“A trap?”

The sudden situation caught Bai Wushang off guard.

However, he did not panic.
He immediately observed the situation.

A large net made of blue vines was trapping him and Red Horse.
It had a certain degree of toughness.

However, it did not have any lethality.
Bai Wushang and Red Horse were not injured.

“This type of blue vines should be blue silver vines.
It can be torn apart with just a bit of strength from a dagger.
It can’t stop me from escaping.”

After confirming this, Bai Wushang calmed down.
Through the gap, he observed the two figures standing below.

The two people below looked the same.
They had blonde hair, blue eyes and had high nose bridges.
Their straight eyebrows flew diagonally under their bangs.
Together with their sleeveless vests and well-proportioned bodies, they looked quite handsome.

But what they said made Bai Wushang stunned.

“… Okay, since you want to be Big Brother and I want to be Big Brother, why don’t we have a duel!”

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“Stupid Xiao Lei, who’s afraid of who? Up till now, you’ve lost to me 657 times in all your fights, and I’ve only lost 656 times.
Reality has proven that I’m stronger than you, so why aren’t you willing to acknowledge me as your Big Brother?”


“That’s all in the past.
Now that we’re both Masters, we should use the Master’s method to resolve our conflicts!”

The handsome young man on the left took out the Book of Oaths and chanted loudly, “Come out, Da Zhuang!”


A strong bear that was nearly three meters tall came out and roared excitedly.

Its fur was very strange.
It was white with six or seven colours of green, red, blue and black intertwined.
It looked very out of place.

“Bosh Bear?”

Bai Wushang recognized it with a glance.
It was a very unique transcendent creature.

In his pupils —

[Name]: Bosh Bear (Contract)

[Race]: Demon Beast Realm – Walking Beast Type – Bosh Bear Race

[Life Level]: Late youth form

[Bloodline Quality]: Mortal Bone Level, 5 stars

[Status]: Joyful/Expectant

[Intelligence]: Low

[Characteristics]: Trace Elements

[Skills]: Giant Bear Pounce, Smash, Bite, Elemental Attachment

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[Gourmet Cell]: 15

“Hmph, you’re already 16 years old.
Don’t cry when you lose!”

The handsome guy on the right was not willing to be outdone.
He also summoned his pet.


Another Bosh Bear of about the same size came out.

“Duel! Only the winner is qualified to be the Big Brother! Go, Da Zhuang!” The guy on the left clenched his fists.

“Da Xiong don’t be a coward, charge forward!” The young man on the right was full of fighting spirit.

Bai Wushang, who was hanging in the air, was stunned.
Just to determine who was the older brother and who was the younger brother, they started fighting among themselves?

Did they treat him as a sure-fire prey, or were these two idiots not very smart?


On the ground, it was meant to be an intense battle with swords and crossbows drawn.

However, when the two bears saw each other and their eyes met, a hint of tenderness appeared in their eyes.

They sniffed at each other and smelled each other’s body odour.
Then, they moved closer to each other and rubbed their heads against each other.

At the same time, the word “Affectionate” appeared in the [Status] column.

“A couple bear? Twins and a couple bear? What an eye-opener…” Bai Wushang was being sarcastic and he wanted to shout out his displeasure.


The two handsome young fellows did not expect that the situation would be quite different from what they had expected.
After keeping silent for a while, the one on the right, who was unhappy, spoke first, “Stupid Xiao Lei, it’s all your fault.
If you insist on making a contract with these two Bosh Bears, how are we going to fight?”

The one on the left glared at him and said, “We can’t make a contract with one and leave the other alone in the Mystic Realm, right? Think about it, if someone breaks up our parents, would you be happy?”


“That’s true, but…” The person on the right had a conflicted look on his face.
“But how are we going to determine who’s better in the future? We can’t fight with each other, right?”

“Hey, guys!”

Bai Wushang couldn’t take it anymore and interrupted them.
“Do you guys want to consider my feelings? Is it fun to hang me in the air?”

“Hey, I think we’re here to prey on students to earn mystic energy.
How could we forget about him?”

“… Right! Why don’t we get rid of this guy first, and then we’ll think of a way.”

“Yes, yes.
It’s just a Red Horse.
I’ll leave it to you.
Remember to finish it off as soon as possible!”

The two brothers did not hide their conversation and Bai Wushang could hear them.

“Are they treating the Red Horse as my pet beast? Alright then… it’s indeed difficult for a novice Master to distinguish between wild beasts and pet beasts.”

“However, they saw my face and did not recognize me as an autonomous awakened one, and combined with what they said and did, I can say that these two are out of their minds…”

Bai Wushang’s thoughts were as quick as lightning as he thought to himself:

“Let’s see, can Ah Zhou handle two Bosh Bears?”

“According to the saying in the Master Circle — ‘two stars are one level higher, three stars are one stage higher’, regardless of battle strategy, ability attributes, secret techniques, environment, luck, personality, support equipment and other factors, the ability level of Ah Zhou, which is in the late youth form with Mortal Bone level, 8 stars, in principle, will be slightly higher than a transcendent creature in the peak youth form with Mortal Bone level, 6 stars…”

“…For example, that Swift Wind Sword Wolf King, even if it launched a sneak attack, would still end up in a sorry state.
If Ah Zhou could fight it one-on-one in its best condition, it probably wouldn’t even need to use ‘Burning Blood’.
In terms of ability points, it would still have a certain advantage.”

“Right now, Ah Zhou is still not in its best condition.
Its second heart has not recovered and it has lost its left eye and left arm… Let’s just say that its combat strength has been reduced by 30%, and it is on par with an attack-type pet beast at peak youth form and Mortal Bone level, 5 stars.
Then, Ah Zhou would also be above the Bosh Bear by an entire small class.
Not to mention fighting one-on-two, it could even defeat three-on-one…”

With this thought in mind, Bai Wushang had an idea.

The Bosh Bear was a rather special transcendent creature.
It was mainly good at strength, which was the same as the Demon Ape.

The difference was that the Bosh Bear had all kinds of weak elements hidden in its body.
After using the skill “Elemental Attachment”, each attack could be added with random elemental damage.

For example, burning, frostbite, paralysis, acceleration, curses and so on.
Although each of them was very weak, there were endless kinds of effects, which would also make one’s head hurt.

“It’s a good opportunity for Ah Zhou to practice…” Bai Wushang had this thought.

“Hey! We are the Tuoba brothers, my name is Tuoba Gan!” The young man on the left raised his head and shouted, “I don’t want to bully you.
Hand over your personal nameplate and surrender obediently.
I can also let you suffer less!”

From a few minutes ago, Bai Wushang’s hand had not stopped cutting the net.

At this critical moment, he cut off the last crucial main vine and fell from two meters in the air with his Red Horse.

The twins saw it and looked indifferent.
They just surrounded Bai Wushang on the left and the right, not intending to let him escape.

“Since it’s a robbery, you have to be prepared to succumb to us…”

Bai Wushang patted the dust off his body and said casually, “In the same way, I’ll leave it here.
If you hand over your nameplate, this pair of Bosh Bears will suffer fewer injuries!”

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