anticipating something.

It didn’t expect its subordinates to be of much use, and needed just a little help to stall for time.

As long as they lasted two to three minutes, when the Demon Ape leader’s second heart fell into exhaustion, it would be the winner!

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The tangle continued, and by now the Demon Ape leader had already turned into a blood ape, with no part of its body intact from head to toe, and with its Second Blood Burning turned on, it had lost even its Rapid Healing ability, and was bleeding crazily.

At a certain moment, after a very ordinary swing, the Demon Ape leader suddenly showed pain on its face, its feet trembled, and its movements were completely out of sync.

A light flashed across the wolf king’s eyes.
It naturally wouldn’t let go of such a great opportunity, raising its left paw and attacking with a swipe.


The sharp claws sliced through the Demon Ape’s chest with what should have been a beautiful sound, but the king of the Swift Wind Sword Wolves instinctively sensed a hint of something wrong.
The Demon Ape leader leaned forward a bit as if on purpose.

This also resulted in its claws plunging into the flesh deeper by so much as four or five centimeters!

Just that slight misstep, plus with its claws being snagged going too deep into the flesh, let a large bloody hand clutch the wolf’s paw.

Lifting its head, the Sword Wolf king saw blood-red eyes that furiously wished for its death, and couldn’t help but shiver and struggle desperately, trying to retract its front paw.

The Demon Ape leader grinned.

In the next moment, the Sword Wolf king took to the clouds as if it had flown.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Over-the-shoulder slam!!!

Tarzan Crusher!!!

Iron Head Hammer!!!


The Demon Ape leader’s series of moves of luring the enemy deep was too amazing, and the various follow-up moves were more powerful and fiercer than the previous.
The purest and fiercest romance of men was just like this!

So, Bai Wushang couldn’t hold back for a moment, and silently called out the Demon Ape Leader’s skills in his mind.

On the battlefield, the loud clashing sounds no longer rang out, and when the dusty sky cleared, Bai Wushang saw the conclusion on the battlefield clearly.

At this moment, the Swift Wind Sword Wolf king was swollen like a pig’s head, and its body was covered in blood and dirt.

Two of its claws were broken, the broken blades on its back were mostly destroyed, and a large hole was opened in its abdomen.
Its appearance could be described as miserable.

However, it wasn’t dead yet, still hanging on for dear life, and tangling with the Demon Ape leader.

On the bottom was the Demon Ape leader, and on top was the Swift Wind Sword Wolf king, both in a supine position with their bellies facing the sky.

The Demon Ape leader’s legs were strangling the lower half of the Sword Wolf king’s body in a deadly grip, and its only right arm had locked around the Sword Wolf king’s throat, the bulging and swollen muscles indicating that it had used all its strength, and was just that close to breaking the Sword Wolf king’s neck.

Before the deadly crisis, the Sword Wolf king, with its desire for life, exploded with tremendous strength beyond its limits, and its fangs pressed against the Demon Ape leader’s only arm with deadly force, pushing outward continuously.

The two beasts were just frozen in a very awkward tussle.

If either side failed, death would greet them!

The eight or nine surviving wolves were hiding 40-50 meters away from the two kings due to the overwhelming battle earlier.

They were still hesitant, not daring to go forward for support immediately.

On the one hand, they had long been shaken by the powerful enemy and harbored great fear.

On the other hand, it was in the blood of Sword Wolves to worship the strong, and they desired their king to win alone to prove itself and its abilities.

This scene made Bai Wushang’s already restless heart thump rapidly.

Several words sprang to his mind, and kept coming and going.

“To save, or not to save?”

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