, it could quickly push its prey to the ground with its weight and strength.

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Then, whether it was tearing with its fangs or slapping with its bear claws, it would form a one-sided suppression and the prey would not be able to break free.


This time, it was facing a Demon Ape.

It was a super powerful Demon Ape with a bigger body, stronger muscles and more outstanding combat talent!

With just a push of its single arm, the Bosh Bear’s pouncing posture came to an abrupt halt.
It was in a deadlock for two to three seconds.
Ah Zhou roared angrily and turned the tables, using its absolute strength advantage to push the Bosh Bear to the ground and ride on its body.


A series of slaps were heavy, fast and ruthless.
The Bosh Bear was directly slapped into a daze.
Blood dripped from its eyes as it rolled over and fainted.

“Da Xiong! Da Xiong!” Tuoba Gan could not stand it anymore.
His face was full of anxiety.
subconsciously, he wanted to rush over, but he was stopped by Tuoba Lei.

Tuoba Lei’s face was dark as he shouted, “Da Zhuang, don’t rush to attack.
Use ‘Elemental Attachment’ first! Raise it to its strongest state!”

Hearing this, Da Zhuang, who was originally boiling with anger and wanted to save the other bear, stopped in its tracks.

It lowered its head and gritted its teeth.
A muffled whimper came from its throat.
In the next second, as if there was an invisible wind blowing past, all the fur on its body exploded and a light membrane appeared.

The light membrane was not a single colour.
It would change colour every ten seconds or so.

As the colour changed, the fur on the surface of the Bosh Bear would occasionally burst into tiny flames.
At other times, there would be sparks of electricity.
At other times, there would be black spots flickering… in an instant, it became extremely mystical.

“This is ‘Elemental Attachment’?” Bai Wushang blinked.
He wasn’t worried about Ah Zhou, but he felt that his horizons had been broadened once again.

The Demon Ape also noticed the change in the other Bosh Bear.
It had never seen it before, so it immediately stood up and stood in front of Bai Wushang with full vigilance.

“Ah Zhou, this skill will add elemental damage.
Whether it is an active attack or a passive receive, as long as it comes into physical contact, it will take effect.”

As the Master, Bai Wushang provided some help in terms of knowledge.
He then said, “You can use it to practice.
Just don’t come into contact with its fur in a large area.”

The Demon Ape responded.
Its eyes were calm as it stared at the Bosh Bear’s every move.

The Bosh Bear that had activated ‘Elemental Attachment’ reached its peak.
It no longer stopped and pounced over once again.


The Bosh Bear’s claw swung over.
Ah Zhou deliberately slowed down by a beat and used its single arm to block it, leaving a few shallow bloody marks.

Taking this opportunity, it focused its attention on the wound and found that there was no bleeding, but there were black burn marks.

After some thought, the Demon Ape continued to fight with the Bosh Bear.
It did not take the initiative to attack.
Instead, it paid the price of some minor injuries and continued to explore the various effects of ‘Elemental Attachment’.

“Da Zhuang, pounce from the left! The left should be its weak point!”

“Very good, that’s it! Bite it!”

“Sigh, you almost hit it, what a pity…”

Tuoba Lei stood more than ten meters away, trying his best to play the role of a Master, and continued to give battle advice to the Bosh Bears.

In the beginning, he was still full of fighting spirit.

But as time went on, his mood became more and more depressed.

“Xiao Lei… Why don’t we admit defeat?” Tuoba Gan said weakly, “The Demon Ape is holding back.
Da Zhuang is like a sparring partner…”

Seeing the Demon Ape suddenly turn its defense into an attack and hit Bosh Bear one punch after another, causing it to be badly bruised and beaten back, Tuoba Lei sighed and no longer persisted, he raised his hand and shouted, “Stop fighting, we admit defeat!”

The Demon Ape raised its fist and hovered in mid-air, turning its head to look at Bai Wushang.

Bai Wushang nodded and said, “Stop.”

Only after receiving permission did Ah Zhou let go of the Bosh Bear and turn around to return to Bai Wushang’s side.

The Tuoba brothers were rather discouraged.
They put the two Bosh Bears back into the Book of Oaths and walked in front of Bai Wushang.

“Sigh, your Demon Ape is very powerful, we lost…”

Tuoba Gan handed over something that looked like a card and said dejectedly,

“This is my nameplate.
Take it.”

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